Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who is in my secret fantasy

I went to watch Hancock with my siblings and Liana's boyfriend the other day, and I saw this poster with Jordan Chan at the front part (old, got eyebags but still attractive hoh) and I was all LETS WATCH THIS INSTEAD. But nobody was with me because we've been wanting to watch Hancock for quite some time already *paiseh*. I couldve watch it alone and miss the siblings togetherness (that I love so much, the best thing in the world), so I passed. The movie starring Jordan Chan is KungFu Hip Hop (sound so cool already T_T), so if any of you happen to watch please fill me in (I beg youuuuuuuuuu, eh why sound so desperate, must stop typing 'u' now).

Jordan Chan Siu Chun is my favourite actor since forever and nobody can beat, ever, not even Joni Dep (see I dont even know how to spell that guy's name *pretend*). Before I go to sleep I think of him. When I eat and Im still hungry, its because of him. When I shower and I'm not wet, its because of him. Haha. I remember I used to have this poster (I wish I could say giant poster so you would know how much I love him, but where can find such poster, unless I go and steal his life size cardboard cutout at some optical shop) at my room and before I go to school I'd say byebye to him hohoh. And I used to put this picture of him in Who I'd Like To Meet section and thought I was cool.

I AM COOL (-_-")

Okay some of you who read this and do not know who he is until I show you this picture, might think like wtf why this girl so blind T_T, but let me explain to you, NOOOO HE'S ACTUALLY REAL HANDSOME WHEN IN MOTION. WHEN HE'S MOVING WHEN HE'S ACTING.

He's so funny and funny is sexy! You always see in movies that bad guys always win. But if theres a funny guy, at the end funny guy will win. Funny guy always win! Funny is the first thing any girl should look in a guy, then only rich and handsome (rich and handsome comes in second, not rich in second, handsome in third, no not like that, rich must come with handsome, both in second, but funny must first why so lengthy the explanation I wonder. But seriously, kind-hearted should come in second *trying to explain self*) You should watch 3.a.m and Haunted Office (all these are real scary till you always feel like someone is at your back but actually got no one, for three weeks straight) and its funny and scary and Jordan Chan looked so cute when he's scared okay, you feel like you want to hug him and suddenly not scared of ghosts and can fight back (just for him).

And you should also watch him in Those Were The Days and Initial D *drools*. I dont know why but he always get the macho gangster part or macho hero part. Maybe because whatever he does is macho (pretending to wonder but actually know the answer already, he is macho duh. Wtf I hate the word 'duh'. Why did I use it? Oh only for Jordan Chan). You know how funny he is? Let me tell you how funny he is. He starred in this film in 2003, and it is called Men Suddenly In Black. HAHAHA WHY GOT 'SUDDENLY' THERE? CHEAP FUNNIER VERSION OF MEN IN BLACK IS IT?? HAHA *laughing while crying then went to run on treadmill*

I think youve had enough of my secret fantasy, Jordan Chan The Chun, but what the hell I still want to talk about him. Okay actually thats all. Haha.

OhSoRandom: This might be a lil bit late already, but I want to crap about my first experience watching live football match (Chealsea vs Malaysia) on my next post, I hope.


  1. u sure that chan guy didnt pay you to write about him here?? xD nobody can beat Stephen Chow Sing-Chi!!

  2. hello

    jordan chan will always be "chicken" to me. Young and dangerous for the win

    btw.. crap lah about the chelsea match. wanna hear your view of that game. i watch it from home because i'm too damn kedekut to beli the ticket! haha. chelsea so rich oredi also want to sell expensive ticket ke? come on Roman Abrahamovich. give us free exibition match lah. 20 million only. won't dent your deep pockets pun


  3. yeah,he's always "chiken" to me coz in det film, he raaaaaaaawks! bad boy+ cute+funny = raaaaaaaawks

  4. azzam: he doesnt have to pay for me to dedicate this whole blog for him :P haha. Stephen Chow best juga tetapi tidak sebest :P

    obefiend: Chicken! he's so cute being Chicken! wtf I know you'll never understand this craze T_T. proevents yang jual mahal. tetapi saya dapat free *kembang hidung*. haha semua orang suka benda free :) yes its crap, but good crap (the match). what crap am i talking?

    brenda ang: omg got people same taste! high5!

    balqiz: memang memang memang! I hyper kalau pasal topik menarik :)

  5. hahahahaha i like him too. i bumped into him at the beijing international airport late last year and dropped my luggage on his foot. only realized who he was when i looked up to apologize. i was completely starstruck.

  6. stop drooling pls..u gals are getting da floor wet..hahaha

  7. Hanis dear, perhaps you don't know, he has been convicted before for molesting a girl I think! So..I think you better change your secret fantasy!

