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Guide to All Things Touristy in Hong Kong

I have an amazing bestfriend. She’s creative, intelligent, helpful and simply brilliant. I could always count on her; when I told her I need a travel guide to Hong Kong (she’s been there before), she emailed her own Guide to Hong Kong. Imma share with you now:

Visiting Hong Kong by Marlisa Halidi, writer of The Fuschia. (Accompanied by my pictures & captions).

Things to note;

• Nothing is halal unless stated.

-Halal eateries are quite rare in Hong Kong. Travellers on a budget would probably opt for McDonald’s Fillet o Fish, or pack on some food from home (dry+frozen) to be fully utilized in the hotel rooms.

-Stuff in a tiny rice cooker and some frozen lauk pauk from home, and you’ll be fine.

Mushroom rice, egg tarts and corn from KFC! Yums!

Light meal at the airport while waiting to board.

• Language

-They don’t speak much English (but better than some European countries to be honest).

-Unless you know Mandarin, you will never know the exact way to pronounce something even if it is spelled out in normal alphabets.

-Instead, make use of the doorman/receptionist to write down the place you intend to go in Mandarin. So once you get a cab, just show the paper to the driver. Easy peasy. Also, to get back easily, grab a few hotel cards from the reception table, and show one to the driver if you are heading back.

• Going Places

-The MTR (HK’s version of LRT) is really simple once you get a hang of it. It is really efficient; time wise, but expect lots of fast walking from one station to another. Make sure the first thing you do once you arrive at the airport, is to get an MTR map. Lots of colours, lots of stations. For example, to go to Z, you’ll have to take a train from B, then switch to train R then switch to train H then later to train U , before you arrive safetly in Z. It’s like that because HK apparently, in case you don’t know it, is huge.

At the airport, obeyed bestfriend's instructions and got my hands on the MTR route map.

Superbly-easy-to-use touchscreen ticketing machine. Just pick your destination and pay price stated.

Trust me, you won't get lost.

-Taxis are expansive expensive :B , but it’s vintage Mercedes with an automatic door, what would you expect from that?
Airport provides efficient taxi service. The people in blue coat will guide you till you put your bags in the taxi! It’s easier if you go to Disneyland Resort first because hello, each and every taxi drivers know where it is! Just say Disneyland Resort!

Only RM50.00 to go to Disneyland Resort from the airport. All taxis use the price meter, fret not.

• Shopping

-Ultimately, the purpose of visiting Hong Kong

City Gate Outlet

Close to the airport. Tons and tons of Factory Outlets. A seasoned shopper would probably drag a few luggages (yes luggages) as they shop, because everything is affordable/cheap, so expect to buy stuff in bulk. To get to this place from Disneyland Resort is as easy as ABC. Take the MTR and it’s only a, more or less, 10minutes journey.

And many more. I love this place.

The area of 1881 Heritage

Tons of big labels in fashion. Don’t be too surprise if you see people lining up to get in Chanel and got out with paper bags as if Chanel is the new Giordano.

Space Warehouse

Where all the Prada lovers come along and shop.


A central of all things nice. Sneakers, high street labels and etc. Sneakers are apparently a big (and cheap) thing here. Expensive ones are like Anthropologie London, but there are the usual Chuck Taylors, Keds and Nikes. The place will start buzzing around late evening.

Sasa in Mongkok

It is definitely bigger than ours in Malaysia. A wonderful place to dwell in.

Ladies Market in Mongkok

The usual market-bags/vintage finds/necklaces, etc.

I’ve always love a pasar malam. I saw this place (Ladies Market Mongkok) in Amazing Race once, and can’t believe I’m finally here. Make sure you tawar-menawar kao kao if you want to buy anything; start off with half price and if they refuse, walk away.

Lane Crawford Warehouse

-Near the Harbour City, at Tsim Sha Tsui.

-Imagine getting a pair of Ferragamo’s for RM400? That is a steal. Places off-season stuffs, and for those who do not mind with that, feel free to visit.


-One word: Plan. It opens at 10.30 am. Upon arriving, do take the obligatory picture of yours in front of the iconic Mickey face made up of flowers. Then dash to get yourself a map.

-Don’t get seduced by the commotion of it all. Be calm and plan which shows to go first etc. The place is divided into four sections, so plan wisely. Prior to all this, do check the shows’ schedule at Disney hotel lobby.

-Have a Mickey Waffle!

-Take the Tour train that will bring you around the whole place so that you get a glimpse of each part of Disneyland.

-Watch Festival of Lion King Theatre! Brings me to tears .

-Merchandises are of course, expensive. But real fun to look at.

Ocean Park

Victoria Harbour

Symphony of Lights The Peak

Taking a tram up to the Peak might be the coolest thing you’ll do in your life. Cold air, and all.

Before I go, I must show you how beautiful their airport is.

See the clock behind me?

All the clocks in the airport = Rolex.

That is all, do visit Hong Kong when you have the chance.

Signing off, Hanis Zalikha in the street of Mongkok.



  2. wow......seronoknya jalan-jalan dengan mak. rindu nak jalan-jalan berdua dengan my mother la.

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  6. wow.thnks for that guide.nk g hongkong jugak afta dis =)

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  8. thanks for all the info, hanis. bila baca ni, rs cam xriso sgt nk survive kt hong kong. sbb dulu pernah gi taiwan ngan chinese trip, rasa cm ssh sgt nk survive. huhu

  9. owh hanis, i also want to go hk but dont know when :(. but when i have chance, i'll definitely refer ur entry. thank ya for the long n detail entry....

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  10. bila kak hanis cerita pasal hong kong ni..teringin pulak nak pegi..

