Thursday, July 17, 2008

Polaroids Parade

I personally love the feel of this picture. Eventhough Baby Phat gave the BLOODYHELLLETMEGO stare.

This is Hanis Zalikha walking with Zalikha. Another Zalikha :D

She photographs very very well. Envy her.

This is Hanis Zalikha's sister, Liana Ezzana.

Apparently, Hanis was the only one doing the jumping.

So Liana looked extra short when actually she is TALLER.

So thats about it. My polaroids parade photographed and edited by Bibo Aswan (the one did a shoot with Jay before). Im waiting for the CD of all my photos so I can share with you guys what an awesome duo we were. In the mean time, enjoy:


Suka buat I perasan.


  1. hey

    is that ur sister yg i bumped into the other day?

    if that her, say hi yeah

  2. wat a pic...awesome pic the first one...nice eye

  3. I love the first pic.. classic! And macam which artis Hong Kong pulak?

  4. Good looks run in the family!

  5. firdaus: haha okay saya sampaikan salam.

    areif: sepet rules.

    kreazi: Ala siapa tuh nama dia, yang selalu berlakon hantu cina tuh. Haha.

    anon: awww thank you :D!

  6. wow. the pictures are beautiful... CLASSIC.

  7. haah.mcm artis hongkong.

    2nd pic rulez.

    Liana Ezzana...wau!

  8. hahaha ADA MACAM ARTIS HONG KONG!!! hahahaa it reminds me of one of the HK celeb's wedding picture, it's black and white, so cool ok!! =D and haha Bibo Aswan's pictures so gorgeous, i wish I ould have some greta photographer for some photo shoot =3

  9. sepet huh...mcm hantu cina?ada sikit

  10. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh, sungguh professional! Yes la, macam hong kong artis la...hahaha. Saje nak buat you perasan. :P

  11. teefernee: its the feel right. you can feel it also right? :)

    zaini: liana ezzana is the shiznit yaw!

    mustardqueen: wah siap wedding2 lagi. haha. eh you should! get good photographers and walla!

    areif: ada banyak :P

    siewkwan: SENGAJA OH

    jessieloi: awww she gotta read this!

  12. *confuse* How many siblings do you have?

  13. i like the last picture. very nice

  14. i know u are aware of the heat over in the of the other two mdg girls blogs,and i would just like to offer my 2 cents here not take the bait by responding to their posts.let them parade themselves immaturely,saying things like "justifying" themselves or telling the "truth" about their days in mdg bla bla*yawns*.u r a class of ur own and can they can never be compared to u as u to them.disregard any hate msgs,for it shows then u are way above something this trivial.the world is definitely bigger than the rants of those two

  15. who is taller u or ur sis?waaa tall family

  16. ooooohhhhh gambar last tuuuuu!

    you ni mmg model material laa. mcm artis Hong Kong/Jepun/Korea semua la! *saja bg u lagi perasan* :P :P :P


    omg your new hair super japenese gila. standing next to you makes me look like a malay note to that i always look more chinese than my malay friends wtf.

  18. balqiz: 6. my elder sister, me, my younger brothers (3), and alisya. 3 boys 3 girls.

    chzehong: awww thank you. eh long time no see you :P

    anon: wow. okay wow. omg thank you. i feel so touched. you people damn precious weh. where would i be without you guys :') thanks for your time and two cents :D

    areif: my sister is 1cm ahead of me. haha.

    maryjane ida: SENGAJA T_T. haha.

    alea amin: 0.o pretty? lol. haha no lah. if we both walk together we will look like two ah soh babbling away :D

  19. nice pictures! faster!! get the CD so u can share the pics! =D

    ur sis oso as pretty as u! taller?? u're all born to be models isit? ;) wish i was taller

  20. omg.. the sister should've entered MDG instead of you!! =p heheheh.. okaayy okaaaayy... kidding only lah! =D

  21. wah 6 siblings...can make a futsal team

  22. I like the last picture a lot! :)

  23. what a nice editing...good job for the photog,and good impression for u

  24. eh...gambar last tu mmg cam artist HK... hahaha!! coz x nampak you properly, but can see your chinese eyes.. :D I LIKE.. ;)

  25. boys: hafiz, imran and one more is?
    post up ur whole family pix for us to see and perkenalkan semua. wahahah

  26. donno whether you get this a lot. but you look like a cross between amy mastura and ewwa faziwa..mcm artis hk pun ada jugak

    but of course you lagi cun.. he he

    smitten little kitten

  27. so modelesque lah you hasni!
    oops i mean hanis.tgk tersasul,,

    your mom pun lawa bangetttt!

