Monday, October 6, 2008

The brand of my drinking yoghurt

Saw this on Thanks babe! No worries now people.

Today I shall talk to you about one product I trust and have been using for every other day in my life, for the pass 2 years. And all of you must give it shot and shall not look back.

The product is Dutch Lady 0% Fat drinking yoghurt. You know how when you like something, you always compare the same thing of different brand to it? Yes I always do that, I always compare other drinking yoghurts to my drinking yoghurts. And up to this day, its still the best :’) The taste is so good, I love all the flavours it offers. Usually if I like something like Sugus for example, I only go for strawberry, and never orange. But with Dutch Lady 0% Fat drinking yoghurt, ha orange ke strawberry ke semua dalam fridge tuh I punyaaa. In case you don’t know which bottle to picture in your head while I’m talking about this, see below.

I know you love it too, its just that you forgot the name right?

Haha never mind, they change the name to something else anyway. So from this day onwards, we shall call it Shine! Yes Shine as in like bersinar. That’s not the only thing different okay, they’ve also added green tea extract to it.

Apa?! Green tea?! I know green tea. I hate green tea. I only drink green tea when I have headaches or period cramps. And sometimes I drink it because my mom says it can make you look younger and can improve your health in so many ways (I forgot what already but just drink lah, don’t want to fall sick). So will I hate the taste of my beloved drinking yoghurt after this? Ive always hated the taste of green tea, blegh. Will I be furious now that its ‘Shine’ instead of my ‘Dutch Lady drinking yoghurt’??

Don’t make me hate you T__T

I will update you guys after I dah pergi beli Shine :D

Update(!): Im back with my SHINE 0%. Shine, please don’t fail me now. Eceh.

Testing testing one two three kucing berlari.

You sure you maintained the taste ar? No green tea taste ar?

Okay here goes nothing.

Okay here goes nothing.

Okay here goes nothing OI MINUM JELAH.


If you happy and you know it, and you really want to show it, if you happy and you know it, make Fei Mau’s face.

Introducing my ‘muka lega’.

Oh youre still the best :')

Tak rugi aku beli semua perisa.
From left: Strawberry Raspberry, Orange Mango, Lemon Lime, Peach passion, and Apple Aloe Vera (available in 750g and 220g).

Little note for DL: Thanks Dutch Lady for improving my yoghurt drink but at the same time maintaining the taste. All your fruit combinations are PERFECT AND DELICIOUS.

For you people who are still in doubt, let me tell you something, this drink maintains your metabolism rate okay (OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!). And and it has 0% fat and less sugar compared to others. Holright holright no excuses now, its available nationwide okay! For good digestion and intestinal health, TRY IT! Haha.

Brought to you by :

OhSoRandom: Siapa hidang air nih masa raya memang hebat dan akan aku bertandang setiap hari.


  1. i dont like yogurt because technically they are living bacterias! when i gulp one down i kept imagining tiny Clamydomonas and Parameciums floating down my gullet.

    that is why i'm a coke person. that would clean my stomach and esophagus! ACIDS!

    on a side note i do drink tea from time to time but only Lipton ice lemon tead. they are gooood!!

  2. HAHAHAHA, mcm ada je kan org nak serve ni for hari raya, kann?

  3. aku hidang air ni. meh la datang beraya kat umah aku. kuantan tau. mari mari

  4. comelye cara u minum..mcm ada meaning every move u make..hahah

  5. Dutch lady should pay you for this~!

  6. Hanis, memang DL yoghurt sedap, tapi i tak try lagi yg Shine tuh, lepas tgk blog u ni, blk keje tros nak beli, hihi

  7. Wah.. jd model iklan Dutch Lady yogurt lak.. hehe.. Syok sgt ke yogurt nih? xleh nak telanlah

  8. jadik model iklan produk ni ek?