  11. I've been to HK before. Personally I think it's a great city for shopping. Despite its lack of halal food, I really enjoyed my vacation here. I suggest you to visit Shanghai and blog it out. Maybe you will have the same ideas about Shanghai as moi. Nice entry anyway.=D

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  13. WOW thanks for the tips kak hanis. Nice travelogue

  14. Wah good info! Btw, expansive or expensive?

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  17. i wanna go to HK toooo ,nice place to visit :)

  18. thank you thank you for this post! i love how everything is written for ease of reading.

    i am going to Hong Kong this June and now I know where to go!

    thanks you thank you again!

  19. wish I can go to HK, even previous trip to Shanghai have to be canceled T-T

    oh hi there - from just a fan.

  20. Thank you thank you for this entry! I love how everything is written! Simple, yet informative.

    I am going to Hong Kong this June and now I know where to visit.

    Thank you thank you again :)

  21. cool giler kat sane !!!! best nyee :)

  22. i guess you can tell how amazing the place is when you start taking pictures of the airport toilet ;)

  23. yeayyyyy! thanks for the informative entry yer hanis..last pic tu kewl habis..muahahha..
    just two questions,
    1.tour train in disneyland tu bayo ke free?
    2.kat citygate, branded outlet tu really really cheap ke..ala2 kadar jer?
    thnx in adv. ;)

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  25. Hanis, I'll be going Disneyland Hong Kong too, in October, & this is very useful.

    Hope you don't mind if I link your blog to my entry for future reference. Thanks!

  26. harus pergi hong kong ni..
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  35. It's awesome to share your HK tips to people. Fell free to visit my blog and follow if you like.

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  37. good info! will be going to HK this coming june :) and also Disneyland!!!

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  39. 3weeks going to hongkong 7th May....thanks Hanis for the info! =D.....

  40. Thanx for the info Hanis! and credit for the last picture :)

  41. hello Hanis

    Did u try halal dimsum at Wanchai Mosque?
    If not, next time then;)

  42. seronok dapat pegi hong kong :)

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  45. Selamat bukan street of Mangkok. haha..

  46. Assalamualaikum

    bestnya dapat p..bila la sy nak dapat p hong kong jugak

  47. I understand everything except photo no 10 from the top in this post.

  48. wooooo! nak pegi sini jugak! super bessss sb i love love love shopping!!

  49. Hong Kong Airpot cantek dn bersih. sorry to say, kalah KLIA.hihi ..

  50. Part Last tu~lawak gile bila baju malaysia ada "HANIS ZALIKHA"

  51. susah ke nak cari halal food sana??

  52. You ni memang selalu travelling kannn. Arghhh sronok!

  53. huhuhu.. dah lama plan nak ker Hk... tapi Team asyik tak cukup!!

  54. Hi Hanis,

    I just come back from HK, in fact arrived safely at 1am today. Well, actually, there is plenty of halal food outlets in HK as listed in HK tourism board website. In fact, POPEYE's in Terminal 1 of HK airport is certified Halal by Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong and plenty of Halal food outlets along the Nathan Road, nearby Kowloon Masjid. If you wish to eat HALAL Dim Sum, there's Islamic Canteen located in the 5th Floor of Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick in Wan Chai. I was advised not to eat dim sum at other place even though for sea food and without red meat, since they used lard as one of the ingredient for the dim sum.

  55. Hi Hanis,

    I just came from HK, and in fact arrived safely at 1am today. Well actually, there are plenty of halal outlets in HK. In fact, POPEYE's and SkyBistro located in terminal 1 of HK airport are certified halal by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. A detail list of the HALAL food outlets can be obtained from the HK Tourism Board website, and most of the food outlets are located along Nathan Road, nearby the Kowloon Masjid. Furthermore, for those who wish to taste HALAL dim sum, you can get it from the Islamic Canteen located on teh 5th floor of the Masjid Ammar and Osman Ramju Sadick, located in Wan Chai. I was advised not to eat dim sum at other place eventhough for the seafood, since they add in lard as one of the ingredients.

  56. feraggamo for rm400??thats sure a steal..and coach factory..its heaven..i wish i know that early..

  57. ;(;(;( nak pegi jugak.seronoknyee

  58. you mcm mak2 la serius look,..HZ =)

  59. My friend ajak gi hongkong..but yeah it's my first time going back home..maybe next time..Cara bagi tips sangat bernas...thumbs up!

  60. HK people don't speak MANDARIN... they speak CANTONESE...

    so knowing mandarain won't be much help there... better use English

  61. seorang blogger yang kuat makan & kuat jalan,tapi blog ni make me a smile :)

  62. kak hanis , mak akak cantik gila .
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    Salam Hanis.. singgah ke sini :)

    U should go 2 manila oso.. lots of cool stuff with so many shopping complex yg pergh2 kat sane. Been there once..

  71. good info hanis!!
    already booked tickets to Shenzen, China this November, from Shenzen we will go to Hong Kong insyaAllah....tiket murah sikit jika melalui shenzen, kalau direct ke Hong Kong mahal

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  75. useful info! my trip is next week, can't hardly wait! whew~~

  76. Hanisss u made me wanna fly to Hong King for the 2nd time. Byk tempat I missed coz last year pegi for 3days aje :(

  77. Most country use the term "MRT" or Metro

  78. most Country use the term "MRT' or Metro

  79. Jeles nye tgk org travel sana sini nih.. bila la dpt merasa mcm kak Hanis nih... #jeles

  80. bestnye dapat pgi hongkong..

    like2 byk2 kli..

  81. im at hong kong right now, and the place is really really not suitable for any muslims who planning to stay here longer than a month.. i miss malaysian food! cry to death T.T

    counting days to go back 47days more ...

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  83. Did you go to the Victoria Peak or Ocean Park?


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