Thursday, October 23, 2008

It starts in the 18 years old, me!

Hello rockareaders. My goodness-filled yoghurt drink is now having a contest hurei! A contest that might make your dream come true with prize money worth up to RM55 000! IM JOINING NOW. Let’s join me in joining this ABSOLUTELY FUN project, It Starts In Me. Its too simple, just log on to and follow this step okay:

2. Write down your dream only in 800 characters or less.
3. And lastly, the best part, submit your balloon and set it up high to the sky to show it off to the world.

No proof of purchase whatsoever required and furthermore, you can submit in as many balloons, as many dreams, as you want. Its up to you, totally :)

Ive designed my balloon, showed off my paint skill, wrote my dream on it and paste a real cute picture hoping that the dream will come true. Check out my balloon and create your own to be set up high in the sky along mine and the rest of the dreamers! Why is this contest so much fun?!

Go to > Click green dot > Click pink Project It Starts In Me banner > Introduction (optional to read or not) > Click view gallery > Adore Hanis Zali’s balloon designed > Read Hanis Zali’s dream and find out who has helped her in designing the balloon > By now, inspired to create one > Click submit your dream here > Start drawing or copy pasting > Write dream > Upload photo > Fill in your details > Fly your balloon up. Too simple!


The pink banner that you have to click.

I advice you to view the gallery first to see what youre up against. Hehe. And get inspired/ideas here.

The gallery.

Find me. FIND ME. Ah there you are, Hanis Zali.

Click on my balloon to read my dream!

Its so addictive, this is my second design!

Hanis ♥ Famili oh yeah!

From the picture above, you can see how simple it is to come up with your design. The tools provided is similar to Microsoft Paint (which I love dearly), but much simpler! And of course, you would have to upload your picture that will support your dream, like me, I uploaded a picture of me hugging Alisya and the other one, hugging Imran :) My dream is to be able to bring all my siblings to Disneyland before we all reach into adulthood! Awesome right? Like, you can have all the money in the world, but it aint worth a thing if you aint got a family bond that is tight! You can also check out other balloons in the gallery.

Like this one! It’s my mom’s. Gambar pemandangan pergh!

See? It’s so much fun, my mom is on it! Ive set two balloons up in the sky and on my way designing the third. Haha its that addictive! Check out other Hanis Zali’s creation and get addicted here,



Eventhough my really close friends were far away, I still had mini celebration for my birthday (TUMPANG BIRTHDAY ALISYA HAHA). Thanks to my kesayangans yang datang di malamnya, setelah makcik terambil kamera bawa balik rumah. Kepada yang tak datang, terima kasih untuk G-string Topshop. More about the mini celebration at my mom's blog.


  1. That's your mom Hanis..Ya tuhan cantik..cantik.!

  2. Happy birthday hanis! Dah boleh tengok movie untuk 18 dan keatas . yay!

  3. Hanis, takleh bukak pun ur moms blog?

  4. hi hanis,
    the first time i saw you was when i had to do coverage for MDG final for a TV station. sampai-sampai jer, terus nampak a whole bunch of kids wearing red or was it orange chanting hanis! hanis! and i dok pikir ni kawan rempit manalah ni.
    and based on the support received, i thot you were gonna win. and when you didn't you really had that "what the..?!" look.
    hahaha..your blog is very funny and entertaining. you and your friends are not so rempit after all.
    p/s: sorry rempts, nothing personal. i swear.

  5. Happy birthday!

    Stay healthy always.

    I wish I can turn back time and be young again. :p

  6. that cake look so yummy hanis!kam buat saye lapa n nak g kedai cake sekarang tp dh hampeh.

  7. Birthday already???

    Have a blast...

    Blow up the balloons as well...yeahaaa!!!

  8. agak-agaknye impian untuk berkahwin secepat mungkin, proceed tak?

  9. is it ur birthday? (i'm lost)...i would like to order eskrim Malaysia , the blue 1

  10. oh hanis comel gilaa balloon dgn semua dreams :)

    tp link utk belog mama hanis broken lh, cuba check url.

  11. happy birthday!

    your mom's so pretty!

  12. Wawa: memang! haha anak bangga.

    Saya lah: harus celebrate!

    ili syazwani mk: try lah lagi! saya sudah adjust :)

    Azreen Zzz: its alright :)

    chzehong: youre not old.

    ~LiLy~ : tapi kedai kek takkan sama. emak saya buat gila moist :D

    Raf: Thanks!

    maryjane ke miyabi ke whatever: haha i like your name! oh that cake was superb.

    Ladynoe: try je, kalau menang dapat duit simpan nak bina pelamin.

    jon jonson: yes. me with the kids. haha. oh the eskrem limited edition.

    i: okay dah adjust! hey dont forget to try your luck at the website!

    Marliza Radzi: she is :')

  13. happy birthday...dh leh tgk wayang ngan org dewasa


    bile b'day hanis sbenanye?


  15. ive done mine b4 u postedd this. haha. i saw urs in the gallery. there's like heaps of em. ive voted yours! ;) vote mine yeah. huhu.

    search in the gallery for ober. ;) aite?

  16. that cake look delicious, and happy birthday hanis! :)

  17. Your blog is funny and very down to earth.

    Btw, you can press "printscreen" key in your keyboard and paste the picture in paint. No need to snap a picture of the monitor with a camera.

    But then again, maybe you purposely did so.

    Have a nice weekend!

  18. Ok dah dapat bukak blog ur mama. Mama kamu cantik! Cantik semulajadi. Dan..pandai masak. Tapi, kenapa kamu kurus jejejejejeje

  19. hm this looks interesting. Im gonna try it

  20. ok takde kaitan with your post but i just saw your raya pics!! omg the food!! T____T evilll

  21. Hanis...kenape x wat screenshot je?nape tgkp gambar pakai camera?

  22. Hi there,
    Wow delicious cake!
    Hope not so late to wish you "Happy Birthday!"
    Well if you're looking for authentic branded make up & designers bags,do drop by to my blog
    Hope to see you there!

  23. gune maxis broadband eh? laju tak kat rumah??

  24. hey,
    can u tell me where to buy da number candles?

  25. ohh..never thought that im just only one month older than u.hihihi..
    u've sucha sweet life gorgeous.....terlampau bahagie untuk kamu berbanding dgn myself...


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