Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a way to start a day.

I received a parcel today.
From Capxion Media.

I was wondering why in the world would they, Capxion Media, send me something using the courier service, since I go to the office practically every other day. I go there to look for Edmund, sometimes Jerad and even Walter. I can always go there to pick up whatever they need to give me. They can always give me a call. So anyway, this morning while I was playing with my younger sibs, my dad called me from downstairs and he gave me the parcel. So I opened it, and to my fefjdxnkwe surprise, theres nothing inside it. EMPTY. AN EMPTY PARCEL. I called them (Capxion, well, Phoebe to be exact) up and they told me it was just some coupon (err Women's Secret gift voucher worth RM180!). So I told them to call Nationwide Express but Im guessing the story ends here. Yes, youve guessed it. Im pissed disappointed. Obviously you would know not to send any cash, cash equivalent or valuable items through the mail right? RIGHT?! This is the word I was looking for all this while (since morning), unprofessional.


Sigh. Takpelah Phoebe, you belanja I buffet jelah. Wahah!

Anyway, I went to a casting in Talent Factory yesterday. I was greeted with a "Hanis! (we've been waiting for you!)". Haha. Very friendly people (yes you, Diana!). So of course, I was nervous as this is my very first time doing such thing. Geetha, the caster, told me that she has read my blog ( WOH BANGGA GILA), my blog reflects my personality (WOH WOH WOH) and that im so me in my blog, and thats what they want. Hurei! It went on quite smoothly, except parts where I was talking too fast (out of nervousness Im guessing). Booo! After that I had lunch (with my whole big family, yes they accompanied me to my very first casting!) at Old Town White Coffee. Such cozy place.

Who taught you that face, Alisya?

Ive been wanting to go to Pavilion and visit my favourite people, my ex-colleague, and so I did! Wah its crazy and I miss them so much! I just miss working with them, wiping glasses and washing dishes and if got luck, sell handbags (very hard to sell Marc Jacob's item you know). Wahah! I remember my last day of working there, and Fairuz (world's most generous supervisor, who bought me a pair of jeans from Pull and Bear as a goodbye gift) had asked Cyndi to record a video of me doing my chores. Bladi hel these people want to sell video of me washing dishes and catwalking back to the store from toilet trip. They think got people want to buy?! Haha.

Me and the very-hilarious-plus-totally-Chinese-and-modern-looking Cyndi (my sister from another mother, I tell you), and the dancing diva Diana.

I want to go back to Marc by Marc Jacob :(

Eh no one stopping you also.

After the whole imissyouyeahimissyoutoowhentobelanjame session, we (The Zainal's) went to Bangsar, because my mommy need new clothes.While she was in fitting room waiting for me to choose for her, a bunch of Chinese girls came up to me and the leader, Rachel, went like ARE YOU HANIS? ARE YOU MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL? Me, flattered, with my cannot-control-flattered-nostrils, replied yes and yes. Rachel: OMG youre like my favourite model (when I realised she said model and not contestant or dreamgirl crap, my nostrils reacted even more). Hanis: THANKYOU. Rachel: Youre so pretty. Can I take picture with you? Hanis: WAHAH! THATS WHAT I WANTED TO ASK EARLY-EARLY LAGI. Yeah sure. *Snap snap*

She made my daaaaaaaaaaaay :D


  1. Jerad Solomon strikes again, haha.

    So you appearing on Msian TV soon??


  2. Really hope that you'll get back your gift voucher back, Hanis.
    By the way, you look great in those pics. :)

  3. awwww u r the bestest sister! =D

    i hate those courier services! my bro sent me some money b4..it was all hidden and stuck to the inner layer of the card..n they managed to get it out! wtf!!

    do keep us updated about ur new career okies! u look as great as always! =)

  4. Yeah, i guess that the Parcel Raider stories are quite common these days. Using x-ray scanners, they do not even have to open the package to see whats inside. If they like something they see, they just open up the package and seal it again after taking the item out. You should post this story in The Star or any other newspaper, maybe some action will be taken by the management of Nationwide Express.

    Hehehe! Looks like your celeb status has been elevated by your blog. Wouldn't suprise me. Its a great read. Damn, I would like to take a pic with someday lol! Some people are just so lucky. :-(

  5. Wah best! I wanna take picture with you tooooo! Kelakar la you.

  6. *HUGGGGGSSS* cause you're so cute... i support u gila-gila during MDG.. i know i post now lambat skit, but i baru jer ternampak your blog.. :D

  7. ahahahahahaha parsley...

    wa celebrity already ya.^^

  8. i also want to take pics with u if i see u someday. then post in my blog. wahh..dengan celebrity =D

  9. Ur make up skills are power man! And yes, of cuz becuz you are pretty that's y la. ;)

    I loveeeee imran! *fainted cuz star struck

    hahaha. Oh ya, faster go model model, so that got nice pics to see!

