Saturday, September 27, 2008

Listen to your daddy

Ive always had the strongest antibodies in my family. When everyone around me is sick, I’d be the only one skipping happily inside of my house (why so annoying I know). But when I was 14 (or was it 15?), my family (each and every member) and most of my classmates were sick, so unfortunately, I got sick as well. My dad brought me to the doctor and he (the doctor not my dad) gave me few meds and of course, Antibiotic was included. I felt a lot better the next day and like most of you out there (heh), I did not finish my Antibiotic as instructed. YES DONT HAVE TO TELL ME ANYMORE THAT ITS A BIG MISTAKE BECAUSE I KNOW ALREADY TSK AND NOW I DON’T HAVE THE STRONG ANTIBODIES ANYMORE LESSON OF THE DAY IS LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR AND DAD BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, DAD T_T

My body is weak, my head is heavy, my throat pharynx is sempit (narrow wtf) so I couldn’t swallow properly (but how come I ate 3 plates of Nasi Beriyani semalam?? Haha tembam) and and RAYA IS VERY NEAR TSK TSK TSK. How am I supposed to gobble up all my mom’s cooking with all of these going on is what I would like to know?! On a happier note, I bought my baju kurung for RM39.00 only! BANGGA AKU BERJIMAT AMALAN MULIA.

And and my kittens are growing gorgeously :’) Not to mention, their poops are getting bigger alkdowkmiqwkdoxlk (-_-“)

Chilling out *background song "we ride~ we ride we ride until the day we die~"*

Caption: Marriage, we're doing it right. Haha (eh gelak kat lawak sendiri, keluar sekarang)

OhSoRandom: Thanks everyone for your Selamat Hari Raya emails and all ze hampers :') But how come I did not get a single raya card the old fashion way?! HA?! Fine lah Jebon datang rumah aku takde nak selit kad raya kat peti surat hmph.


  1. selamat hari raya to you!

    narrow throat but can still eat beriyani! that means on normal condition you can eat beryani unta!

    HA HA HA

    maaf zahir batin!

  2. ape jer...chey first comment lah I. Yeay!!Love you hanis!!!

    apa email you? nak antar kad raya!

  3. haha.. sakit tapi still leh makan 3 pinggan, xsakit namanya! =P

    selamat hari raya hanis :)

  4. hahhaha..that reminds me, give me ur address darling!

  5. Selamat ARi RAya HAnis Zalikha..hihihi..nk hntr kad raya old fashion way tapi takde alamat rumah u..hahaha..

  6. obefiend: I amaze myself sometimes wtf. Haha selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin!

    saya lah: ada di profile. its! yeay!

    sharon: ohok ohok (damn drama). haha thanks babe muah!

    cik choki: betul. betul sakit. tapi beriani best haha. selamat hari raya cik choki!

    jihan: sayang email me here first, wee!

    shafiqshamsuddin: takpe takpe tsk. haha. okay thanks! selamat hari raya!

  7. Nak kad raya yang asli? Kasilah mailing address dulu :)

  8. Selamat Raya & Maaf Zahir

    we rakyat kena berkorban,jimat cermat amalan mulia

  9. ahhhhh. ur cat are sooooooo comel!!
    neway get well soon and selamat aidilfitri (:

  10. hariraya dah nak dekat ... selamat hari raya

  11. slamat hari raya
    maaf zahir dan batin

  12. masa tu nervous la! kad tertinggal dalam kereta.
    nervous sangat sampai tersalah park lepas tu gate terbukak dan langgar kereta. haih...
    tapi yang penting, kuih nak dekat habis..

  13. glad to say.. i dont take medicine unless i was rendered immobile and stuck kat katil sbb betul2 lemah je.. other than then.. biar antibody i tu buat kerja sket.. =D

    Selamat hari raya cik hanis.. nak kad raya old fashion way.. drop me your address.. =p

  14. Whoa.. Kucing2..
    Rumah saya ada 16 ekor kucing..
    Nak bagi sikit kat awak boleh???
    Tak larat nak bela///

  15. eh comel kitten.
    nak seekor. boleh?

    anyway get well soon and selamat hari raya. :)

  16. my brother demam can makan spaghetti, chicken chop wif rice, nasi lemak.. all this in less than 4 hours..

    neway, jebon brought those kuih n they were awesome! thnks..

  17. Dear Hanis,

    Selamat Hari Raya. Have a smashing raya like its no tomorrow. Hehe.

    Tapi ingat makan ubat betul betul. And as suggested by obefiend, briyani unta is quite tasty...check it out!

  18. have a warm and joyful ramadhan! :)

  19. Minal Aidin wa fa'izin wal makbulin. Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas maaf zb. Raya tak balik kampung ke? Ehh... kpg u mana yek?

    Heading for my mama & abah now... byeeeeeee! - A. Hanis Afiq

  20. ohee cute teen-kittens! (teen kittens.. wut a term haha)

    kalau hantar kad tradisional, mungkin dapatlah kot kad tradisional in return xDD

  21. Selamat HAri Raya HAnis..jgn makan banyak2 sgt raya nih..

  22. Selamat hari raya...

    Hope you get well soon...

  23. get well soon hanis!
    and selamat hari rayaaaa ;)

  24. selamat hari raya, salam aldifitri maaf zahir dan batin. don't get sick during Raya, if not you'll miss the fun.

  25. ahahh.hey hanis.selamat hari raya!


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