Thursday, June 12, 2008

My very first bridal photoshoot

for a local bridal magazine. Yesterday I went for my very first bridal photoshoot, accompanied by my mom, as always, in Puchong. At first I thought it was an outdoor shoot, but when we got there, we were directed to this classy boutique and it was even better! Gorgeous boutique and (oops) another
very bloody gorgeous female model to be shot with me fjhusdhkxjodf. Haha how unfortunate. Dah lah all alone by myself also very tough to get good shot, to be placed next to this beautiful God creation, disastrous! She was the senior/veteran model and I was the BAJET FRESH FACE.

The whole shoot only took 2hours. Thats pretty fast considering I had 4 outfits to carry. So Im guessing there'll be no good shots for me. And that is why Im not revealing which magazine I will be featured in. Wahah! You'll see me when you see me. Blublublub :P

The gorgeous bridal boutique

The very bloody gorgeous female models :
From left:The uglier model with the uglier piece, the very bloody gorgeous veteran model with very bloody gorgeous piece. Amateur model looking on with envy stare.

We were about the same height but I was leaning against the chest drawer. Trying very hard to justify myself. I had refused to include this picture at first but my mom said no, look at your shoulders honey :)

Sorry you had to read all this. Im just insecure. Haha.

Moving on, Malay bride in the making.

The make up.

The hairdo.

The result.

Ive also included extra pictures (lol like bumper issue only) for you. Were shot in between photoshoot, break, and fitting sessions.

Waiting for my groom accesories.

Orang Melayu Lama,
by amazing photographer mom.

Posing for close up shot.

And thats the end of my first bridal photoshoot!
Thanks for spending your time reading and putting up with my insecurities. As a surprise gift, I present to you:

My annoyingly makeupless face.
Enjoy. Hahah.

OhSoRandom: Fiqa or FIGA (inside joke. laugh laugh) met that special someone at my BBQ party the other. They went out together for two-three days straight. I'm a proud cupid :')


  1. Alah Hanis, makeupless pun mengancam jugak ape! Ini bukan panggil insecurity, ini orang kata nak assurance :P

    Oh btw, is the mag Pengantin? Hahaaha.. kinda obvious isn't it? And the posters on the wall :)

    Oooooohhh Fiqa met that special someone! So sekarang too busy to update her blog dy lar? Hehehehehe

  2. hmm hmm shy away from sheryl. lol. eh kreazi, i tot because im insecure lah i need assurance, no? haha. pengantin posters? well the boutique owner didnt just put pengantin posters up tho. shouldve captured all so you can play guess the mag. haha. fiqa caught big fish this time, my friend, the rich ass good-looking boy.

  3. omg. the "orang melayu lama" picture is damn gorgeous wei. super nice!

  4. Eh, eh! Pandai betul. Jadi cupid pulak! ANd soooo nice!!! You get to try all those superamazing clothes!!! >< ! I jealous!

  5. You looked really great! And yes, even without makeup :D
    Guess the mag? Haha.. Yeah, leave us clues in your next post!

  6. Walaupun related, tapi dalam konteks ni, Hanis bukannya insecure, cuma perlukan reassurance every now and then. Macam, memang dah cantik, tapi nak jugak tanya kawan, cantik tak? Semata-mata nak something yang lebih konkrit le tu! Betul tak falsafah orang tua ni? Heheheehe

    And.. Fiqa dah dapat pancing ikan besar.. where's yours? Nak tengok gambe~

  7. teefernee: thanks to momma!

    sharon: actually they were just pieces of materials that they laid out on me and pin here and there. wahah. like all the patungs in Gulati's.

    scoobz: kehkehkeh thanks scoobz. when the mag comes out i'll blog about it.

    kreazi: i must respect the elderly (my folks, lol) and not post such thing as they are my most frequent visitors. btw fiqa memang selalu dapat ikan besar. sumpah.

    hihi cantik tak gigi besi ku?

  8. I am proud to say to you that the first person who coined you the nickname "Hanis The Manis" is...




  9. I've said it a million times I'll say it again. You're soo pretty. If i see you on anyway i'll definately ask you to take a picture with me!

    Ooh fiqa dapat tangkap ikan besar? Is she gonna blog about it? haha.

  10. ikan besar? hanis i nak gakk! eh eh whose the other model eh? dia supermodel ke?

  11. Oh sorry coz kacau you tengah photoshoot haritu! ahahaha :D
    Cik Hanis Manis macam nak kahwin.

    p/s: Never mind, ada good news kan!
    time kat ou. haish, i macam MAMI JARUM. sibuk hal org. hihi :D

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  13. first, CONGRATULATION on yer first bridal shoot.. best kan pakai baju pengantin and all.. i know i know.. especially those big big ones. muahahah! u looked gorgeous, as always... anddddddd, amboiiii... i caught a big fish..?! excuse-a-mua! thank u to yer mr Shafiq.. owh u know why... pandai2 jer...!
    and Kreazi, eh taklah, busy sbb ade shoot.. hahah! serious k.(with a serious face)

  14. wer can see ur picture?
    magazine ? or advertisment?
    wer wer?
    TELL ME TELL ME !!!!!!

    ish ish ~
    tak sabar dah

  15. aha. hanis, i mcm terbau nasik minyak la bila baca post ni. ahahaha :P

  16. *LOL* at announcement on Fiqa !!!

