Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hanis Zalikha and Project Runway

I've been a huge fan of Project Runway since form 4? Form 5? I remember how after school I used to watch it without taking off my socks first, let alone changing my uniform haha. And now upon hearing the word 'Project Runway' the first thing that would spring to mind is how my model sistah, Jay used to rock the show (Project Runway Malaysia). Not only she rocked the show, she rocked the cover of Female as well when her designer won. Jay oh how I miss us sitting in the bungalow's kitchen on quiet evenings when you would puff diddy and tell me stories on little but meaningful events of your life. When your wise words would accompany every story, and the way we would stare into my future together is something I shall never forget.

So its only natural for me to have flashbacks of our moments in the big and classy but awfully dull kitchen when reading this email from one of the lecturers (not mine though) in my campus.


Dear Hanis,

I don't have your number so I thought I'll contact you via e-mail. I would like to invite you to be the head judge for my very own Project Runway (Season 4) this Friday, April 3rd, 5 p.m. Are you available during that time?

Mr. Izuan

Haha not exactly the real Project Runway, but anything with the same concept should be interesting, no? So to the Campus Project Runway I went. Realising that I was having a bad hair day, I told myself that bad hair shouldnt deter me from being the Head Judge, as I carefully put on my mom's pastel red kebaya (yang longgar dan selesa) :')

I came in the to the place of event and were greeted by the senior judges and I thought to myself, wow me being the junior will be judging these people. How flattering. The show went on and it was better than what I had expected. I have to congratulate them on their efforts and teamwork! Good job to Mr.Izuan for inspiring enthusiasm. I didnt know Azhari and Pesang were in the first show so I had to silently chuckle as I saw them doing their best on the runway haha. Azhari was definitely model material, looking at the way he carried himself, though I could see that he's a little bit shy (SEBAB YOU NAMPAK MUKA I SEBAGAI JUDGE KE WEH? HAHA).

Ms. Ida came after the first show ended. I bumped into her on my way to the restroom and was all like "MS IDAA! YOU CAME! Where are all the rashes you told me about?!" Haha pity her, she had food allergy. EH AND NOW IM TELLING IT TO THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Okay end of topic.

The second show by D2/T1 was really runway-like. I adore their colourful collection and I really love the choreography they did for the walk, the mid-turn and all, unfortunately, they didnt introduce the design along with the designer one by one so I couldnt really evaluate, sigh.

D2/T2 took a really long time to start the show, adjusting the chairs this and that but I have to compliment them on their choice of music. They picked the right song, a song that I could remember walking to on the MIFA Runway. WHY IS THIS CAMPUS PROJECT RUNWAY 4 MAKING ME MISS ALOT OF THINGS?! FINE T_T

Yeah I do miss alot of things but, I have alot of going on here as well so I guess its alright *pujuk diri sendiri*. FOR A BETTER FUTURE HANIS FOR A BETTER FUTURE :')

Lets just proceed with the pictures.

Thats me with Shera!

Yasmin whom I shared beauty secrets with while we're having spagetthi and this super delicious custard pudding! (Jakun woh lama tak dapat custard puding dekat Segamat ni)

I chose these superb models as Best Model Male and Best Model Female. Azim and Edurrah, you really rocked the runway.

The class who won The Best Show (overall) with the best collection is D2/C1! The show was well organised and the collection fitted the theme 'Couture'. And and Pesang's acoustic performance was simply wonderful, as usual.

I made alot of new friends that day, and having a hard time recalling back all the names! Tsk tua.

Footnote: Im not sure if I got the name of the group right and I'm sorry I dont have the pics of other groups with me. After the show ended semua serbu bilik makan ya. YA.

OhSoRandom: Semakin hari semakin tembam. Ini prinsip mahasiswi UiTM Segamat ke, semua UiTM weh?! KE SEMUA UNIVERSITI YANG BAGI SUBSIDI MAKANAN? Oh UiTM jelah.


  1. not to worry, sis.
    makin tembam+makin gebu= makin lawa.
    what an equation eh.


