Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flood Rihanna's Concert

She’s coming down to Malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
I remember the very first time I fell in love with her. I mean, who could forget the craze that was going on for Pon De Replay. I remember watching her video and thought to myself “Perky!”. I even remember the human bicycle they had on the video. *Impressive memory, haha bila suruh hafal Resipi Rendang Kepah hancur*

Seriously, I used to like her a lot. I still do but not as much, not after she evolved into someone whos forever trying to giveaway these sexy vibes. I mean, c’mon, theres a huge difference between giving away sexy vibes and trying to giveaway sexy vibes. We can often see her in skimpy clothes, no, not clothes, but skimpy uniform, like I’m a sex kitten I’m a sex kitten pewit pewit.

Why can’t she be like Jennifer Lopez and follow the ‘cover upper flaunt bottom’ rule?

Haha okay I admit even Jlo does not follow that rule, except in this picture but who cares, her outfit is gorgeous and it does not look like shes trying hard to be sexy because she already is.

And the thing about Rihanna is that, she always tries to look and be different. It’s great, it’s fresh, but it gets ugly sometimes.

Even when everyone else is just wearing a simple tee, she’d go for the sleeveless just for the sake of standing out.

Ha! See? See?!
Okay lah I admit I’m just bitter because she got herself A MAN THAT CAN WRITE BEAUTIFUL SONGS FOR HIS GIRL, JEALOUS JEALOUS. Haha.


But no matter how bitter I might get, I cannot deny Rihanna’s good music and sometimes good taste in fashion.

Eh eh this one is from InStyle therefore IT’S THE STYLIST THAT DID A GOOD JOB IN MIXING AND MATCHING. No credits for Rihanna here.

However, this looks awfully stylish and adorable!

And of course, I cannot deny how much I want to go to her concert in Kuala Lumpur this 13 of February :’(

I won’t be in KL on that day which is unfortunate for me, but for you guys who will be and would want to go to her concert and snap pictures to make me jealous, theres good news for you hmph.

I stumbled upon this S.O.X. ad and was like wtf is S.O.X and later found out that S.O.X stands for School of X, the best prepaid plan for the schoolers, 12-18 years old (or so they claimed, you have to check it out). Kids these days, they even have a prepaid plan specially created for them, when I was 12 years old, I don’t even have Astro, oh yeah Ive told you guys that haha.

So kids (ceh pandai panggil orang kids padahal diri sendiri masih 18tahun), if youre thinking of owning a cell phone, and still looking for the most awesome prepaid plan, please read TOP TEN REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE S.O.X.

Haha hidung kembang. Yes I purposedly choose this photo because I’m still bitter.

In conjunction with Rihanna’s concert, S.O.X. members will receive an exclusive privilege that will entitle them to win free tickets! WAKE UP KIDS. THIS IS FOR YOU


OhSoRandom: Maroon 5 datang Malaysia, I sanggup organize 13 bas UiTM Segamat turun KL.


  1. i dunno hanis. i am too old for this kind of all flash and no substance kind of concerts

    i grew up watching pearl jam , korn and RATM live and those guy KILL IT when performing live. Rihanna in the other hand is famous for her inability to hit the high notes

    the way i see it you paying for a substandard product at a very inflated price. last time i checked them tickets are not cheap yo!

    why do we keep bringing in sub par artist in when we have awesome live local bands like Hujan, MUH and Anna Raffali palying for dimes in dingy clubs or open mic days?

    weird huh? even search and butterfingers are having a hard time getting sponsorship for their concerts. Search is just awesome live. naik bulu ketiak dan hidung kalau dengar depa main. same goes to butter... the live set is insane! they are probably malaysia's version of PJ for shunning the limelight and concentrating on the music

    yeah i am ranting as an old guy who never get the chance to see Tracie Chapman or Radiohead live. I would give my left, right toe, 3rd vertabrae and a finger to see REAL artiste like these two in our shores

    since the chances of that is remote at best i have to make due with YOUTUBE for the time being!


  2. seriousshit okay! kalau search buat konsert, SILA BUAT HARGA TIKET MAHAL AGAR BUSUK REMPIT TAK PERGI MAKA SAYA PEREMPUAN MUDA BOLEH PERGI. awie pun best bila tak pakai muscle tee.

