Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Baby Phat stuff

Okay I purposely put up that tittle to get international attention hohoh. No I dont have Baby Phat stuff to give away. AND NO I DONT EVEN OWN ANYTHING FROM THIS LUXURY BRAND HOHOH. I just have a kitten named after this brand. I know its lame (not the brand but having a cat named after it) but Im not responsible for this I swear. But anyway I have to give him (Baby Phat) away to make space for newborn kitties. So if youre interested please email me at Only interested in the cat can email. If the owner no need (wait, unless you got jobs for me ke apa :P). And dont ask me recipes. This is how Baby Phat look like. Its a good deal because.. because hes free? Oh and I'll pass it to you, meaning you get to see my face without eyeliner and blusher ngeh.

This is Baby Phat.
The one at the back, dont you even think about it.
Hihihihi :D

As requested, my mom has set up a blog. I'd like to take this op to welcome her to the blogwagon. WELCOME MOMMY DEAREST! She writes in Bahasa but normally she'd give out recipes in English. She has so many recipes and life experiences to share with you people so do check her out. Her next recipe would be Tauhu Bakar (drooling like Patrick Star already). Have a nice day rockareaders!

Click for my mommy's blog :)


  1. OO!! Welcome Hanis's mummy to blogosphere! u're gona make me hungry..i know it! =P

    y u wana give baby phat away?? he's so phat!!! so adorable! if i din have a dog i would adopt him! =D

    good luck in finding a good owner for baby phat! =D

  2. can't wait for your mom to post recipes!

  3. omg. the cake looks damn tasty. i wish i could bake. tsk tsk.

  4. Hey Hanis, I've visited your mummy's blog.. the choc butter cake is making me salivate!! I wanna get an oven soon.. siapa mo sponsor?

  5. AKU NAK KUCING!!! beb...i consult some peoples first, then i confirm ngan you k? ala..kiut siut!! :D

  6. mom blogs too...dat is great.

  7. Whoah... big thumbs up to your mom. She likes to use KitKat for her cakes huh? <:) I'm so hungry. Wanna go out and have my dinner now! Bye!

  8. allah now another competitor in the blogosphere *shifty eyes* haha YEAY now I know where to get recipes, and your mom loves to put kitkat as deco kan!!?? hahaha =D

  9. old banner lagi ok! EHH kenapa nak kasi baby phat kesian dia ;( btw kucing i just died. org langgar. let us pray yg org langgar tuh kena kurap kat bontot. aminn :)

  10. sigh. I have a cat to give away too. Very painful to give away huh.. =(

  11. heelloo. nak bagi baby phat kat orang lain. x syg ke weh ?

  12. balqiz: the one thats up now? wah thankyou :)

    huei: haha thanks huei!

    cc: shes on her way already :)

    teefernee: have you tried? you should! damn fun.

    kreazi: masuk lah all those lucky draws. spin the wheel all also got. haha. omg scratch and win!

    pingz: i got more cute pictures of him to post. later later. hehe.

    vialentino: thank you :D

    sharon: haha terus go makan.

    mustardqueen: all sorts! kitkat lah, marshmallow lah, fancy candle we bought from jakarta lah. haha. congrats on the pants.

    zalikha: eh jangan, benda yang you cakap itu doa. nanti kene diri sendiri tau. (cheh nak back up org yang tak sengaja langgar itu kerana i pernah TAK SENGAJA langgar. sumpah).

    yuhhui: sedih suddenly the cat is like bondingbonding with the mother.

    lala g: sayang. nak try bagi kat orang yang rapat supaya boleh visit :)lala nak :P

  13. HANIS!!!!! Are you encouraging what the government is trying hard to curb? Hahahaaha.. anyway, I kena aprroached kat car parks a few times by this deceitful ppl.. amboi, kuatnya dia jerit, ohhhhh you've wonnnnnnnnnnnnn~

  14. Cool!!! Your super mama is finally starting a blog!! That's so cool!

  15. best nye leh main ngan kucing...tak pernah saya main ngan kucing sbb alergi... ;(

  16. ohh. tapi stilllll. nak ! but i oredi have 2 lah. my mom mesti jerit punya kalau i amik. dahla one of my cat tu horny gila skrg. hahahaha !

  17. kreazi: dalam sehari entah berapa banyak dia kene cakap ohyouvewon tuh.

    wan yian: she aint supermom if she aint cool. eceh eceh.

    ub_ub: hey youre new here. welcome to you too!

    areif: ala sayangnya alergi kucing.

    lala g: sumpah sekarang musim mengawan. hari tuh i pukul nyamuk, terpukul dua sekali, tengah bertenggektenggek. bodoh tau.

  18. So who is taking Baby Phat, I'm worried...I can't la, cuz I have like 4 dogs at home, one is huge summore...haha

  19. hanis, how old is ur mom?
    she looks so young :D



  21. hey hanis, would like to ask u a question. It seems like your mum is cover from head to toe, in another hand, u are so expose with skimpy clothes posing infront of the camera. damn tak kena right? malays are allow to do all this ar?

  22. To anonymous,

    Just my opinion, I don't think the clothes Hanis wears is too skimpy (compared to what other models wear). You must understand the career path that she has chosen. I believe that Hanis knows her boundaries and as a grown woman she knows how to differentiate right and wrong.

    From what I have seen in Hanis so far, I think her mom and dad have done a great job in raising her and teaching her good moral values (compared to the attitude of other Malaysian models who are rude, snobbish and slutty, and they even openly admit it - Trying to refrain from naming her *Clue: MDG Winner*). So, who are we to judge her if she "kena or tak kena"?

    Welcome to the modern world my friend :-)

  23. anon: dalam malaysian dreamgirl, ada 4 emak yang pakai tudung. mak eyna, mak nadia, mak fiqa. kenapa you nak point out i je ha? damn tak kena right? ha! i know who you are. and compared to the other girls, i know my mommy raised me right, i dont drink and smoke and sleep around. bye.

  24. siew kwan: Yes now Im having second thought.

    niss: Oh she's 42 turning 43 :D

    ami: Tiba2 I dah sedih dah nak let him go.

    jonathan: you rock!


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