Friday, June 20, 2008

What keeps me grounded

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Newman,
happy birthday to you.

Let me be the first one to wish Newman a happy happy 5th birthday from a blog :)
Thank you Newman for inviting me to your birthday party. But wheres the cake weh? Ive peeped into the VIP section (after my failed attempt to sneak in there), but I see no cake also. Lol. Anyway we really had super duper fun there at Savanh Too eventhough I dont drink, but I got really hyper just dancing with the girls. As you can see up there, I was doing my catwalk with my eyes closed (really pro until like that). But omg I love the dress, its from Bebe (promote promote).

Her name is Hanis Zalikha and she's with Hazel Khoo, the manager of Savanh Too.
They were camwhoring in Hazel's toilet.

Did you miss Natasha from MDG? I know I did.
This is us before we changed into sponsored clothes.

Hanis Zalikha with her ever so gorgeous girlfriend Fiqa.
Envy this red headed beauty.

After our catwalk show, we went to party and mingle around and guess who I met?

Awww I miss her so much since MDG ended.

.Me and the gorgeous Fiqa again.
After we were made up by Make Up Your Mind.

These are my darlings.

And *drum roll* this is what keeps me grounded:


I love her for being there for me.
I love her for having my back.
I love her for getting me where I am right now.
I love her for keeping me grounded.
And I love her for coming to the event with a camera.
And and for the shocking pink dress she bought for me.

And because it was a cakeless party, during the event, we went next door..

to Secret Recipe!
Haha. Lapar gila woh.


  1. wow...u look a lot like ur mom... =) love the dress by bebe... =)

  2. EHH GILAA!!! ur mom look so young!!!!! you two are like SISTERS!!!! what is this AHAHAHAHA!! =D=D looking great as ever la hanis... :))

  3. omg. i love both the floral dress and your shocking pink dress. its awesome.

    and yes, your mum surely looks young. :)

  4. Yea, you looked like your mum and she's gorgeous too.. She look alot more like your sis because she's so young..

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  6. oh my...
    ur mom??seriously??
    soo young wooo.....

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  8. Wah.. Aunty looks so young and pretty.. Hehehehe...

    I love the dress by Bebe too.. Sho pretty... Bebe got online website or not? Hehehe..

  9. Now i know where you get your good looks... your mom is reaaaally pretty & hot for her age!! Btw you shouldn't have changed your blogskin banner... the previous one stood out more.

  10. u look justtt like your mom weih! both of you are so pretty. :)

  11. omg ur mummy is so so young and pretty!! you 2 look like sisters more than mum and daughter @__@

  12. whoa! u're gawjuz. and ur mom too.looking young and pretty.

  13. ohmy hanis u look damn damn damn gorgeous in the dress by BeBe!=D

  14. Walau eh, your mum looks so young, kena mintak sikit tips to stay youthful nie! And I love your Bebe dress and the cute shocking pink one too :)

  15. Hanis Sweetie! Your mom really looks amazingly young! and you two look alike! :)

  16. ur mum is so fair!!! ;)
    looking good as always :D

  17. I love the photo of you on your banner, though the old banner was cuter. Hehehe. You look really lovely.

  18. you have such an awesome mum! how lucky of you :3

  19. hanis! way to go! great to read your blog. funny and like the way u express urself. So, just you! :)
    Do you remember me?? U dropped by last time and I got ur blog link!!
    Will be ur loyal reader!! *hugz*

  20. engkau cantek~ (rentak u're beautipul)

  21. Wahhhhhhh, I love ur mum's make uppp!Cantik gila!!! N yea, she is really young, no sign of age at all, and certainly doesn't look like a mother of four(am I right??!) :D

  22. pergi secret recipe tak ajak.. org dok cari2 mane u.... takpe2... its okayyyy.... and yer mom look so young k.. so i guess many people have told u guys that u guys look like sisters... ape rahsianyaaa..? ngeeheee..and yer aunt was so sporting.. came and dance with us.. wohoo...!

  23. The pink dress don't quite match your style.

  24. nice meeting u in nuffnang wild live blogging party!

  25. hey hanis!! andrew here =D nice meeting you again in wild live blogging after the last time i saw u in MDG!! haha.. anyway, add me in msn??? wanna send u photos.. and also be sure to drop by my blog @ cya around.

  26. there are alot of models/celebs out there having their mothers as their manager. its cool becoz u know u can trust them and they know whats best for u. =)

  27. hi Hanis....happy to know that u got a blogsite too.....u got a very nice blog come and visit mine if u have the time.

  28. looking gorgeous! all of u! and now we all know where u got ur beauty from! =D

  29. Damn ure pretty la. u look like ur mom too ,chantek !

  30. cantiknya kamu....and ur mum also very pretty, i stumble upon ur blog hope u dun mind me reading it...


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