Sunday, June 29, 2008

Urbanscapes 2008

Let me start off with my visit to the Wella saloon. What I had in mind was changing my hair colour from the hideous villain streaks (think Cruella), to something more chic like ash brown with golden highlights. So I pun semangat brought along my Bazaar mag which has Petra Nemcova in it, with her gorgeous ash brown hair. I pointed at the picture and said "I want this colour I dont care I said I want", and he replied "Cannot". After 2minutes of their Cantonese conversation, they decided to please my young heart and told me they can do it, but it wont turn out exactly the same colour. They told me they will lighten my already brown hair. Hearing that, I said LETS DO IT.

So I slept. Most of the time.
And when I woke up, BAH! BAH! BAH!
I only went bah! bah! bah! in my heart though, because they were trying too hard to explain everything and I couldnt take it anymore so I just kept quiet. You want to know what they did to my hair?

They turned it into the same colour as my couch.

Moving on.
Saturday, 28th of June 2008.

It didnt occur to me that I would go and have fun there at Urbanscapes when I was reading the flyer weeks ago. But when Joyce called me up to help her pick lucky draws at Tongue in Chic booth, I couldnt say no since she's like a precious fairy to me. And wow Im glad I didnt (say no).

Urbanscapes, this is one yearly event that you should never miss. It was indeed a shopping paradise and one hell of a music festival. Shopping and music, you have got to love one if not both right? And to enjoy what you love doing in such a beautiful place, it was held in KL Pac, this old abandoned railway station which was refurbished into a gorgeous performing arts center in the middle of this huge beautiful garden, it couldnt be better. If you have no idea where this place is, (like me, I called up Joyce like 6-7 times on my way there), it is actually located in Sentul West, yes Sentul has East part and West part. Wha? Exactly.


Anyway, I went there with my mommy, my sister, and my aunt (hello my name is Family bt. Oriented), and it was already 5pm but I can see a lot of people still coming in, since the event started at 12pm and went on until 12am. 12 hours of serious good fun! If you missed out on this year's Urbanscapes and planning to go to one next year, I suggest you bring good company, like what I did, and make sure youre free for the whole 12hours. Dont make any other plans because you really would want to spend your day and night there. What the hell Ubranscapes spokesperson ke apa ini. Haha and dont forget to dress nicely as everybody there are like so stylish and hip, and YOU WILL BUMP INTO SOMEONE YOU KNOW or in my case, people who knows me and wanting to take picture with me to make my day. Kehkehkeh. I love this feeling.

Aunty Nana and I.

Aunty Nana, supermom, and Liana my sister. I purposely put up this picture to show my photography skill of making a picture look crowded.

Kakak Liana got excited seeing this humble board.

And got supermom to join in the fun.

Are we soulmates or are we soulmates? Haha kuat berkepit.

For my help (of what again? picking up lucky draws?), Joyce handed to me two passes into the music festival and RM100 Tres Chic shopping voucher.

I told you shes a fairy.

Today's guest appearance by:

Phillip the cyber cat.


  1. I like your previous hair colour betteerrrr. But nevertheless, I think your attitude can pull off very much any look. :D :D Just don't spoil the hair with one too many chemicals. ;)

  2. haha.Family bt Oriented.super's sweet la act.

    to Mr Philip,are you getting fluffier or izzit js me.

    i 2nd mchllchn,dun too much...but then ag, u're a girl rite.heh

  3. If you shave Philip off his fur, I bet dapat buat carpet kaki!

  4. Hey, you're right to bring along all ya family members lol :P Lotsa teenagers wouldn't do that.. It's good that you're not forgetting the roots.. I supported you and I still am.. You're pretty much grounded, lol :P Which is a good thing of course :) All the best and update more frequently ya :)

  5. OMG so sad, I already left the event before 5pm, can't see you :(

  6. u have long jaw but u still look as gorgeous..
    unlike me :(

  7. I like you in black hair better, natural and brings out your features. But fret not, still gorgeous nevertheless ;)

  8. ZOMG I thought you were joking when you said your hair is the same color as your couch! What are you planning to do about it? Color it again? Or leave it as it is?

  9. Well, nice new look on you the hair.

  10. ~saya suka kucing kamu.cute~
    i link u hope u dun mind

  11. philip sure knows how to enjoy life! ;P

    hmm..shouldn't have missed urbanscape..okie! wun miss it next year!

  12. I think it's nice, I like it this time.(no hina already.;))

  13. i've been thinking to myself that u looked like soooommmeeebody but couldnt tell who.
    now i can tell... yea u look like amy mastura during her younger days =D kan? kan?

  14. eh u at urbanscapes as well.. swt

  15. actually the hair color is not that bad ! it's good to experiment sometimes :D

  16. hey, you love cats right? was wondering if you have any friends who want a cat? =)

  17. Si bucuk tak nangis nak ikut ke?

  18. glance look mcm pakai rambut palsu...hehee

  19. mchllhn: aw thank you for the advice. oh and compliment!

    zaini: dapat treatment setiap bulan so takpe. haha.

    balqiz: buat kot bulu pun boleh kot. oh and im so proud of you since you dah pakai tudung :')

    brenda ang: and you too brenda! come more frequently *giggle*

    viviensiu: aw its alright see you on my next event!

    bil14: because i appreciate what i have. lets!

    mrs blogs: you think so? thanks sexy! i saw your happily married blog :)

    the faux fashionista: for my next hairshow, they plan to colour it, if its any good, itll stay (the colour).

    simon seow: wig.

    momoe: he's futuristic!

    huei: you better dont!

    siewkwan: thanks apple pie!

    suz: haha you should see us next to each other then you'll change your mind :)

    joshuaongys: i saw kevin. you were there too?

    devina: yes you'll never know until you try!

    yuhhui: im giving away mine too. haha except cyber cat.

    kreazi: happily sits at home. grow fatter by the day.

    arep: memang rambut palsu pun ;D

  20. Nice hair, Hanis.. Nice...

    I super envy your cybercat, Mr Philip *LOL*

  21. Hm apparently my friend won the lucky draw but she was a tad too late to collect it. :/ not so lucky after all I guess...

  22. alaaa.. i thought can seek your help coz u're famous and popular.. maybe you know people who wants a cat. Can't keep mine.. =( haha! Cyber cat is darn cute btw..

  23. please make sure wella give you good good treatment ok.

  24. aaaaaaaah! yer hair...! so it was the right colour i saw before i left when he was washing yer hair.... i was just playing around with u that time... tgk2, betul...! OMG! we are now satu geng! muahaha!

  25. dun worry, ur hair looks nice on u....

  26. waa....buzy ek at 4.49 am....time org dh ZzzZz

  27. love ur hair..
    izit true itz a wig..??

  28. hey,
    i saw u at urbanspaes..
    u gler tinggi
    im so envy :)

  29. hey,
    ur hair is nice! jealous-nya that you get free hair treatments every month!

    ur mum looks young!

  30. U look good as always dear! New hair looks better than the last one. :) Update soon,can't wait for your next post.hehe.

  31. rambut hanis looked like sum indon artist lew! x ingat name artist tu pulak!XD hair can grow my dear.but ur hair looks adorable!=)

  32. o phillip.
    cutey cutey :)

  33. wow, kakak Liana is so gorgeous! You have a gorgeous family. *envy* haha.

  34. mak hanis tantek !

    ok ,, nama sy dh trun ke last commentor,, no no !!


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