Sunday, July 13, 2008

Self-centered moment

Things you dont necessarily need to know about me
but might want to.

1. My first name is Hanis. My second name is Zalikha. And my third name is bt. People usually would call me by my first name or half of my second name (haha Zali). Occasionally, there would be dingdongs people who accidentally call me Hasni. Sometimes even shouting it out loud like "HASNI HASNI YOU HAVENT COMPLETED THIS FORM" in public. Im not saying the name Hasni is ugly or funny or anything, I mean no offence to all the Hasni(s) out there, but I'd like to think Hanis Zalikha is the most beautiful name ever owned by the most beau haha. Bladihel.

Hasni? Is that you?

2. I am a big eater, complete with a reliable digestive system. (am I telling the world I shit everyday? haha. Tips: for those who dont have reliable digestive system can opt for bananas or dragonfruits, anything with fibres lah)

3. By the age of 1 I can already talk. And I amazed the wife of my father's friend by showing emotions (crying) while watching Wizard of Oz at the age of 4.

4. Growing up, Ive always looked up to my dad. And when kids at school called me Honeystars, I would shout back " BAGITAU DADDY KITA!" ("I'LL TELL MY DADDY!")

5. I like to create new games for me and my younger siblings to play just to kill time during fasting month, and one of it was a gameshow-like called 'Tropicana Adventure'. I was bad with creating names you see. So there are times when the name just popped up when we were already playing the game like Cikgu-cikgu, Masak-masak, Hospital-hospital or Jual-jual.

Figure 1.1 Lets have another round!

6. I love dogs as much as I love cats (and you know how much I love cats right). I guess I just love cuddly pets (they are like moving soft toys wah)! We Muslims are allowed to own dogs and touch dogs provided that the dog is dry. But sadly, we cannot touch it if its wet or our hand is wet. Otherwise Im sure I would have one sitting next to me right now (And wake up in the morning to a more chaotic scrabbley keyboard hoh). Preferably Golden Retriever omg! Why are they so adorable? Like the whole eyes is black, no need pupil-enlarging lenses,and so innocent-looking sumore got chubby paws. WHY??!

Lucky fellas. Omg look at the third one from left haha too cute too cute.


I want one. Dammit.

Imagine if he and Phillip fight for my laptop. Lol.

7. I have a theory, 90% of the time, fat babies will grow up into a slim person and vice versa. Go get your baby pictures!

8. I used to set up this small kindergarden for my brother called 'Tadika Clever' (I need to come up with much more creative names next time) because our family had a major downfall in 2000, so sending my little brother, Khairi, to a kindergarden was nearly impossible. Thats when I taught him how to read and write, and a little bit of maths along the way. And when he entered Standard 1 (7 years old), he was one of the brightest kid in school, he made me proud :')

9. At some point, I mistaken Tom Cruise for David Beckham. And now they are the best of friends. Does this mean I can predict the future hohoh?

10. My favourite holiday destination is Bandung, Indonesia. I went there and I bought the Indonesian school uniform and wore it the next day to walk around town.

11. I have single-eyelid and proud of it. Someone described me as 'The malay girl with chinese eyes' in one of her/his post and I couldnt stop smiling :D

12. I am a family-oriented person.

13. I love to keep myself occupied thats why I always find things to do like cleaning my Polly Pockets with cotton buds or imagining new creations like a TV set that can have range of chemicals to produce smell so that when you watch cooking shows yeah you know what I mean.

This is interesting.

14. Listening to JJ and Rudy without freshly cooked hash brown in hand is never complete :D

15. I used to have a gold-coloured Tamagotchi (mine was pet dinosour omg), which my neighbour borrowed and left it outside (and then it rained omg). I MISS MY TAMAGOTCHI. I MISS FEEDING THE DINO AND PLAYING WITH IT AND WAITING FOR IT TO WAKE UP SO I CAN FEED SUMORE.

16. My chinese neighbour (Uncle John) gave me a Barbie doll for my 4th birthday, and that's when I fell in love with BARBIES! I love chinese neighbours. My current one gave us Durians (like 4 biji to be exact) the other day and gosh it was so yummy :')

17. I love babies! I love babysitting! And wow you can get money just by babysitting, the best job in the world or what?

18. Airports are such a cool place!

19. Why am I so hyper? (-_-")

20. My favourite dessert is Gulap Jamun.

21. I remember drawing my teacher's face and putting bubble speech ("Why you never bring your book?") and passed it around the class after she scolded me. Then all my friends laughed and asked why am I so good in drawing T_T

22. But the truth is I love all my teachers. I used to make surprise parties for them and collecting money to buy them gifts. Like collecting money and buying gold pendants for Mrs Too, my math teacher. And for Puan Suriati, a surprise birthday party with cakes and my mom's cooking sumore wah wah wah.

