Friday, July 4, 2008

Cheese Caramel Walnut Brownies

2nd of July 2008, Wednesday.

No this is not Cheese Caramel Walnut Brownies. This is actually a homemade Strawberry Snow Butter Cake, my mom made for Aunty Nana's birthday!

Which was held at Red Box recently yeay!



Thursday, 3 July 2008

Imran, supermom, blur face Hanis Zalikha and superdad at our garden dinner last night.

I love photoshoots! And I just did another one for Edwin spread in Remaja mag. Who wears Edwin jeans nowadays, you may ask? Only the cool people who makes anything look cool. Bahah shut up me. As usual, fashion shoots are done in the morning. So I went there sepetly (single eyelidly), only to meet up with another sepet, Rachel! Haha. But she' the gorgeous kind of sepet, mind you. I know I know, why do they always pair me up with another girl who is way older prettier??! I hate my job sometimes.

Rachel and I both had two casual outfits to carry. I dont know about her but I had so much fun playing pretend. We were pretending to be the best of friends and it was so hillarious we laughed all the way. The photographer saw so much chemistry between us, that after the photoshoot ended she told us, NO WAIT LETS DO WHAT HANIS REQUESTED, JUMPING POSES! Hooray us!

Waiting for Rachel to finish her make up and hair.
Yes please stare at my very 80's bangs.

The cool people.
This is the only decent picture I have with Rachel.

The rest are all like crazy Chinese ghosts.

After the shoot, we said goodbye to each other and she told me that she also had fun working with me (oh I thought all the way I perasan sorang2, haha thank God). AND OMG DID YOU NOTICE MY RED DYE HAS FADED AND WHATS LEFT NOW IS THE BROWN COLOUR ??!

Excuse my bangs.

Have a nice day people.

No wait.

Guess what supermom made for us last night?

1.The first layer, baked chocolate batter.

2. The second layer, cheese and caramel (caramel made from condensed milk).

3. Second layer was then covered with more fresh chocolate batter.

4. Mixture was baked for another 20minutes.

5. Baked Cheese Caramel Walnut Brownies served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

6. Freshly plucked mint leaves from my garden and slices of lemon were used as decorations.

Ha now I can say HAVE A NICE DAY PEOPLE.


  1. Wow, ur mom's such a great baker! I salute!! Chunla ur mom! *awww*

  2. lurves your new hair color.dun do the red wan ag.pls?

    n yes the las pic was mouth watering.(tp sprmom yg buat.HZ?)=P

    ..felt the good chi n happy vibes 2.ah~

  3. You look so doll like with your bangs. Haha.

    Ooh, the food looks good lah. When I'm back home I'll try making it.

  4. ur mum made this? looks so sedap!!!

  5. Your mom should have her own baking/cooking blog. I`d visit diligently. <3

  6. Your mom is very awesome in baking cakes! :)

  7. YEAY got new recipe to bake after me atkins is over... my goodness ur mom is like SUPERBmom u left out the B ok hahaha she can do ANYTHING!!! =D

  8. Whoahh!!! Your mom is really supermom!!! Do you know how to bake like her?


    zaini: Im powerless over this. Tell Wella people that. Haha.

    jessieloi: Its so easy anyone can do it!

    starry eyed: Awesome cook aint she? OMG IT IS SEDAP GOSH!

    yukka: I'll let you people know when she does :D

    justjasmine: not just cakes! cookies as well! and puddings and asam pedas and gulap jamun and nasi lemak panas and and its endless i tell you.

    mustardqueen: haha i know! shes like superB duperB motherB! okay got carried away. haha.

    sharon: i can bake chocolate chip cookies! real delicious okay.

  10. hey hey hanis...

    Rachel is my friend..

    gosh u must have looked sooooo tall when u take pictures with her...

    and.. u r prettier than her la... ehhehee... rachel, if u r reading this, sorry la.. ehhehe.. (but i dont think she reads blog)

  11. Wah.. Really supermom lar. Knows how to make bermacam macam kek yang enak.. *droolsss*

  12. hey great pics.

    My mom loves to bake just like your mom too. Problem is, i put on weight when i eat her cakes, i dont know how you do it, lol share if you have any tips ;)

  13. wow look really tasty....i hope i can taste that...

  14. princessladyjane: haha omg really? say hi to her for me. haha but her hairdo for that day gave her extra inches :D

    ahlost: im telling you, not just cakes! wait up for me next post :P

    the mrs blogs: force yourself to shit after every meal. but for me, i dont need to force myself, its like systematic already haha. high metabolism plus reliable digestive system :)

    arep: nak beli ke? haha.

  15. lucky Sweetie! all of it looks yummy!!!how did you manage to maintain your figure then?

  16. woww....ur mum really good, hanis. can u bake?? hehehe..

    oh yeaaa. Finally saw the lovely cute Imran. i miss chatting with him. he is just so adorable. =) =) =)

  17. bleh je...but kene u yg wat...hehe

  18. wow. your mum can really bake. i bet you must have learnt some of her skills, huh?

  19. heyyy i did a dye job, copper with RED highlights few months back and yep.. soon enough (much too soon) they turned down right brownish again! what a hoot! wasted my moolah on the extra highlights. wahahaha! but the red look oh-so-good! shucks.

  20. Salivatin' just lookin' at those yummy food your mum baked... seriously, I think your mum should consider puttin' up a food webbie...

  21. So nice your super mum. I want the cake too. Slurp, slurp.

  22. HAHA!funny lah u HAnis! the brownies!omg!I loooovvveee brownies and ur mum's brownies looks damn damn damn good!=D mouth watering!

  23. I really like your hair colour now!!! The brown colour ;) It looks good on u~

  24. adorable dream are u now..hahah..teh brownie and the ice cream look delicious ooo...and hanis's mom can make a nice cake ^^ so envy ...........

    from : yin yin

  25. :F *air liur meleleh*

    nuff said


  26. red haired like LaLohan. that's cool but please dont go off the track like LaLohan. hohoh


    nice looking cake. almost too sayang to eat! baw!

  27. wow ur mom uses kitkat to decorate the cake, she's really talented O_O

  28. *sings "isnt she lovely.. isnt she wonderful.."*

  29. single eyelid?? u have gorgeous eyes!! heheh

    u look like a doll ;P

    oOoO!!! brownies! sedapp!!

  30. one thing to say here.. im glad you put your old header back! it's a work of art and i like it! ;D

  31. the other girl isnt pretty at all if u ask me

  32. that Cheese Caramel Walnut Brownies sure looks yummy... ish i nie.. budak gemok tak sedar diri.. hahah. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AUNTY NANA. she looks HOT with her balck&white dress..! u..? eeeemmmm... okay je lah... haha... u do too la hun.. always do =) cheh cheh.

  33. rupanye that man they shot in ep 17part 2 was ur dad! ingat dato' mana satu... hehehehe

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