Monday, July 28, 2008

My dad the sexy bowler

Levi’s® 501® Jeans

Its cool. Its different. Its sexy.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to wear it tight, or to wear it loose, Levi’s® 501® Jeans will cater whatever your heart desire. There’s one for every guy.

Personally, to me, Levi’s® Jeans has always been cool. One hell of a cool iconic pair of jeans, and just that. I never thought a pair of jeans from the mall would come with a dose of sex appeal. Until today. YES PEOPLE- LEVI’S® 501® JEANS COME WITH A DOSE OF SEX APPEAL. Dziya is here to prove it to you, my rockareaders.

About this boy.

Dziya is a rich boy. Dziya knows what he wants. Dziya wears Prada, Gucci, Tommy and few others luxury brands (omg LV also got, like aunty only haha). Its obvious that he’s the type that goes for the finest quality. So for him to choose Levi’s® over other brands that he obviously can splurge on says a lot about him and of course, Levi’s®. I conducted a little interview with him because I, myself have never own a pair of Levi’s®. He told me that he has chosen Levi’s® because of its high quality and he said that it’s very easy to get his size there. He also added that he loves the cutting and unique washes that Levi’s® are offering because according to him, it suits a simple yet tasteful guy like him.

Interviewer: So Levi’s® is your favourite denim brand, since when?

Dziya: Standard 5 (11years old). I bought few pairs for Raya celebration.

Interviewer: What the? How big were you? Seriously they had your size at that time? Wow.

Dziya: *smiles*

Interviewer: How often do you buy Levi’s® Jeans?

Dziya: 4 pairs a year.

Interviewer: WOWOWO. Have you ever tried to change to other brands?

Dziya: Yes, once. I went to Tommy Hilfiger, but it didn’t work out.

Interviewer: Haha lol like relationship only. Eh okay moving on. I found this picture in my collections of photos, would you wear something like this? I mean would you wear a pair of skinny jeans?

Dziya: Never.

Interviewer: What about what the guy standing next to him is wearing?

Dziya: Haha never ever.

For this advertorial, Dziya was given a pair of new Levi’s® 501® for him to get the feel of this new and updated pair of jeans. “I've trusted Levi’s® for all these years, and to be one of the first few to wear this pair, I feel so honoured. This is definitely something different from Levi’s® and it has amp up my style,” Dziya commented while wearing the super sexy Levi’s® 501® jeans.

*Switch off my writing for school magazine mode*
Go ahead Dziya, express yourself in your new favourite pair of jeans!

Levi’s® 501® jeans let Dziya be himself. He’s so cool and content, its sexy!

Levi’s® 501® jeans gave freedom for him to express himself.

Levi’s® 501® jeans gave him the extra boost of confidence even-though he’s just wearing his beloved slippers.

Levi’s® 501® jeans compliments his figure and perfected the whole look.

What is sexy? Levi’s® 501® jeans.

Going through the old photographs (for the “my father is wearing skinny jeans and his friend is wearing denim overalls” picture), I found this,

And I thought “Hey Levi’s® Jeans has always been sexy!
Not just cool. As time passes by, it gets edgier!”


Levi’s® Jeans,
you rock our world!

Photographer: HanisZalikha


  1. Hehe cute post. Daddy's girl la ni? :)

  2. hi...ya i agree levi's is the best brand for jeans...waa jeans can look sexy?hurm

  3. Everybody's talking about Levi's 501 now. Is is really that cool?? I must go n check it out.. =)

  4. Nice advertorial but I'm curious if anyone proof reads it before it's posted? There are glaring grammatical errors. *cringe* Sorry, when it comes to advertorials I expect better writing than your regular posts.

  5. the mrs blogs: hihi shy lah. yes imma proud daddy's girl :)

    areif: believe me. pergilah coba!

    jimmy: yes you should!

    'siew': Yes it has been approved by the clients :P They have chosen me to write this for them so Im just thrilled and honoured. Its my third month blogging and Ive already have few brands approaching me. So I guess my writing style is alright to them ey? Pewit pewit. Forgive my glaring grammatical errors but if youre really sincere, you would have pointed it out. Roger and out :P

  6. good blogger ...

    check My

  7. eh dziya.. isnt he the guy u ejek fiqa with? heehehheeh

  8. shmea: like totally!

    6 t's: hoh

    marjerin: very true indeed XD

    anon: AI YO TATAYO! Haha Fiqa taknak dia, so I advertise the jeans with him along togethergether :P

  9. Haha gambar ayah² atau mak² kite interesting kan? Zaman dulu² :P

    BTW Levi's mmg rocks~ tapi bile miskin skit beli yang murahan je hohoh :D

    p/s: Hanis your writing style funny la, seronok bace x boring. Keep blogging yea? :))

  10. hey is this guy your bf? the one that got upset of u for joining MDG?? is he the one?

    cute looking tho :)

  11. kilmy: awww thank you. anyway you have the cutest blog ever. ive tried dropping comments but tableh dia cakap. jahat dia!

    kellyn: Big fish. Go and check :D

  12. Eh siapa ni siew??? HMMMMMM.No, I dun care, grammar error or not,Hanis rocks! ;)

  13. i agree. levis 501 is the best jeans.
    the owner will keep wearing it no matter what happened to his 501. stained, bleed, koyak rabak sekalipun. (sayalah orang ittew. haha).

    there was a time when everyone was crazy about levis 501. remember the time when takuya kimura's hit j-drama, beautiful life was on air.? semua orang gila 501 kot that time. haha


    p.s: eh. that guy dapat free ke? i nak jugak. haha

  14. big fish??
    mana nak check?
    so is he your lelaki? hehe

  15. ngahahahaha. model levi's terbaik weyh!
    dont play play.

