Thursday, August 7, 2008

Make up guide

Make Up Class For Me and You.

Before I start with my 'Make Up Class For Me and You' (sound so barney-like happiness), I'd like to begin with the great start of my day. If youve been an avid reader, you would know how much I love getting mails! No, not emails blegh (emails are often work-related and so preppy and proper, which I am not). But the 'old fashion way of sending messages and things' mails! Mails always put a smile to my face! So today while I was feeling so lonely and jiwang because my loved ones are so far away, studying and some, jogging, I received mails!

The first one contained, dolls! Joyce sent me the dolls for the Tongue In Chic launch, which I'll be coming up with the outfit designs.

These hand-made dolls will be exhibited at the launch, 50 will be presented to media as invites, and the remaining given out as door gifts to all the guests at the end of the night. Each doll is to be dressed in different designs by people of various backgrounds (primarily fashion design) - designers, photographers, writers, shop owners - pretty much anyone who is in the industry, has design sense and can sew (I'm honoured). Such an exciting project XD

The dolls.
Guys must close eyes.

Okay can open now. This one censored already.

WITH THE INVITATION CARD TO JAY'S ENGAGEMENT PARTY! (The second thing I found in my mailbox, awww)

Random sms messages by two budak gemuks.

Hasni: We need to shop.

Figa: Yes we do!

Hasni: What the?? You need to ask me "shop for what" so that I can reply "for Jay's gift".


Hasni: What the?? For her engagement party lah budak gemuk nombor 1.

Figa: Ish you ni what the what the. Haha okay cool! You cakap saja, kita pergi.

Hasni: Cakap ngan budak belum mandi memang kena banyak what the.

Figa has this habit of leaving the convo just like that without saying goodbye, so after few hours:

Hasni: You taknak cakap byebye sebab taknak berpisah dengan I eh?

Moving on, oh yes, the make up class!

I was the model for Lancome Colour Design Apperentice. I was the canvas, the canvas that can talk, and take picture and listen to make up tips. So I shall share with you what I have learnt from the make up course and we can all learn how to perfect our make up, how to be a professional make up artist or even how to use cheap make up and still look good.

Naughty canvas, taking pictures while lesson was conducted.

Naughty canvas also went to the back of the class and took pictures.

But pictures of naughty canvas after the make up is done are not with her, omg why am I calling myself naughty canvas, oh because Im annoying like that. Anyway, make up tips!

First of all, I would like to explain to you that make up is about blending and covering imperfections, and doing surgery to the face without using knife only use concealer and dark tone foundation. And and make up is also about achieving the look you need to carry for certain occasions to suit your outfit. (This is what naughty canvas heard from the teacher)

If you follow the rules, step by step, you can never go wrong. Unless you are colour blind.

1. Cleanse, tone, mosturise. (Pamper skin first before proceeding)

2. Its all about complexion. Foundation (light first, as the base, continue with darker tone for shading) followed by blusher. Dark coloured foundation is your weapon people. This is to replace knife in plastic surgery. You must shade whichever parts you want to cut off. Three main parts : Jawline, under cheekbones, and sides of your nose.

3. Blend. You must blend the foundations because you would not want to look like you have one dark line along your jaw, like you have janggut. Tips: You can use eyeliner (but make sure you blend really well) if you dont have darker tone foundation for the shading. Next, apply powder or bronzer powder, your choice, to the whole face. Must blend. Everything must blend.

4. Enhance eyebrows with eyebrow pencil. Tips: Should get darker as the line reaches the end of the brow, not the other way around, to avoid looking fierce.

5. Apply eyeshadows and blend blend blend.

Different colour ideas.

6. Apply eyeliner. Tips: To avoid eyeliner from getting smudge, apply powdery stuff (eg. eyeshadow of the same colour as eyeliner) soon after you apply the eyeliner. If you want bigger eyes, I dont know how to give. But if you want bigger looking eyes, you should draw white eyeliner along the inner part of the bottom eyelid, followed by black eyeliner along the outer part.

7. Mascara. One stroke downwards and the rest are all upwards.

8. Highlight your features that you want to enhance. Highlight it with normal powder highlight or (cheaper) just use concealer. Areas you should highlight: T-zone, under the arch of eyebrows, along nose bridge and tip of your chin. Blend blend blend.

9. Draw out your lips with lipliner followed by lipstick with the shade of your choice and lipgloss. Tips: To avoid leaving your lipstick prints all over the place (coffee mug, your son's cheek, your teeth, some guy's collar), use colourless coating by Lancome, Juicy Coat (not advert).

Lancome Colour Design Apperentice is basically a competition looking for the next Lancome national make up artist. So on day two, the make up artists get to test their skill on the models (this is where all the other models come in). I was there on day two too, and I brought along my sister Liana! Whenever Im working and get to bring sis Liana along, or even better, to have her do the work together, I always feel like the bigger sister. Im so proud of my sister :')

Sisterhood! I love sisters! They tell you to get real.

The make up artist.

The model.


The model.

Okay better.

Evon, Sharon and Hanis.

Sharon and I couldnt stop giggling while the make up artists were doing their presentation. Some of them were really off theme. I mean seriously, mine was CEO/Manager look. HAHA.

My skin fet so tired after those make up sessions so I got myself this!

Inside it is actually this amazing plus relaxing facial mask, Brightening Botanical Hydrating Mask by Kiehl. I love the packaging of this product, so expensive looking wtf, it is expensive T_T

I just discovered that my webcam is fixed so yeah must camwhore.

Ekekekeke I love my webcam :P


  1. i kinda good at makeup-ing people, maybe i should make up u too


    kidding, ok maybe u should make up me instead


  2. haiya hanis u lucky bitch =)
    i love lancome. omg thier concealer so good okay.


