Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to go green without spending green

Ive been busy with a lot of things lately but here I am, still wanting to let you in on whats happening with my life. Its annoying how the people from Celebrity Fitness kept calling me to arrange fitness sessions since I got a free membership for 3months. But I'd rather spend my free time gardening with my mom in her garden. I mean seriously, cutting the grass with the big garden scissors not only toned my shoulders (a little bit), it also helps to keep my mom's garden neat and tidy. Check out where I spent my time sweating and bonding. Woohoo! We are so proud of our garden because we started from a scratch. It used to be a lifeless piece of land filled with rocks and bits of cement but then my mom and dad started buying pieces of carpet grass and and they taught us how to plant grass piece by piece. Then came the idea of having a pathway to enhance the greenery and thats when my mom started mixing sand and cement and letting us kids shaped it up. We even drew flowers and snails on it. We really saved a lot of money by doing everything by ourselves, not only that, we are fully satisfied with what we have created and achieved. I heard my neighbour spent over 20k for just a simple garden and yet he's still not completely satisfied. Ala kesian. Wahah!

Apart from that, we can also get fruits and herbs from our garden such as curry leaves, ulam raja leaves, Ambra, turmeric, galangal, mint, chilies, longan, jambu air, and lemon grass and got loads more but too lazy to remember back the names. Hohoh. Having a nice garden surrounding the house, our living room which has large windows and glass doors get to have natural light and fresh air to overwhelm the entire space. I get to SIT COZILY in my living room which overlook our garden as I blog this. Please envy me. Kehkehkeh. And oh I believe that not just human but pets love beautiful gardens. Aha! Why you too should have a nice garden of of your own? What more could you ask for when youre greeted by lush greenery after a long and exhausting day at work? Everyone needs their own private retreat, so start a garden now no matter how small your land is. Hanis Zalikha went green and is still going green. Lets GO GREEN people and save our planet.

OhSoRandom: Okay by now you people would know already that I did my banner with Paint (again).


  1. ur garden so the huge!!

    hahahaha i prefer the previous banner la tat one damn cute.

  2. yess, when I buy my own house I wana plant some veges too~ :)

  3. even from ur pics i can tell u have such a lovely garden hanis! its beautiful n to think u started from scratch.

  4. I think da pic of ur new banner is really cute!!! Innocent betul! Kakaka...

    Neway, love ur garden! ;)

  5. i still think the previous banner looks better and cuter. more creative. :)

    this one a bit too plain. hehe.

  6. hanis...are u invited for the nuffang party?

  7. omg u did ur banner with paint AGAIN??!! your talent ah... tak tahan. lol

  8. hi Hanis, just got to know ur blog today, hope tat is not too late...
    Like ur green garden! are u doing recyclying as well?
    Have a great day!

  9. your garden is really nice! you guys started from scratch? wow. give me a bare garden, even the grass will die. haha, i'm serious.

    and love your banner.

  10. i must say.. you're damn good in Paint. haha! honestly, i prefer the previous banner. its more lively. :)

  11. wow, ur garden is really nice!!I dun think mine is half as nice as yours...

    I like the previous banner more.:P bu t this is alright.

  12. WELL DONE! Your banner, and going green!

    would love to visit ur house! ur garden looks AMAZING! and all the things u've just mentioned..i wana have more green at my house next time! =D

    i wana hug ur catssssss! =P

  13. *runs in*

    *hugs hanis*


  14. Hanis Sweetie~!
    I like the previous one too~ but I like the photo lar, so retro~!

  15. Haha! Even u get all those irratating calls from fitness centers. I've been battling them for the past few years.

    Wow! Ur family really does have green hands. Its a good hobby anyway.

    Hehehe! Ur banner is so "Ms Paint"... hurmmm... ;-)

  16. ur garden is gorgeous!!! oh my, and those cats too...hello philip! =)

    n oh, about ur banner, i prefer the previous banner too... =) more chantek!

  17. rahsia kejelitaan MDG Zalikha - sedut byk2 o2 yg bersih dari tumbuhan yg ditanam sendiri.

    and oh, regarding the banner, whre can i sign to take ur MS Paint courses? =P

  18. Wah.. You're really different. A lot of people would rather go gym than gardening. Salute you girl :)

  19. Amboiiiii cantiknya rumah orang ye :) Sebelah rumah can sewa ar? I can only afford to rent at such luxurious place.. then can panjat over and play with philip everyday, kakakakaka...

  20. kevin tan: eh that huge meh? if huge sure got durian tree already :D i purposely put up new banner so you guys would appreciate the previous one. lol.

    viviensiu: when i buy my own house, i would have to plant taugeh in balang because my dream house is a condo.

    jules: we never thought itll get so lovely until like this. an iguana visited our garden once and stayed there for few months. we didnt catch it of course. geli takut semua ada.

    wan yian: my hair was up in two pony tails :D

    dragonflies and cupcakes: i tot i'd try something new. risau you guys jemu with the previous banner.

    arif: yes. what about you?

    disillusioned: what? the lukisan darjah satu? haha thanks.

    careen: welcome soon to be reader friend!

    jessieloi: glad you love it. ingat semua orang tak suka. haha.

    teefernee: i'll give you more and more each time. improving!

    siewkwan: i boleh lah siewkwan, i ada ramai askar (my sibs). boleh lah buat garden macam taman negara.

    huei: i want a hug too!

    pingz: okay i got one. hooray!

    sheryl: awww thankyou darling.

    jonathan nathan: we are the shrek family.

    izza farihana: wah peminat phillip.

    zaini: the one who always leave interesting comments :)

    ahlost: aww thankyou babe! if i go to the gym i'll just waste my precious time on the road. lebih baik i buat gardening. the same sweat will come out.

    kreazi: omg joey my neighbour ada this cute/fat/fair/adorable/doublechin baby girl. kalau you nak pindah sini you pun kena bawak one baby girl for my to play with.

  21. Hi Hanis....u really have a lovely and your family have green fingers...

    Take more photos of your house please...wish to see more about your house,and ur lovely garden!.

    All the best to you.

  22. Dear Hanis,

    Really love this entry of yours and how you go green :) my name is Sabrina and I'm a writer for DYou magazine (a new teen mag in town! by Disney) - I've been trying to contact you via email as I'd like to feature you as one of our favorite bloggers but I have not heard back from you. Now we're working on our April issue, themed Go Green! And once again, DYou would love to be able to have you be part of our go green issue :)

    By the way, is currently under construction and should be up by this week, but in the mean time, please check out our Italian site for a look and feel of DYou - Use Google Translate! :)

    So I'd like to ask for your kind favour to check your inbox - my email add is - takut masuk your spam folder :( I'll be emailing you again and hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you in advance, Hanis!



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