23. I love organizing parties! Especially kids birthday parties since I have quite a number of younger sibs :) Then we would bake cupcakes and play limbo (dont you just love howlowcanyougodumdumhowlowcanyougodumdum).

24. My ultimate favourite fruit in the world is mangosteen.

25. Im having second thoughts on giving Baby Phat away.

Why suddenly bonding with the mother like that??

Sleeping position also always the same nowadays.


  1. Wow! That's alot about u. Just dropping by.. =)

  2. wow I seriously dunno that muslims can touch dogs O_O now I know :)

  3. in islam dog and pig in the same category.. better dont have dog at all..haram...

  4. LOL Hanis, this is definitely a good one! Your blogging skills are getting better each day and I'm looking forward to more wacky posts :) and i love doggiessssssss... and dun everyone shits everyday huh???

  5. Omg, u used to create games too? ME TOO! But mine is quite lame, I always create acting scenes, and forced my cousins to join.Hohoho. Mine dun even have names -_-". Oh and you are so patient, can teach your brother!! So proud of you too,*tear. haha

  6. hayley: I love them too haha. Especially the fat-fat one.

    jimmy: Haha alright Jimmy.

    viviensiu: Can touch when they are dry. If not, must wash with soil and water(7x) in which we call 'samak' :)

    areif: areif, ni dari apa yang Hanis belajar lah, anjing dengan babi tak sama. sebab babi kalau kita pegang memang kena samak (walaupun dia kering atau basah), tapi kalau anjing yang kering, bila kita sentuh tak perlu samak. kalau basah je kene samak. dari situ memang dah tau diorang berbeza kategori kan? dan dari apa yang Hanis faham, anjing boleh dibela dengan sebab2 yang dibolehkan syarak. cuma yelah, kalau bela dlm rumah, malaikat Rahmat tak masuk rumah. so boleh bela jauh sikit di luar rumah.
    tu yang ramai orang melayu susah nak bela sebab leceh.

    kreazi: haha omg got one of my colleague in MMJ (marc by marc jacob), she went like "do you know that they are people that shit every morning? so power" then i ws like "wtf dont they all?" haha she said she only shit once a week, if got luck, twice. no wonder abit fat. haha i miss her.

    siew kwan: omg and that too! acting scenes! ive also played that. we played chinese ghosts then got lah all the rectangle paper to put at the forehead. lol. where got patience,cane in hand lol.

  7. Cindy is bitching about you in her blog. But whatever it is, you are still my favourite!

  8. anon: lol why like that wan? haha thanks for making me your fav :D

  9. Hanis,

    If Cindy is trying to stir up a blog war ala Dawn-Xiaxue, I suggest you maintain your integrity and not dignify her with a response. Your blog is interesting enough without having to resort to cheap attention-drawing tactics.


  10. Interesting facts HASNI. heehehe. One more thing, u were called Honeystars? Thats actually cute! :)

  11. b.h: maybe she got no idea on what to write. let her lah. and i think youre right. thanks b.h. oh you also notice the ala dawn-xiaxue thing haha.

    starry eyed: cute? haha maybe. but last time I used to hate it so much. as a kid, of course lah you dont want people to be calling you by a cereal brand :D

  12. Hanis, since you like babies, you can babysit mine in the near future, free la k? Lol.

    And I had an arab friend before who told me that they do have dogs as pet. It's not that dogs are haram. It's just that back then these dogs had rabies so they were told to avoid dogs and it somehow got misinterpreted along the way. I hope he gave me the correct info!

  13. betol lebih baik mencegah dr menanmbah...

  14. betol lebih baik mencegah dr menanmbah...

  15. by the way i got my guy fren name hasni...hehe

  16. hey Hanis!
    i dunno if im your first singaporean reader but i'd be glad if i am :)
    been reading your blog since i found your link on
    love your witty writes!
    and today i finally found a reason to comment.
    heh, im kindarf a silent reader.
    nayways, this is freaky but i had a weird thought the same as your no.7 about chubby babies and i thought i was the only one in the world who had that crazy idea.
    cheers to that!
    thou its totally not true for me(was chubby, still is)!

  17. omg polly pockets! i have a minnie one! hahaha :) so cute that you stil clean them:)

  18. was it my blog that describe you malay girl with chinese eyes? i betta check my MDG entry again...

  19. You are definitely, one of the best, if not the best, blogger among the MDG Gals! I like reading! Keep it up ;) You've got wicked sense of humour, and that's rare :)

  20. mrs blogs: as long as your baby dont eat and cry, can.

    areif: hasni? mesti hensem.

    appletopcheeks: im so touched:') haha serious right skinny babies will grow up fat? haha.

    kay: even my little brother used to have one. so cute.

    balqiz: alright go check then give me the link, I want to link it :D

    mayz: wow thank you! keep reading alright :D

  21. interesting blog. been liking you from the get-go of dreamgirl. u're always my fav despite what "others" may say about u.
    REMEMBER, contd blogging the way u do! LOV U HANIS :)

  22. your dark eye circles made you look slutty!

