Sunday, June 22, 2008

Giggle and pose

Hello people.
Another fashion spread coming your way!

This time I get to be a giggly teenage person, unlike always. Plus, the wardrobe is so Hanis Zalikha! Cool. Haha. I wore brands like Forever 21, Roxy, Polo and few more which I didnt notice. I got a guy make up artist and he's like so artsy and talented. But too bad that my face will still look old whenever I have tonnes of make up on. Kasihan my pores.

And this is the first time ever I brought Alisya along so she gets to see the whole process. Actually I was in the car already when Alisya ran out crying, wanting to follow TAK SEDAR DIRI BELUM MANDI. Being a good sister that I am, I said hop in!

Haha okay I actually skipped the part where I told my mom "MA CEPAT JALAN MA!" ("MOTHER FASTER
WALK DRIVE MOTHER!") Lol. Wtf the translation.

During make up

BAHAH sorry if I scare you :B

Perempuan tua glamour dan si belum mandi.

Edited kao kao.

Yo yo yo.

Holright thats all I have for you guys. I'll tell you when the mag comes out.

And this is me trying to act cool getting out of the car, not knowing that I still have my ponytails on. Lol damn perasan.

Pewit pewit.


Me acting jakun over everything at the Nuffnang event.

Scene 1
Hanis: Im a moth.
Blogger 1: What?! Mouse?! WHERE GOT!

Scene 2
Blogger 2: Hi Hanis! Why are you a fairy princess?
Hanis: HOH



  1. yea...i was trying to figure out what you were too...i thought you were a fairy too...but then i saw butterflies on your dress...

  2. ohmy!ur sis damn cute!=D
    I love the moth thing going on with you. You look less as a moth and more as a butterfly! ceeyhhhh~ =D

    and is that ur housing area?looks pretty familiar to me!=D

  3. I thought you were posing as butterfly haha!

    anyway nice dress!

  4. alisya happy! hehe.
    ceyhh the busuk girl. anyway, a moth?
    you still look good la...aiyaaaa.

  5. Do Alisya looks just what u like when u r small? both of u look so alike!

  6. Hie Hie Hanis...

    I finally get to meet u personally in the Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging party... Im the girl who just came n asked to take picture with u; then after that i said thank you n said u looked very pretty... then i totally forgot to intro my name to you... ahahhaa...

    sorry la... i was charmed by your height n ur beauty la.. (n also abit shy dont know wat to say after taking pics with u...)

    Anyways, yeah, u look very pretty... heehheee....

    and yes, i tot u were a butterfly or like princess or angel.. dont know which one.. doesnt look like a moth at all la!!!

    Hope to see u again pretty... :D :D

  7. see... i forgot to intro my name to you again... ehehehe...

    Hie Hanis, Im Jane... or a.k.a princessladyjane to other bloggers who knows me...

    Nice meeting u...

  8. Haha, don't forget I asked you whether you're a ghost.. T____T

  9. itu moth version glamour. HAHA!

  10. your sister is so cute!

    you sure don't look like a moth, more like a butterfly fairy. hahahahaha...

    by the way, where's your white bag from? it's really nice.

  11. u look like a fairy moth! =P

  12. once upon a time, there was this tiny little moth.her beauty have been the envy of evry moth in the forest.

    long story cut short,due the her many good deeds n stuff,she have been granted by the fairy godmther the ability to once in a while, turn into a lovely pretty fairy prncss.

    so, u're both a moth n a fairy prncss. =))

    *so how?ok a?..(ok i senyap skrng)

  13. It's a wonder how make up and hairstyle could change a person's outlook so much. You look a lot more matured in the pic with si bucuk. But I love your overall look in the wild live blogging party. Sungguh mengancam~

  14. hanis!i love ur sunnies!beli katne?

  15. No, you're a butterfly and I love those butterflies on your hair.. Are those butterflies? I love it, I love it.. You're not a moth! You're human, lol lol. Kelakar habis.. I insist, you're a buttefly despite you saying you're a moth, damn! LOL :)

  16. LOL you were a moth? I don't see an inch of moth in that costume! haha I thought you were a butterfly fairy or something along those lines...haha

  17. Hey Hanis. You're awesome! Anyway was just wondering, do you stay in Valencia?


  18. Lol... I think I agree with the fairy princess. Or the fairy butterfly. But you definitely didn't look a moth ;p

  19. seriously, you don't look like a moth lo...... :)

  20. hey...i'm glad to see u that, really turn out to be like twin tower la our pic, T.T DOWAN...nvm, memang short pun

  21. Hey, just wanna say you look great. And your dress for the party is so pretty!!!

  22. Owh.. I didn't know you're a moth too at first.. hehehe... You look great in that :)

    and I like your edited gao gao pic.. very nice :)

  23. moth moth moth moth moth hahahahhahahaha

  24. hanis !! haha i was a fan of yours in MDG but didn't realise you had a blog until now --"

    love your dress for the party (though i thought it was butterflies..) !! :D

  25. uishh..1st pic tu takutlah :P
    others are marvellous!


  26. Hanis the manis, way to go!! You are too pretty to be a moth! So that's why no one was expecting that?? :D
    So nice, all the nuffnang party in KL, and Im stuck in Penang.

  27. You looks great that night~

  28. moth, really? i thought u were a butterfly. :D

    anyway, your sister cute lah. haha. :D

  29. Queen moth more like it :D

    Si belum mandi is so cuteee lah. Feel like cubiting her. Hehehe

  30. I love ur make up at the Nuffnang party~~~ And u really looked like a fairy there :)

  31. u look more lika a fairy coz moth ada wings

  32. either u r a moth or whatever..u look gorgeous..!


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