Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laid back Sunday

My supermom, as usual, would wake up early every morning. So she finished mowing the lawn by the time we kids got up. Yawn yawn eh WAAH SO SHORT THE GRASS.

Immediately, without taking a bath first, we helped her to trim all the trees and plants . Okay I doubt we would help if we already have :P Notice the tempayan there?

Thats where we keep all the fishes Alisya caught from the last fishing trip at nearby lake.

The boys.

Candid shot by supermom. Haha I was super focus.

After I had my shower, I made everyone pancakes!

With the guide of cut-out recipe of course. Heh :B

Eh must pose with recipe if not, fail as blogger.

With ingredients also must pose and take picture.

The ingredients are all in the picture. Its real simple really.
First, you sieve the flour.
And just mix everything together (bloody easy guide).
Say hello to my weapon, non-stick Hello Kitty pan.
This is the only reason why Im so semangat posting my pancake journey. Haha.
Set the temperature and all.
Pour the batter in once the pan is already hot. Dont touch, just guess.

Wait for it. Flip flip. And..

Hello Kitty: Rumah I baru terbakar. (Muka I pun). Haha.

It may look pathetic but it tastes real awesome okay. See I even decorate her with butter ribbon. And let her apply FairandLovely on her face

It didnt stop there. From noon till late evening, we worked our asses off preparing surprise birthday dinner for my daddy! MY SUPER DUPER DADDY!

Yes everything homemade!

Happy Birthday to the greatest man in my life.
Ive always looked up to you and still do :)

OhSoRandom:Stop wondering what Gulab Jamun looks like and click here


  1. Hye hanis! The pancakes looked great! Hello Kitty shape lagi.

  2. HAHAHA, Hello Kitty wonder wanna put up the pictures la...haha. Oh and the pizza and the cake wowowow o_O everything homemade, wow, I'm impressed woh!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Daddy! :D
    You make me miss my Daddy so much now...

    And hey Hanis your Hello Kitty Pancake looks cute and it's awesome cos it's made by you, you, YOU! :D

  4. made everyone pancakes?? where's mine O.O

  5. Hoho looks fun~
    Hello Kitty pan yang comel! Sometimes kiter masak, rupe buruk Ya Rabbi tapi sedap. Heheh pentingkan rase dari rupe :P

  6. hey there!
    just wanna tell you that you can be a famous blogger! you're so funny girl!
    and i think you're really pretty, and the fact that you're family oriented is cool. not many girls are like that nowadays. i've linked you to my blog so that i can easily check on your blog updates. :)

  7. eh. kesian hello kitty dimakan. haha.

  8. mm!! yummy food!

    love ur garden!! =D

  9. hey chika,
    i like how you and your mom are super duper close. macam adik beradik.

    you're definitely worth a link.

  10. starry eyed: haha they sold the pan in frog shape (hello kitty's friend) as well. but so ugly who wants to eat.

    siewkwan: you know lah the woman (my mom) :D

    just jasmine: awesome aint it? hello kitty version african american. thanks for the wish!

    joshuaongys: you come to my house sure will make for you :P

    kilmy: benar benar! kadang2 nama buruk tapi makanan best. macam anjing panas.

    wardah: why are you so sweet? thank you so much wardah!

    shahril mohd: bahagian telinga dulu. haha I Mike Tyson!

    huei: woweeeeeeeeee :D

    2good4me: superbond. haha thanks :)

  11. waaa very nice lawn....i can call ur mom for landscape architec...hihi

  12. Hey..been one of ur silent reader quite awhile.. so this is my first time dropping u comment. love ur family relationships to ur all homemade foods!!

    Happy Birthday Uncle!!

    *how old is ur dad btw??* hehe...

  13. hahah.. PANCATS! that should be the new name for it!

  14. the cakes looks delicious. can i have a slice? :)

  15. Hello Kitty pan?
    You are tres-awesome :)
    hellokitty rocks.

  16. makanan tersebut telah membuat saya lapar.

    salam ziarah

    p/s : happy belated birthday to ur dad.

  17. Hahahaha.. it's not Hello Kitty anymore, should be Bye Bye Kitty (burnt to death! xD).

    Belated birthday to the greatest man of your life. Keept it that way ya, sad to say.. some girls, when they found 'another' great man in their life, would start to forget all the sweat and strength their father sacrificed for em'. Make sure u're not one of them ya? heheheheh

  18. wow, i'm surprised you actually know and like gulab jamun for someone who's not northern indian. its so freaking sweetttt!

  19. Happy Birthday to your daddy sweetie!

  20. huuwoh.
    gulap janum.


  21. areif: Yes you should.

    missroum87: Hi!!! Welcome!!! He's somewhere around 21-23? i forgot :P

    obefiend: Yes good one!

    teefernee: Omg it is!

    shivani: Tres-awesome? Is that like awesomex3?

    marjerin: Terima kasih atas kunjungan.

    azzam: Dont worry. The man is number one.

    ohkulala: Gulab Jamun is freaking sweet? True.

    sheryl: Thanks for the wish honeyh!

    shahril mohd: eceh eceh.

  22. hhmph.. patutlah semangat.. hahaa... that's one cute pancake kay. nyummy....

  23. omg ur mum is such a good cook..
    i soo need to learn from her..

  24. Wahhhhh.. nice food all around... you caught the foodie bug just like me too huh! Hehehehe.. I must attempt to make some pancakes too one of these days! Yours look yummy and pretty too!

  25. hanis!
    ayyy mana hanis beli that Hello Kitty pan? comel :)

  26. fiqa: i know i know kesian gila that kitty i telan.

    babychyu: thanks sayang!

    fafa: yes you should! can learn from her blog!

    pikakitty: dekat this gift shop. i dont know the name but ada banyak gift yang cantik2 and got one section for hellokitty :)

    lynnz: omg i know! i need to get one soon! i will i will.

  27. pics of da month : pic no 5 & 6.

  28. area shah alam ke?

    sorry banyak tanya but hello kitty tu comel sangat :)

  29. yay!!! i will remember what u say here hahaha.. one day.. one day i shall eat pancake made by you!! =p

  30. that hello kitty looks like its burnt and then u put a gel to save its life... and it tastes good.. and you like kittens... is there an ethical dilemma here? if the pancake tastes that good, i dont think so...


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