Friday, May 23, 2008

Life updates anyone?

Hello reader friends, how are you doing? Are you enjoying your MC? Have you been recycling lately? Are you here to get my life updates? Hehe *giggle for no reason*

I know Ive been giving you
playful posts, but I just feel thats its the right thing to do. Entertaining you people after what you've done for me for the past two months. I hoped Ive entertained lah. Seeing you guys keep coming back for more is what brightens up my day and torches light to my night.

Anyway, just to let you know, I have not been busy with anything, because I have not decide on any modeling contracts yet. Ive been busy spending my time with my family (love love)
and I still owe my adik-adik a trip to ToysRUs, hoh diam-diam. Also went for a road trip (pictures included!)

Me and Hafiiz (in red)

Me and Hafiiz (in red)

Me and bootylicious Hafiiz (in red)

All the 3 pictures above are snapped in 2minutes time so
as you all can see Hafiiz is a very hyperactive person.

I also accompanied mommy to send my superheroes (Hafiiz and Imran) and my little diva (Alisya) to some casting. My mom as usual, being the very supportive super duper mom that she is, filled up forms and got them ready (just like what she did for me for MDG, sobs I love you deeply mom).

My online friends from Facebook would know how supportive this boy (Imran) up here has been for me throughout MDG (and my life). IM A PROUD SISTER.

Somehow managed to find time and appeared in local newspaper's pull-out cover,

One of the 3 pages I was in.

and also did hair treatment at Wella center.

Picture snapped by YingYing ku sayang.

I went to Bangsar yesterday, to do some shopping. I seriously need it lah weh. You guys have seen my entire wardrobe during my MDG period I believe. Repeating clothes every now and then.

I remember theres this one time we girls went to Bar Savanh for Full Moon Party (DJ Joey G was in the house y'all!! Okay Im sounding very groupie like) and Hazel (the development manager kot) came up to me and was like "I saw this dress alreadyyy" *in a sing song tone, trying very hard not to make me emotional*. Lol. She was talking about my grey dress, if any of you have noticed, Ive been wearing this grey long sleeve dress for quite a number of times already, on air. That is actually my lucky dress (I dont know how daily life update leads to lucky dress suddenly but anywaay).

I wore it (the grey out-of-topic lucky dress) to:

1. My prom night (was crowned Prom Queen).
2. My first MDG audition (got through).
3. The very first MDG elimination (not even in bottom 3).
4. Full Moon Party (took picture with Joey G!)
5. The very last elimination (became top3 finalist).

Lucky kaaan? Very good chi I tell you.



Okay perasan abit. Never mind me.

Hanis terfikir: I wanted to (and even requested by my mom) to post pictures of me in my new dresses but that would defeat the whole purpose of buying it right? You know what Im saying? Oke takpe lah.


  1. Thought u were busy or something, lol. Good chi, WAHAHAHA, hilarious betul!

    Eh brothars and sister mu sangat hansem and pretty la. I like Imran, comellll. Oh hehehe, pedo.

    I remember that grey dress. HEE

  2. Hey u better keep ur promise to take ur adik2 to ToysRUs... lol!

    Hurmmmm... looks like u've got a lot to think about in terms of which contracts to except, so take ur time to chill out first, working life really sucks. I just started working so I should know. But it does have its benefits = $$$

    Yeah, that grey dress, u should keep it and pass it on to ur children in the future. 'Harta pusaka' u know. ;-)

  3. Eh, u look really pretty in that 3 pict with ur bootylicious adik at the background. HAHAHA!

    U girls get free Wella hair treatment anytime you want izit?

  4. i muz say, your brothers and sisters look beautiful!! And your younger sis look exactly like you!! I see where the good genes are coming from! =p

  5. okay. i saw other bloggers doing this thing so let me try.

    siewkwan: Im so free, you can belanja makan me anytime.

    jonathan nathan: How to chill and get money at the same time? Kerja jadi pemandu mesin pencoci ice skating ring di Sunway. Hurei.

    michelle: Yeah because my own camera not so sharp, unlike the MDG's one, so I can look good abit lorh. Wahah! Oh we get free treatment monthly, and for each visit we get to tell them what we want. Like curls or highlights or fringes.

    shmacked: I need to get my parents come and read this. Lol.

  6. i nk culik adik2 u boleh? comel sgt!

  7. lame tak dtg blog awak.seriusly, yur adek2 sy cute,y dun u put yur picas mase kecik2.

  8. LOL, can can. Hmm, when I come back from UK la, since I'll be leaving so soon. Boleh?

    U are so random, I like! haha

  9. Wah.. finally see some updates.. hiak hiak.. keep on updating girl :)

  10. Hanis sweetie! I am back from CAmbodia!!!

  11. hey babe..!! finally found ur blog:D

  12. alolo, hanis sweetlaa!
    happy je buat roadtrip!
    psst if nanti i gi casting mdg bak mai grey dress tuh! AHAAAAA ;D

  13. maryjane ida: SILA LAH CULIK MEREKA. Mereka suka melompat lompat tanpa baju di depan muka saya.

    me connie me: You bayangkan je Adibah Noor masa bayi, ha macam tu lah I .

    siew kwan:Send me plane tickets, no problem.

    babychyu: wo si huan yingying! betul ke ni?

    rosewong: Please keep commenting. Yeay!

    sheryl0202: Got bring home Maddox's brother or not? My souvenir.

    vian: Welcome soon-to-be reader friend :D.

    zalikha: Tapi udah masyem.

  14. Hehehe! Chill as in enjoy your time before u start working. Make full use of it, because working life is a life-long commitment.

    Btw, u look really good in these candid shots. Keep it up!

  15. Jealousnya, banyaknya comment.

  16. lol @ simon

    Eh, ape you cakap @ the last paragraph? tak faham. ok tak pe lah. :P

    thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  17. LOL, how to send u?? Hmm, I email u k? HAHA. I will draw one via paint la :P

  18. That's like so coool lor! For how long? A lifetime? Syok la wei.

  19. Another happy update from you! Gosh, I'm addicted...your blog has become my happy pill! LOL You have very cute siblings too! Can I kidnap them? LOL

  20. haha hanis can pinjam ur grey dress for me anot?? I seriously need some good luck now... T____T

  21. Finally get to see Imran! So he is the one that chat with my sister!! SOooo cute!

  22. i found your blog in maliha's lah.. she tagged you already.. :)
    anyway congrats for th 2nd runner-up mdg okay? syafiq sgt lah baik hatiii... jeles tgk kesungguhan beliau menyokong anda ;-P

  23. Hye Hanis :)
    I'm new here..
    pretty much disagree with some of the comment above..
    u r much cuter than ur brother!

  24. Your family semua comel betul la!

  25. ape tu 'tag'? link issit? lol jargon noob

    anyways linked you la :P


  26. bukan link. bukaaaan! i suka all those survey questions you know.

  27. Dah tag u but that's not proper tag la. But itu pun tag jugak la. hahaha. ok have fun!


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