Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hairstyle that makes you look younger

Im here to announce that Ive gained 2kg. *Woh stand up ovation*. And my cheeks are chubbier than ever. Haha kesian. So right now I look really young like really really young. And plus




Who would have thought, my hairstylist would do this to my hair. No seriously. Fringes like that only suits people with big forehead like Tyra Banks ke.. Rihanna ke.. Sengaja tau my hairstylist nak samakan I dengan mereka. Haha. But instead, I look like the chubby version of sepet Hannah Montana. Sigh never mind. It'll grow back (right.. lagi dua tiga tahun). At first when they highlighted my hair, I thought woof woof sexy lady then when they cut my fringe short, I was like byebye sex appeal. Haha.

Woof woof? No?
Shut up you.

Us on our way to work. Ceh pergi kerja sama-sama.
Me still with rollers on wearing my shades (edited: natural curls enhanced by rollers, as stylist preferred). Im not ready to face the world yet. That explains the very blur first pic.

I will change my hair colour this Friday. Any suggestions? NOBODY TELLS ME TO STAY FOOLISH WITH THE CENTER HIGHLIGHTED FRINGE.

Thank you.

OhSoRandom: Bladi fringe, my forehead sweats alot now (-_-")


  1. You just highlighted your hair and you're going to change your hair color again? Wow, better take care, girl, all this stuff they do to you will spoil your lovely hair :0 BTW, the fringe looks cute on you. More like you, instead of the Datin look, which is too old for you ;)

  2. I think you've gotten a lot prettier since high school days. ;) The bangs look good on you. And yeah, makes you look really much younger! Haha.

    Hellooo former schoolmate. Heh. :) :)

  3. Hey Hanis....U LOOK SO DAMN CUTE in ur new hairstyle!!! It is CUTE!!!!!
    admire matter how u chang ur hair style or look...u still look pretty always....stay pretty ya^^

    BB love Hanis ^^

  4. haha Hanis!

    you nampak cute la with the hair style!
    a suggestion; try blonde highlights, i think it will look nice!

  5. it takes time to get use to the new hairstlye n color.And perhaps the bangs is gonna look really good on u (i cant judge yet cos u havent let us see the whole new hair yet) as for the highlight, i know it looks odd right now, but im sure your hairstylist did it for a reason, like i said; it takes time to adjust. Btw, do u always have to roll your hair with the roller to achieve that curls? why dont u go and do digital perm? since u suit curls/sexy locks alot

  6. HANISSSSS~~~ you look soooooooo cute in the first blurry picture... I like that a lot! Much more than the one in the car! Bila nak tunjuk the real thing?

  7. hye..
    the bangs suit u..
    no need 2 change da colour lar..
    coz u've just highlighted it..
    nnt rosak rmbut ;)
    but ur new cut rily2 cute..

  8. hey! enjoy and experiment with all the haircuts you can get :) I'm sure you'll eventually find ur best 'cut' (^_^) You look wonderful that night at Wild Live! I was standing opposite you with my friends when you (+ Simon + Adeline) guys were blogging LIVE about da event.

  9. Hanis,

    Ignore these people.

    Cute = ugly but adorable.

    Please go back to sexy and desirable please.


  10. hi hi hanis....just wan to tell you, ur fringe look supper cute wehhh.

    =) =) =) =)

  11. you look awesome in your bangs. i think you just need time to get adjusted to them. and wat a coincidence, i got myself a haircut today too. lol

  12. hanisss like wow i like the picture before they got ya bangs cut!! superbly sexay!!!! and btw you are startin to look even more prettier after steppin out from mdg!!!!

  13. HAHAHA gile comel dowh. you just took 3 years away and now you look so budak skolah. damn cute <333
    but i still think your face suits with sexy flirty curls like Giselle Bundchen's. Come on bebeh, be my Giselle wtf.

  14. The fringe looks uber cute on you and it does really suit you too but the center highlight is definately a big NO! haha

  15. i think ur short fringe looks good on u! =D

    u could be more wild n try different colors..but i'm not sure ur hair will agree with me...hawt colors = alot of bleach = i hear hairs protesting! hehehe

  16. wahahaha. so funny la the fringe, hmmm, mayb I shud consider having mine done like yours too, not. :P

    but I think you still look cute thou, how u did it huh?

  17. just stay with what u are now..
    u already look beautiful than everyone else....

  18. hmm. bangs? isn't that so last year? whatevs.. seems to suit u nicely.

  19. hei girl!love the bangs!u can pull off any hairstyle so don't worry!still cunner as ever!=D
    and u shud pin up ur fringe when ur at home to avoid pimples!the humid weather of msia is really an issue to girls with fringe!=D

  20. ei you did your hair at wella right? the same thing happened to me also!! i didn't really want bangs but they just snipped my fringe right off T_T but well you look way better than i did lah haha i was very sad T_T

  21. love your hair babe.

    u look great!

  22. u look great girl....don't worry too much. :)

  23. not everyone can pull off bangs and you did =) You look great in both hairstyles but change is good ;) so if anyone says ur bangs suck...who long as ur face still stays pretty as always!

    and thanks for linking me, u're far too kind.

  24. ooh the fringe and highlight looks really good. keep it :)

  25. hey,i found ur blog kt another blog(xingt sapenye),so juz stop by to comment..=) plus,im new..

    lol..having fringe mmg wat ur forehead sweat like hell!if xjge,then nek zits/pimple and unwanted thingy..*yikes!* but seriously,this type of hairstyle makes a person look younger.

    btw,me love ur new hair colour babe..

  26. Hi Keknis, gigih i mengisi masa lapang meng-explore blog blog yg best untuk dibaca sampai la ke blog u. first time sampai sini.. tengok, ni pun duk baca older post older post sampai tahun 2008 dah. NO MORE FRINGE PLS. tak sesuai dgn u. tu je i nak bgtau. Hahaha


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