  28. omg! I loveeee ur pix! evytime i read ur blog makes me feel that YOU deserve 120% more than Cindy to win the title!=s

    keep ur the good work. hope that ur future will be bright ahead!=D

  29. huei: okie dokie! yes she is taller omg :D

    azzam: she went, but she was too bootylicious for the show.

    areif: tapi kami suka memancing.

    mchllchn: really? good to hear. the editing damn cun :P

    xmindfreakx: Kudos to Bibo Aswan :D

    pingz: awwwwwwwwwwww:')

    familia: the other one is Khairi, whom I taught how to read and write remember?

    anon: blushed. malu malu.

    ahlost: hihi thanks babe.

    anon: ha my mom bangga kat sebelah.

    carolinetsau: high five babe! woohoo thankyou :P

  30. waaa fishing...weird..normally girls dont like fisging

  31. ur SO SO SO CUTE! reading ur blog always makes me super duper happy hahaha...

    And you're gorgeous! Ur going to go reallllll far hasni :D haha...

  32. crazy sunday closet: yeay! thank you!

    areif: my mom taught us kids.

    steph: Im glad I made you super duper happy :)

  33. takmacamartishongkongtapimcammodelindo

  34. obefiend: thats more i like it bebeh XD

  35. nest time i nk join fishing...tgk sape leh pikat ikan2 tu

  36. hanis busuk.
    poyo la.jealous aku tgk gmbr u yg lawa.
    sepak kang.

    btw, when r u coming here to uitm to visit?

  37. since i dont read other mdg's blogs (exist ker? tak tau pun... nampak not famous kan? can see who I like most ooo? hahahah) i didnt know there's a blog war between u and cindy-muka-kutu-kucing. I didnt even know her blog add kuangkuangkuang... watever it is, dont stoop at her level la. Ur better here urself and salam kat ur cats!

  38. i lioke the last picture...! hot!

  39. hey hanis

    just saw your pics in this month's remaja. how come you didn't talk about them here. nice pictars by the way. keep up the good work

  40. areif: baiklah.

    maliha: amboi amboi. nantilah we'll see:P

    balqiz: haha best best! okay I will.

    fiqa: terimakasih supergirl.

    obefiend: cis baru nak add element of surprises to my post haiyoyo.

    simon: I know right :P

  41. cik hanis.. u mmg sentiasa gorgeous. u sis is hot too.. mestilah kan.. since ur mum is super duper hot. send my regards to her & hugz to philip yang macho itu.

    p/s: bila ur mum nak update blog :)

    .kak lynne.

  42. ur modelling skills really improving alot

  43. I'm BACK!!! :) and your photos are niceeeeee!! you look awesome!

  44. hi hanis you actually read my blog *big shiny eyes

    i saw u at wild life and was too shy to talk to u cos u were so pretty there T___________T

  45. Hi Hanis!

    Love your pics. Yea I went to the other one's blog to see what the hoohaa was about. Never went there because all her pics are like in normal blogs, not model-ly type. I don't see she's making it as anything though. In my lowwwly opinion I think it's unfair for her to rob you of your winnings. You're the true DreamGirl. You've done great progress after MDG. You'll always be a winner in our hearts! <3<3<3 Ganbatteyo!

  46. n yah our dearest hanis. when will u ever include a cbox?=D

  47. I love the first pic:) ANyway, your sister is just as pretty as you are:) run in the genes ey?

  48. kak lynne: hihi thanks for dropping by. okay I will :)

    kevin tan: kevin! how are you?! oh serious? thank you!!

    sharon: youre back! you never seemed to be so far away from me lah. always drop by wan, heart you!

    aud: I saw you and youre like so tiny and want to dukung you put in baby prams hohoh. Too cute why like that wan?!

    jojo: Hey thanks Jojo for your kind words :) Really appreciate it!

    carolinetsau: still thinking about it :P

    pinky: really? thanks thanks thanks! *run off happily*

  49. sometimes i think u look like dian sastrowordoyo. tapi u prettier.


  50. hmmmmmmmmmmm hanis zalikha
    kalaulah my mom dapat bagi nama ni dekat i masa baby dulu..
    dah tentu...


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