  23. Hanis dear, please go tell your that friend to get senokot to ease her bowel system coz yours truly here does business every morning too!!! Ada masuk, mesti ada keluar mar, mana boleh sumbat saje tanpa output? So salah lar.. hahahahaa.. and oh yes, I read tomaytoes' blog today, just one phrase for you - IGNORE IS BLISS!

  24. hey sweetie!
    i think you're hilarious (in a very good and entertaining way. keep it up! btw, i had the exact same polly pocket! <3

  25. dear hasni!
    takyah layan si cindy tu,takyah tulis balik,biar je.shes just trying to stir things up.keep up the good blog!

  26. Oh btw, about dogs, Muslims can touch a dog - haven't you ppl watched Yasmin Ahmad's Mukhsin?!!!

  27. uhhhhhhh rindunyaaa polly pocket! u still have those? mana laaa banglo kecik i pegi T_T (mini people awal2 dah hilang so tak kisah sgt haha)

  28. you are gorgeous inside out :) heart this post very much. i also used to have polly pockets!! haha and i laughed so much at the last pic so adorable!

  29. glitz: wahah glitz thanks for your support. heart you too :D

    anon: haha *giving you slutty stare*

    kreazi: haha thats why. then we joke around no wonder you so smelly. your shit from last two days still in there. we were so bangang. haha.

    sarah: awww thank you sarah. been a silent reader ey? haha at the back got tree you can push so the bungalow become three storeys right?

    anon: thanks for the advice and support. okay okay I dengar :D

    kreazi: haha sabar.

    maryjane ida: dulu dekat Bata ade jual kasut budak2 perempuan, pastu ada dalam macam compartment kasut tuh, dia letak orang polly pocket. I teringin nak beli kasut tuh, koyakkan compartment dia supaya dapat ambik orang tuh then boleh maen dengan happy kembali :B

    susannah: oh WOW thank you so much. I used to have couple of them (pollypockets) but they werent as big as the one I still have so they got lost during pindah-pindah rumah (shifting house). Oh the bonding pic? The mother is Audi. So cute right, the name? Tell me its cute. Lol.

  30. aww! u love dogs! that's very sweet to hear!!! =D

    i heard about a type of soap that allows muslim to touch dogs..but not sure if when wet

    this is the image from SPCA's mail..check it out! =D

    when will ur next party be? ;P

  31. Owh.. I didn't know Muslims can actually touch dogs.. Thanks for sharing :)

    and and.. I just got to know a little bit more bout you :)

  32. Alamak I dah checked her blog. I don't know why is she still yapping around like that after so long. Probably lack of blog traffic or smth. By the way the pictures of the dog is SO cute. The 2nd dog pic especially. Stand like one proud dog liddat! Whoah!

  33. huei: oh my next party? coming soon :D wait up for it! thanks for the info!

    ahlost: wowee thanks for dropping by :D

    sharon: haha dont know who's the 17 years old here :P omg I know! I was browsing through then I saw the pic then I was all WHY SO CUTE LIKE MENDABIK DADA LIKE THAT JSDVKFMBKGHO!

  34. Oh my!!! Your cats look so adorable!! Like they're posing for the camera! Hahaha!! =D

  35. Point3 : revelation of future drama q?lol.jk.

    Point4 : honeystar?!!@@super cutey.can i call u honeystar from now on?pls?*puppy eye*

    Point5 : i reli wander how T.Adven & Hospital-hospital are played.=)

    *ur facts bout doggie is absltely tru.does Khitmir rings a bell? =)*

    Point8 : revelation of a v.gud tai2?lol.

    Point12 : for a grrl yes.but if ure a boi.then it sux big time.i noe. = =

    point20 : Gulap jamun?apakah?

    Point21 : noti2 hanistar.

    *howlowcanyougodumdumhowlowcanyougodumdum <-- mmg hyper die nih.heh.*

  36. babyphat's mommy knows she is leaving!!! nooooo dont give babyphat away. her mom will be so heartbroken. cats have powerful intuition.

  37. babe i loved ur blog :)
    ur so adorable
    love ur cats btw

  38. ya! just remember khitmir. the dog in ashabul kahfi story..