  10. wow Nationwide Express really sucks! I won't consider them if I need anything couriered..

    is there any compensation from them on this matter? there should be la, else their staff can just treat courier goods like mail shopping >.<

  11. Think model.. be model right Hanis!

  12. LOL~
    what a day startin with a empty parcel ~

    hanis hanissss.. ~

  13. well, if i were to see you somewhere one day. i'm surely to "make you day" la... :)

    *snap snap*

  14. choose DHL or fed ex. international ones are wayyy better than crappy malaysian courier services. DHL is a bit expensive but their service is A+ (omg im being totally patriotic pimping some german company here lol)

  15. HAHA, apa kes cari sampai masuk kepala! ee, hanisss gorgeous gillaa! braces pun dah bukak(eh?)
    im wearing soon ;x

  16. well is not unprofessional , sounds brainlesssss, i though they normally call and ask ppl to pick up themself (capxion), y they need to sent u empty plastic bag? so brainless.

  17. hello! U love cats? Weeee! gimme 5 ! :D.. welcome to blogworld btw.

  18. you've been tagged by me!! :D

    List down 10 random things about yourself.

  19. junkie: i wish for the sky. and airplanes and colourful hot air balloons. so yes, i hope ill be appearing on Msian tv soon.

    jasmine yap: my camera not so sharp until can reveal my pores. thats why.

    huei: bestest sister? can you tell them that? they wont believe me if i say.

    jonathan nathan: Awwww a great read. Your blog's awesome too.

    wonger: you want to take picture with me beause im kelakar? wow.

    pingz: pingz! my new reader friend! stay with me.

    kevin tan:i just read your post on MDG. bladi hilarious. thanks for dropping by holright.

    su: su stop being comel. i je boleh.

    siew kwan: my mom make up kan for that day. but yes, my make up skill, super power man. wahah!

    viviensiu: eh yeah lorh! lets work there and go get Women's Secret's stuff.

    as clara is: i absolutely love to see you here. smiling.

    babychyu: who the hell is babychyu lah? your pet sloth is it? haha maen2 sahaja. eh i saw the two green living things in your jar filled with water. look like cj7 abit.

    teefernee: you better. kehkehkeh.

    fie the elf: please tell capxion that. eh thanks for coming (here).

    zalikha: braces still on. kalau zoom sure nampak. ngan sisa breakfast semalam pun boleh nampak.

    weun thing: i just hope they misplaced the voucher and accidentally sent empty parcel. I WANT MY VOUCHER.

    ami3 s10: got cats in this post meh? wahah! i love cats on my bed. if they sleep there, i sure wont move wan. haha. i can sleep so stiffly suddenly.

  20. I demand that you add me to the people who believed in you right from the start! *dramatic sigh* :D

  21. Oh wow! Thanks! *Eyes watering crystal like*

  22. Wah.. I tell you.. Nationwide Express really teruk lar. My experiences with them few times really made me pissed !! Never courier things on time !! Excuses when called to ask the reason as it's very urgent and delayed for few days !!!

    Don't ever try to use Nationwide if possible. I guess Poslaju or other courier services can give better services !!

  23. graesupang:thank you! i'll fine time to do it okay!

    revel in me: you ke yang kata i porn star hair? HOLRIGHT IM ON MY WAY. hoh wait. wheres my link in yours?? ha! jengjengjeng.

    balqiz: no no no. thank YOU.

    rosewong: WOH WOH IM FEELING YOU.

  24. Hanis..you are getting prettier. You look so sweet with your siblings...~*^.^*~
    What a bad day to you.....nationwide so irresponsible. By the way, what do you mean by 'my sister from another mother i tell you')? Pardon me for not understanding your humor.haha.

  25. DANIELLA: Hihihi, my mom made me up! Oh sister from another mother, meaning like soul mate. Like sisters, except her mother is chinese, mine is malay.

  26. Hahaha, YAAAA, porn star hair! It's a compliment k, just look at all those hot Guess models *salivates* :D

    And haha, added! :P

  27. Empty parcel. Poor Hanis. Eh, why la nostril, so gross.

  28. ya allah hanis.
    ko pegi letak bnda nation express atas kepala buat apa.
    wahahahah lawak gle ;)!

  29. Yes! It has reached 30! Haha Im weird like that.

  30. haha..gambar tu menjelaskan semua..
    belum bace da tau mesti dapat bungkusan kosong tu..

  31. haha..gambar tu dah menjelaskan semua.belum bace lagi dah tahu mesti dapat bungkusan kosong punye lah..

  32. haha. Okay i dh jmpee pic u pakai braces, hmm dh nk tnggal eh?
    gigi dh tersusun cantik ! :D

  33. Cute Hanis, kenapalah i tak mulakan berblog dari awal lagi yer? If not, maybe kita dah best friends yer..

  34. cecomel lagi adik2 ko ni..kecik cenonet lagi. sekarang dah besau sihat dan kuat lagi bijak.. bagus2.. habis katam dah blog ko..huahahaha..xde keje....


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