  8. My vote goes for stephen chow - total hottieee :)

  9. disco pixie ball: you lucky lucky person! envy envy.

    chuanguan *mop floor with blonde wig*

    shafiqshamsuddin: ahaha :)

    sheryl: whaaa dont lah T_T so sad already. *close both ears and eyes, being ignorant wtf* haha. okay lah change lah (wah so easy change person in secret fantasy haha)

    the mrs blogs: but I prefer bald guy than long hair guy thats why, I think. but yeah he's hot too eh wth this is not Stephen Chow's forum, stay focus people.

  10. jordan chan = chicken.
    legend tu. haha.
    but i prefer jackie chan.
    tak macho but he's funny
    oh, and stephen chow too lol

    btw, chelski vs malaysia was a drama lah. they can easily beat malaysia to ..ermm 10-0 (perhaps 11-0, petr cech siap score lagi. haha). tapi kesiannn kat malaysia je. haha

  11. hey hanis!
    i hate the kung fu hiphip moview.i already watched it,and did a short 'review' in my page.

  12. Hahahahaha.. never in my mind would I have guessed it's Jordan Chan. Weird, but I do like him too! I have his poster as the cover of my thick boring Accounting book in uni last time. Made the subject totally more interesting.. you know, drooling over his muka cool! Hahahahaha.. He got the baddie guy yet selamba look, right! I remember him from Young and Dangerous where he acted as "San Kai"... and I like how you played around with his name.. Jordan Chan The(Siu) Chun.. hahahhaa

  13. shahril mohd: dramarama okay. jackie chan tua. i mean. lebih tua.

    fafa: where fafa? i went and check but dont have. can you give me the exact link?

    kreazi: handsome chun semua ada. haha i pun letak kat file yang transparent tuh! school girl's craze :B

  14. ya ya have u seen him in this very very stupid tv show where his character's name is wai siu po and he's a eunuch! damn funny i like him too *big shiny eyes

  15. I liked his acting even before he became famous back in the movie He's a Woman, She's a Man.

    I watched adi the movie, story is so-so only. He didn't dance too much though.

  16. HZ wrote:
    but I prefer bald guy than long hair guy thats why,

    aiyakaramba.i go shave my head now can.

  17. he's very man type! =P


    have u watched Young n Dangerous? more if a "dangerous" type of guy! ;P

  18. aud: you really really dont have to put the big shiny eyes there, we all know your eyes are big and shiny already that it is not fair it never is.

    simon seow: "he didnt dance too much?" he danced?! omg must watch now.

    zaini: ahaha can can :P

    huei: manly man that I like and adore and admire and love and and (-_-")

  19. Jordan Chan Siu Chun... i duno who is thaaaaaat =(

  20. jordan chan also known as Chicken is the Young & Dangerous movie (my fave mafis hong-kong movie)

  21. School girl's craze.. hahahaha.. I was oredi in uni.. more like old girl's craze.. or budak yang refuse to grow up! Hahahahaha.. Eh, have you heard any of his songs? Kinda nice you know!

    And aud, tht Wai Siu Po is real lucky, got so many wives!!! I still laugh at the way he always says "Lei ah Yeh"

  22. Have you watched the TVB drama series he used to be in, like The Duke Mountain or something? They are way better than his movies, I think hehe.


    marjerin: haha we love Jordan Chicken!

    kreazi: haha young at heart. never heard any of his songs though. please recommend.

    siewkwan: TVB drama, most of em, dont have subtitles :(

  24. Love Jordan too, another hi5!

  25. I didnt know you were into Jordan Chan,gotta admit he's a pretty darn good actor.

    I love his silliness haha :)


  26. Hanis, one of his famous songs few years back is "God Please Help Me". In mandarin it's "Shen ah! Jiu Jiu Wo" A lot of guys like to sing this I think.. hehehe.. I'll try to dig, see if I can find any of his songs in MP3 then i send to u okies..

  27. what about if the guy is handsome but not rich?hahaha.oh and funny too of course..

  28. OMG. i'm okay with his acting but his songs!! A MUST LOR!!

    his latest album there's one cantonese song damn cun one! 'ngo bat si wai yan' = i'm not a saint ( smtg like that duno how to translate lol )

    DAMN DAMN NICE LOR! but he sang a mandarin version of that song also which i don't really like!!


  29. i think jordan chan looked more cooler and coolest when he act in young and dangerous !!

    here a big fan of jordan chan too

  30. OMG.....................................................................................

    i am seriously fuckin in love with him too.


    that means, we need catfights. -__-"

  31. saya suka makan ayam masak kuram n kentucky fried chicken


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