    Why do I have to repeat this ?? You are so pretty !!! and I like your nose. Hehehehe..

  17. Hey you look gorgeous. In fact, I think you looked even btr than the other model =)

  18. Ok lah ok lah, let you off the hook. Disclose only when you're ready 'kay :P And that close up shot (white kebaya) - did you wear jeans at the bottom? It sure looked like one to me!

    Hanis, cupid ni dah kena pecah tembelang lar. Cupid cakap dah jadi, tapi pemancing cakap tak terpancing ikan pulak.. so which is which ar?

  19. muahahaha thank you for reading "belog saya"

    apasal tak nampak pon link blog aku kat blog kau...nanti touching tahap bulu ketiak kang...(ceyh..macam lah dah kenal lama)ngaha

  20. btw...the other model tu tengku azura ke??well then i think the 'fresh faced' girl nampak better and fresher...

  21. surprised to see u finding my blog. u did well in the recent mdg. bravo!

    keep in touch

  22. kennysia: EH? KENNY? Cheh cheh I thought you'd never come. BIG BLOGGER MAA.

    jessieloi:haha she wont one. see see she's denying.

    zalikha: siapa taknak ikan besar. nanti i kenalkan kat you pulak lah. ada orang tak kenang budi :P

    viviensiu: wah wah mucas grasiyas.


    fiqa: amboy sibuk dengan photoshoot pun sempat dating dua hari berturut-turut. eh photoshoot apa? never tell me one.

    babychyu: I MISS YOU LIKE BLADI HEL! I'll msg you once theyre out okay :)

    maryjane ida: WAHAHAHAH!

    rosewong: oh thankyou so much for the assurane :')

    jocelyn: :') :') :')

    kreazi: i dah kenalkan mereka. mereka dah berhubung. mereka dah dating. lol.

    arif: haha thanks. no shes not tengku.

    johnny ong: woweee thankyou johnny. how can i get you to link me? wahah!

  23. hahah
    hanis lawa pakai baju kahwin.
    u and shafiq planning smething ka??

    lol. haha kantoi dziya and fiqa kat OU.

  24. gorgeous gorgeous! :) love that you're so creative too, baguss

  25. Hello hanis......gosh..nowaday..u become more and more pretty^^ i love u.......always support u ya^^!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from : BByin

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  27. the question is

    who is teh other model. From the shot she looks like Siti Nursaidah. Dato' Siti's sister. sebijik!

  28. Nice boutique! And you look amazing as always. Keep it up. You'll be great.

    Its normal to feel insecure and all. Plus it's not easy being fresh in the modelling industry. Good luck =)

  29. Cuz my result was horrible :( So maybe stop blogging for a while. But I doubt I can tahan not blogging also/ hahahahha! Will still visit regularly! :D

  30. OMG I JUST DISCOVERED UR BLOG!!!!!! thru pingz blog! pardon me >.< i very gembira. i lovelovelove your pictures!! so utterly gorgeous =DD
    *go hanis go!*

  31. naturally beautiful even without makeups! :D

  32. Fiqa found bf already? Sigh. All guys will be heartbroken. LOL. You look like a thinner version of Siti Nurhaliza.

  33. okay everybodehhhhhhh,(hanis, i'm so gonna kill u for this) for the very last time......., he is not my bf and i dont have a bf..... i repeat, he's not... haha.
    woah! siti nurhaliza..? ummph... soon to be Dato' pula.... naik pangkat maa.. coz u kan dah digelar Datin... muahhaha... jgn lupe belanja i taau..

  34. im still waiting for my thankyou from you fiqa. sedap2 je keluar diam2. kalau my friend tak nampak, i wouldnt know :'( KELUAR DENGAN I TAKNAK PULAK.

  35. Kakakakaka.. someone is still in denial :)

  36. u look great!!! fasterrrr!! tell us where the photos r gona come out! =D

  37. wakakak... fiqa, cptlah admit... at least hanis can bergembira about being miss cupid yg berjaya.. XD

  38. Fiqa oh Fiqa ~ Hahahaha.. Datin Hanis merajuk dah..

  39. Wah. hanis, u look sooooooooo goooood!! I'm proud of you, and I'm lagi convinced of my choice now ;). make up less face pun nice.

  40. wah, fiqa, dun have to deny until like that. Your bf will be very sad if he read that.

  41. hei,
    ur better looking than the other model lah.=x

    and hanis! get a cbox for ur blog lah.=)

  42. hi...i seen u in the dreamgirl..honestly u are natural girl...hope to know u

  43. omg hanis! i love the dress you wore. with light blue flowers ( i thnk ). its sooo pretty!!:)


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