  39. oh ya ke i tak penah tahu pun. selamat kalau tak mesti Bata bankrap :P

    and oh, to that CERTAIN someone, MDG is like wayyyyy over so here's my favourite phrase:

    Build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.

    hahahaha. Plus, Hanis, I didnt see any of your posts provoking her or anything. So weird. Tapi tu lah, I'm used to this kind of people. Remember my enty labeled 'garang'? hahahaha :P

  40. i vunder vat is a Gulap Jamun

    /me peretending to be Krauss from Hellboy 2

    but seriously..... what is a gulap jamun?

  41. ashleigh: omg maybe they secretly were. hmmm *wondering*.

    zaini: haha yeah I was hyper at that time. honeystars? c'mon zaini be original. haha. gulap jamun is an indian dessert. really yummy its like a milk ball, dipped in melted sugar.

    anon: why are they like that? *teary eyes*

    l-isa: I love it when people appreciate my blog and its content. it feels wonderful :D IMMA KEEP WRITING.

    areif: holright now. we'll arrange something :D

    hani: *google up on Khitmir*

    funkmaster: okay?

    maryjane ida: haha I know. been months. get over it already.

    obefiend: sort of a milk ball dipped in melted sugar. I dont know the exact spelling but thats how it sounds lah. Gulap Jamun. an indian dessert :D

  42. i was called NENAS when i was in school okkk. cos my name starts with naz..

    like, how cruel is that?? huarghahaa!

    p/s: I LOVE mangosteens too! :D

  43. ok if can weekend coz my semester break comes to end..hehehe..u good digestive system huh...must be lucky

  44. appletop,i'm a lion too:)

    ohh we could touch dogs? shouldnt have run like an arsehole when i got chased by this cute but dangerously fast fact, i should have kicked it or threw my bag at it.
    nah, kidding! i don't torture or get high lookin at grisly pictures of tortured animals like your buddy Cindy do. im gonna call PETA, we should pour pestilence into her brain.

  45. hanis, what is cindy n ringo trying to do?

    haiyoohhh.get over it la.haisshhh.

  46. Hasni, ooopps Hanis,

    can we have your photo wearing the indon school uniform ? he he ..


  47. i think they having PMS. cant blame then lah, u know when girls having PMS can go haywire. tsk tsk

  48. hanis the manis, IGNORE whatever u see on others' blogs,k?? DO NOT LET THEM PREVAIL by showing ur anger. pls pls pls... We still love u :)

  49. i think u should ignore other blogs too. i don't side anyone..i just wana read ur blog n go to ur party! XD

    u're welcome about the info! it'll be a lovely country to live in if muslims accepted dog =)

    i love animals..n i love that u love cats n dogs! very sweet of u! ^.^

  50. shmea: at least spongebob live in one :P

    areif: thanks to my momma and daddy's genes.

    sha: haha. the dangerously fast ones are sometimes so scary. wonder if theyll bite hard. haha.

    alia: ringo, shes just fine. the other one hmmm.

    glitz: PMS makes the world go round. hohoh :D

    anon: aww thank you. heart you too!

    huei: ye laaaah huei. fineeee lah. haha.

  51. oh and the anon asking for indon school uni pic: wait it up!

  52. hope can challenge u with my digestive system..hahah...what are u doing rite now?school?

  53. owh...The dogs are so adorable! Can i have one?:)

  54. Interesting post for sure. And Hanis, dont give Baby Phat away. Let it stay in your safe and loving hands... :D

  55. although you are still young, the way you handle critiscism is just way too entertaining, funny and mature. you keep it up girl. you are beautiful and smart. that's all you need to know. =) take care.

  56. Yea, I read about the 'war' things too. Ignorance is the best. Don't fight back la ya.. No point in doing so.


  57. aftr readng all thse recnt commnts n hibbies jibbies stuff relatng 2 hanistar adt revlvng the blgsphre,i hf but one thng 2 say.

    bwk2 saba ye cik kak.maintain ur composure.tgk dtk sri anwr (hmpr kpd name sbena) mase debat tu.rilek aje.abes gentleman.

    jd gentlewmn gk ye.heh.*wink*

    *hanis : xpayah bgtau pun i spr hyper u know.


  58. err.. hanis, cindy actually never pinpoint that it was you that she was talking about. most ppl think it was you only. it could be the other MDG girls.. let imagination run wild.
    hmph! i dunno....

  59. I agree! Majority of fat babies grow up to be thin!

  60. Am waiting for your next post :)

  61. i meant the last pic macam logo puma!
    every post of hers also must cucuk you. wtf man..

  62. thanks everyone I really appreciate you guys coming down here and dropping precious comments (happy vibes!). woweee :P
    haha funkmaster.

  63. HASNI HASNI HASNI! u tau tak hari tuee.. hahahaha! hasni??? HAHAHAHAHAH! lol

  64. "anon: haha *giving you slutty stare*"

    oh lord i seriously LOL'd when I read that


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