  3. memang bijak kamu mengenakan busana itu selaku head judge.. ko jek nampak *AYU*... yg lain2 sumer nampak ganas..hehehehehehh

    kan UiTM di hati hanis zalikha.. sesuai la tu tembam ;)

  4. Gosh, I'm still struggling to convert all these videos and uploading them to Youtube so that I can share it with the world. Cheh berangan macamlah bagus sangat sampai nak tunjuk satu dunia.

    Thanks for coming, Hanis!

  5. bukan student uitm segamat aje. ex student uitm sri iskandar ni pon dulu2 sama jugak!

  6. Semua Universiti awam kot.
    Seolah olahnye lah.
    Walaupun makan tak sedap tapi semakin tembam

  7. haha..aku pown ingat time samer dtg umah aku nak buat projek add maths skali..aku stop kejup nak tgk project ke itu america's next top model..owh kita sudah tua hanis..yes tahniah

  8. cewahh..jd head juDge gitu ;)..
    jd tumpuan la erk..

  9. sweetnyeeee hanis zalikha dengan rambut gerbang dan kebaya merah bata mak nya :D

  10. wah, maseh ada lagi ke subsidi makanan? huhu terkenang dulu ku tak kesah kalau duit tak ada dalam poket sebab dining hall senantiasa menantiku tiba di waktu makan! sedap pon sedap.hehehe. kalau tak silap la ni dah tak percuma macam dulu.....

  11. AWWWWW COMEL GILA KAWAN BAIK I DALAM KEBAYA LONGGAR. rindu shopping dekat mydin dalam diam dua dua adore kebaya mydin sebab murah dan cantik. oh ni yang time kau sebuk sms aku nak pegi runway pastu aku ingt kau dekat rumah rupanya tak tu kan. *dah tau saja cerita sebab takut kau lupa kerana sebuk hafal nama nama rakan baru. kalau elaine tengok ini dia mesti cemburu punya sebab muda muda dah dijemput datang jadi head of judge woh kau.

  12. rambut gerbang pun cantik what...hehe..

    Uni time is a Tembam time...haha..
    During my Uni, I also like u..tapi i lagi tembam..hahaha

  13. oh kewl nya dpt jadi judges. kalo i la...huhh. mmg pedas i bg. hahaha.

  14. hanis, same like me.. hehhe i masa kat uitm shah alam pun.. makin ari makin tembamm.. bayangkan dari bulan ptama masuk uitm shah alam berat i 40 kg.. melompat ke 55 kg afer 6 moths.. huhu semua org tkejut sbb gemuk huhu... mujur skrg dah turun 48 kg.. huhu kuar itm baru trun hehehe.. kalau x mkn kat dining uitm.. wpun nasi kawah tetap sedap.. kenapa ntah huhu bselera jer huhu

  15. u look glowing la...

    cepat wat post tulis petua kechantekan.

    i nak menuntut ilmu ni.

  16. heh heh

    welcome to uitm dear :D

    lari2 jgn tak lari keliling campus utk maintain figure :D

  17. oh dear god

    the guy with the blue thingy..

    reminds me of Adam Ant.. yes i am that old and i can remember adam ant looking like that way back in 1984


    WTF is that thing?

  18. I added your blog to Everything Malaysia. Help to promote and wish can help to increase traffic among the blog !

  19. oh ..ur hair still look nice what ^^
    and it is great to hear that u became a judge ^^ that's good... sweetie

  20. amek award kat blog lea ea. patuh buat tagged tuh. hihik. =D tanak buat pon amek je award tuh. ikhlas!

  21. Hanis!!! Malu. malu. malu. tsk.tsk.tsk and more

    p/s one word for you when i saw you that day: poise

  22. er, rambut awak tu rambut betul ke pelesu?? cantik la......

  23. uitm di hatiku.. selamanye! :)

  24. owh dear!mane u knal shera???
    shes my bestiiiiieee!!

  25. yup2 btol3,,
    uitm students sume makin ari makin tembam,, hehe
    i'm of of them ;)


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