  16. Sorry Hanis, you are tagged again. It's ok if you dun do it ok?! But I believe that you can do better than me, go girl power!

  17. dziya is also very very hot babe ;)
    fiqa tak nak?! crayyyzeee...
    so what are you waiting for? ;) ;)

  18. siewkwan: haha youre my babe!

    shahril mohd: wah everyone so crazy about levi's here. yes they should be :)

    kellyn: nope.

    amphitects: wahahah manly man. most suitable for this product!

    siewkwan: alright!

    sarah: hoh. nah i'll pass :)

  19. Wow.. your daddy is a bowler.. a spinner some more.. cooll...

  20. Wow... you really go and dig out old photos ar.. nostalgia masa silam~ hahahahaha... and kelly, "big fish" is meant for fiqa lar if you have followed earlier blog posts :P

  21. I disagree with Siew. I think the advertisers should only proofread spelling errors and merchandise details or brand information. If someone were to correct little things like Hanis' grammar and sentence structure, it would cease to become Hanis' personal prose. If you don`t want the posts to sound like her regular updates then the advertisers may as well send her a press kit/release for her to post wholesale (in which case I will skip reading most advertorial posts).

  22. oh no advertorial! you gone hollywood on u Hanis! lol!

    i like Diesel. never really like jeans because everyone wears them. don't feel exclusive enough

    plus Diesel jeans ads are damn saucy! HAW HAW HAW.. "like me" <--gaya Joker!

    p/s: so may TM..

  23. WAh you took nice photos sweetie!

  24. ahlost: My daddy said, you must be a good bowler yourself to acknowledge that :)

    kreazi: I did dig out old photos omg! I give my heart out for adverts of products I appreciate (making my father sexy yeay). Haha 'if you followed earlier blog posts', like tv series pula.

    yuuka: oh wow thats what i thought as well! but i couldnt translate it into words wtf why my english so bad until like that T_T Thanks yuuka!!

    obefiend: tapi levi's menjadikan bapaku seksi. cobalah!

    sheryl: thanks babe!!! you sorang je puji, haha sayang!

  25. I agree with siew.

    When you get paid for advertorials, you have to step up the game and produce something with better quality compared to normal postings (which includes proofreading it like 10 times unless you have real good grammar)

    Nonetheless, good effort and nice pictures.

  26. 'LY': Okay I will improve in future.

  27. super duper hot guy.

    no,im straight.tq.^^

  28. wah wah... CONGRATULATION!!! its a very good post here. and the pictures...hmmph! sexay. HAHHAH. Dziya dziya.. biaselah die.. pakai LV sume.. hahah! i lioke the pictures. nice one honeyh.

    good job good job *clap clap*

  29. plus plus.
    after i scrolled down...haha
    anonymous ni kan.... and kreazi... what big fish big fish all.. HAHAHA.

    sarah- what u waiting for girl...

  30. sweet hanis love Levis huh...
    then must be a lot of hanis go n buy Levis ^^

    Always support my sweet hanis!!!^^

  31. and no matter how ..will support u...
    that advertorial ok for me^^ just like it...just do whatever you like k!!!

    ^^ take care

  32. zaini: eceh eceh.

    fiqa: wah wah wah ingatkan taknak komen langsung :P mestilah sexay gambar2 tu, dah i yang tangkap siap demonstrate macam mane nak pose segala :P

    yinyin: awwww thankyou! thankyou so much darl <3 okay go get your levi's!

  33. wow...nice jeans ads by u...i am back from my bali holiday...posted some pics.....visit when u r free?

  34. [hanis]
    Hehehe.. I'm a bowler who plays for fun only :D I only know the basics and that's it. Always wanted to learn how to be a spinner but never successful *LOL* So, I admire spinner :D

  35. HEY!!! i saw you the other day in MidValley with your mom if i'm not mistaken! hehehe.

  36. vialentino: thanks!

    ahlost: I want to be a spinner like my dad too! But cannot lah. So unskillful T_T

    shern: eh? when is that? havent been to midv with my mom for the past few months :0

  37. You're a bowler too?

    Wow.. You should learn then teach me :D

  38. ahlost: yeah I used to play for my school but now rusty already :)

  39. eh gila comel advert nih.
    eh that guy's cute. intro intro? HAHAHAHAHA tak leh blah.

  40. alaa, i want the guy la and i bet hanis pun nak =P tapii kita dah ada lg sumone special kan kan =P


    zalikha: bah! he's my friend :S tapi you memang kene credit i untuk pemilihan model advert yang canggih :) eh you dah ada balik?

  42. fuh hanis the photographer hahahahhaha good start on ur first advert post!! =p

  43. your dad had a great butt. LOL

  44. oh, damn. haahha i think i saw the wrong person then.

  45. hmmm.. so u've started endorsing products a while back? u really should get paid for doing this.. or at least get a free product ur endorsing... cos its really effective..

    i was at tesko today, went pass by the drinks section, and when i saw thm yogurt drinks, something just snapped... i bought the shine markisa drink.. only bcs of ur belog.. and it was yum.

  46. lerrr dziya. my friend here in jordan. do u know each other?

  47. and oh, he wears tight jeans now. hha


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