Cak! Oh you want to contact me ya? Okay if you want to ask me random things or say just say hi please do so at my public FB page for prompt (I try my hardest) reply.

Or somewhere rather private (it's up to you) you can email me at (might not get immediate reply, sebab bersilang-silang berselang-selang berharu-biru dengan FB, Twitter updates and spam menang loteri segala).

If you have anything to ask about advertising on my blog please contact my blog manager at and anything about Nuffnang please go the help desk because I can't answer all your questions but they can yeay, so go to Nuffnang website .

And lastly, if you need to contact me for anything, my personal assistant can be contacted at 012-4880651.

Easiest way to reach me would be of course, my Twitter at . See you there baby! Or babies!