  3. i never been to any concert athough i like live performance(download) hehe...rihana coming...well i would say that if u watch THE ARRIVALS in youtube and if u see the lyrics carefully you there are meaning behind all those words.. i am not band the music but just give an opinion on her music..u should watch THE ARRIVALS

  4. hey darl, skang dah ade uni pax. untuk org yang agak dewasa berusia 18-25thn... especially for uni student like us. dunno bout ur uni, but here in ukm they just bagi free aje for student.. mmg best. rate sgt murah ok

    fyi, saya akan pergi ke konsert beliau!!! walaupun x bli vip tiket, cukup la free standing tu untuk saya!!! i'll upload d pic after the concert ok!!!

    ~kesian nye kamu tak pegi..... (saje2 rase kesian plak)

  5. ahha! just went to Chris Brown's concert 4 days ago. Cool gilerr!! stage gempaq! yg paling tak tahan tu, most of the audience are kids with parents...hahaha...sangatla harmlesss~

  6. owh.. i used to hate rihanna because he stole chris brown from me. haha! but now i have to admit that i like her songs more than i hate her. hehe!

  7. hahaha..
    btol ea kalo maroon 5 dtg u sponsor bus uitm g sane..
    xpe2..ape kta u try bwk artis yg ngetop wat show kat dst uitm segamat ni..

  8. Hanis,
    on 4 march, dont forget to book ur ticket for Jason Mraz Live in Malaysia!! konsert.. yay!!

    jgn lpe post pasal Jason Mraz ek(klu u minat la..hoho~)

  9. ala...hanis u won't be here...baru nak paksa belikan ticket hadiah birthday aku..haha..

  10. hanis promo celcom sbenarnyer..
    dapat income ke hanis??hehe

  11. The COLDPLAY are coming too!
    lagi menggeletat nak pergi ni.

    owh..english men..

  12. tgh tggu album baru dia.

    katanya nak tukar imej lagi..

  13. saya genre rock. rihanna genre payung. hahaha.
    tak minat lah.

  14. Pakcik lebih sanggup pergi ke Singapore untuk menonton konsert Rihanna daripada layan di tanah air sendiri.

    Apa kes pakcik bayar tiket mahal mahal tengok Rihanna pakai sopan.

  15. haha but she's kinda hot dont you agree ? ;)

  16. agree with obefiend.

    rihanna is overrated.

    eh, tapi sunburst 2009 is a must.
    lineup pasti rabak berdarah hidung meleleh ke bibir lalu dijilat. slurp!

  17. lagi rugi if tak pegi concert avril.

  18. maroon 5 x best.
    agnes monica lg best.

  19. Hanis!
    kalau maroon 5 datang Malaysia, mari bersama2 ye organize bus to KL.

  20. Haha, jealousy is hard to kill lah kak :p

  21. agreed...i hate it when she's wearing some kind of boxer/brief/wateva u called it thingy...can i say a bit too slutty?i know it's a bit too harsh...but everyone can look sexy when they are not try to be 1..

  22. hye hanis~~

    well, i agree. rihanna is sexy..tapi i respect her more, though..cos 4 this upcoming concert in msia, she's willing to cover up..
    which means she respects msia's culture etc..unlike beyonce (sori 2 her fans) yg cancelkan konsert kat msia just bcos of msia's strict regulation on performer's clothing

    no offense hanis..but i just luvvvvvv rihanna..

    rihanna is <3

  23. booking 1 tiket dari uitm lau u jd organize g konsert...
    tp xnak duk dkt ngan driver uitm...
    kuat bebel la driver bas uitm...

  24. OK I confess I didn't read thru the whole thing. But I can't stand this woman's dressing. Always something tak kena somewhere.

    About going to the concert...I duno..she's not Beyonce but she can sing and I do like her new edgy style.

    I jus tak puas hati that she gets to duet with T.I. , go out with Chris Brown and have my man Justin in her video! Ah geram ngan minah ni! hahha sorry la girls will be girls numsayin.

    On another note I don't think its fair to compare to different genres of artist because it is a different target audience all together. Different people have different needs. I also feel that current generation should not be overly compared to the older ones.

  25. I agree with what you're saying. Her choice of clothing is somewhat extreme. Too extreme.
    P.S. You have a very interesting blog. I like. It's very informative.

  26. In the end, dari postpone postpone, tak buat langsung concert tu kat Malaysia. Huh.


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