  3. This post had me laughing so hard, you and your witty cuteness! And since when has Hasni the Masni and Figa the Tiga became budak gemuks? Then what am I? Badak sumbu ke? Hahahahaahahaha

  4. firdauz: then i can do your hair!

    aca: kehkehkeh, i could be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky.

    kreazi: haha we call each other budak gemuk nombor satu and nombor dua because we understand each other's huge ass appetite :D

  5. make up?no comment coz its girl thing..but ur last pic like pontianak...hehe

  6. make up?no comment coz its girl thing..but ur last pic like pontianak...hehe

  7. HMMM!!! Is that Jay THAT Jay?

  8. omg. you look a doll in the last picture. damn cute wei.. haha.

  9. teach me, teach me, in person!
    hahaha.... 'coz baca only, i tak de faham everything. i'm a noob when it comes to make up, unfortunately.

  10. areif: pontianak moden, ada fringe:P

    sharon: if the jay is not THAT jay I wouldnt put all the suspense element there lah right?

    teefernee: ahaha webcam wonders.

    mayz: okay per session rm70 (haha immediately come up with a price). ala its real simple. the explanation all. try doing your make up while reading them :)

  11. my goodness.las pic.*drooling all over*

    spr pose with hand n mouth liddat.aiya.

    spr kawaii+spr gorgeous hair.sape buat rmbt tu.


  12. I LOVE THIS...perfection in a dream.

  13. u look super cute on the last photo! heheh

  14. Oh WHOAH!!!! That makes sense. OH WHOAH!!!!!! Help me say congrats to her!!! Must take loads of photos!

  15. zaini: tapi tuh rambut bangun tidur kita.

    donnie noraship: :D :D :D

    huei: we all love my webcam XD

    sharon: haha sengaja tau. okay okay!

  16. your hair is so luscious and gorgeous! <3 it :) and thanks for the make up tips, altho i prob wont have the patience to follow thru all hahaha but it's good stuff. keep up the interesting posts!

  17. Eh. Make up kelas? Mana mama Hanis? Tak beri lecture ke? :D Think she qualified kan kan kan? Dia kan pro...

  18. cutey anak patung..

    yeah babe, now i know how to make-over to someone..hahahahaha

  19. haha.i still dig it though.


  20. omg kiehl's ! i hate yoooh :P

  21. jay's engaged? cool.. ehhh. kiehl's! i looooooove kiehl's stuff esp the lip balm.. it's the best!

    kak lynne

  22. ee i love the looks in the 2nd cute gahhh.but like pontianak oso a bit. :p but a pretty pontianakk! =.="

  23. susannah: :') thanks for making my day.

    taurus: Im so grateful for that.

    wonger: busy with her kuih raya and cakes!

    marjerin: hurei burei!

    zaini: haha :P

    lala g: KIEHL HEBAT. okay nanti kita buat party lala datang bolot kiehl's okay.

    anon: it is! (the best). aha shes getting engaged, its so exciting!

    vava: ekekekeke. thank you *bow*

  24. u look like a princess...keep smiling..:)
    but u ada tak any guide for guy...heheh


  25. u look like a princess...keep smiling..:)
    but u ada tak any guide for guy...heheh


  26. make up?? how laa to apply all those techniques u mentioned?? (x_x) unless i get one of my own naughty canvas laaa.. =p hahaha

    owhh.. btw.. i love sisterhood as well!! (errr... i think im a bit off here..) =p

  27. shafiqshamsuddin: ada one advice for guys, jangan pakai bedak asas. omg. haha.

    azzam: haha naughty. you got sisters?

  28. hey hanis!
    now i know the secret.
    blend blend blend!

  29. ur hair is so pretty *shy

    actually everything also pretty aih wtf

  30. i have a sister laaa... both of us working in limkokwing.. so kinda live together(live off her =p) along with my brother in law xD

    btw.. nice show at Times square *clap clap* was hanging out there before sending my fren back to ipoh via Puduraya =D

  31. gohanisgo!: WHY YOUR NICK SO CUTE T_T Hehe blend blend blend! Ice blended (crapping).

    aud: aud! happy to see you here again :')

    azzam: my mom saw you, my sis saw you, you je yang sombong ha :P

    simon seow: takdelah. its just that both of us ada this huge ass appetite XD

  32. nice blog & beauty women..


  33. Lol.. mana ada sombong lah! I saw your mom, your sis, along will all your small bodyguards! I segan lah.. bukannya sombong xD

    *talking to myself - err.. sejak bila plak aku pandai segan2 ni??

  34. hi have a nice day.. looking for wallpapers for your house? or your friends/relatives interested, visit my blog! thanks

  35. cis.. u post it up the "budak gemuks conversation"... hahaha! eh, how come u dapat Jay punya invitation card....???? ker, i yg tak check mailbox...kahkahkah

  36. fiqa: you tak dapat invitation card pun sure pergi punya. last minute ajak pun sure pergi punya. baik jay jangan bazir kertas. kahkahkah. ya allah hodohnye aku gelak.

  37. HOI! EVON so cantik! So sweet looking.

  38. saya ada buat posting pasal belog awak

  39. nice hair.ilovit.rmbut jenis apa eak?natural look..

  40. nice hair.i love it.
    rmbut jenis apa eak..?natural look..can u share with me..>.<

  41. nice hair!
    i love it.
    rmbut tuh jenis apa eak?volume?
    can u share with me..

  42. nice hair!!
    i love it.
    rambut jenis apa eak?volume?
    can u share with me..


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