  9. Huhuhuhu..
    Jadi model iklan yogurt la plak..
    Tapi apsal tak bersiap sebelum nak beriklan...
    Cam baru bangun tido je


  10. obefiend: eh must try first. I SAID MUST. eh apa emotional.

    ayyman rahim: *berdoa*

    iz: *pack baju*

    shafiqshamsuddin: fei mau kaan :D

    fallen_again: oh pay me higher :)

    abby: oh please try!
    thank you!

    smaelz: bila sudah coba ha terus jatuh cinta.

    hajime: eh takdelah, hanya berkongsi kebaikan ini produk yeay.

    manga to read: mungkin sebab muka i nak tidur sama dengan muka i bangun tidur. hewew.

  11. hanis, u shud b the spokesperson for Dutch Lady 0% Fat drinking yoghurt :P

    U have the passion for it. I'm sure sales will sky-rocket after this! ;-)

  12. Eh, apalah your muka lega kelakar betul! Anyway, nvr come across siapa-siapa yang serve yoghurt drink masa open house :) I love mango the best! And sugus? It has to be grape!!!

  13. minum yogurt..patut la cantik!

  14. waaaa ... best nie ... mesti cuba

  15. how much did Dutch Lady pay u to do this advertisment?

    so damn obvious its an blog advertisment. those who dun think so is dumb. a friend of mine is a blogger too and she gets paid too for doing certain advertisment.

  16. erk~ tak boleh nak telan skit pon~ mengingatkan aku scott's emultion.. boleh muntah.

  17. eheh. Takder melamine ker?

  18. LoL! Different pix, different memek muke. But one thing for sure, only one brand stands! DL it is!! Haha. Yeap, DL should pay you for this. (^_^)

  19. I heart Dutch Lady Apple Aloe Vera flavour the most!! In fact, I love all the flavours~

    Sama gang ni XD

  20. eyh..i just read this one blog.dia pun promote the same there like a competition or something where the best one will be chosen..just wondering..hehehe

  21. I dunno why, but sometimes you remind me of a cat, and that's a compliment. Haha~ BTW, I'll be your faithful reader from now on. Love what you write. Keep it up! B)

  22. sure no china mela.. mele... mena... melam... hmmm taktau nak spell so malas nak continue soalan cepu emas buatan china. terima kasih

  23. gile marketing power... and u dont even have a marketing team... tu yg power tu.. or maybe u get the power from drinking shine... anyhow, amacam u tau shine tu ialah replacement utk '0% Fat drinking yoghurt' - apa ka punya nama ni, tak elit langsong!! mana tau shine ni ialah produk baru?... so instead of getting DL to pay u, i think u would be more than happy to do it for.. jengjengjeng... a whole year's supply of shine!!! btol tak?

  24. hello. u posted this twice. btw, how do u make the links at the side show when people update?

  25. I'm addicted to yogurt drink ok!! i didnt know it can taste so good!! love mango and kiwi!! I drink 3 bottles EVERY WEEK omgomgomgomg T____T But thank goodness is low fat or zero fat la if not i become musfatard queen wtf haha damn dutch kady shud let ME do advertorial also wtf HAHAHAHA

  26. well hanis,
    i am a yoghurt drinker also
    but i prefer bliss keluaran nestle.
    esp yg tropical fruits tuh..
    perghhh sedapp giler ahhh
    kalau 3 hari tak kena takleh tido.

  27. u drink green tea when u have period cramps? tea will worsen ur pain la hanisss!!

  28. owh. i will always love dutch lady yogurt drink. betul cakap jonathan nathan, if u be their spokeperson pun ok.

  29. I used to drink 0% all the time. Everytime I went to MYDIN I won't miss to stop by at the dairy products corner to buy the O% Dutch Lady Drinking Yogurt. But ever since the incident where the Dutch people made a video to insult our prophet Muhammad PBUH and the Quran, I have stop buying them. Infact I boycotted all Dutch products. It was hard for me at first though. But then after considering the cosequences and all I think I've made the right choice. I'm just telling you as a siseter because it is my responsibility. Well whatever it is we still have to face our God one day and in my opinion since we don't/can't help our sister and brothers in Palestin/Iraq and etc this is at least what we can do. Plus, we are obligated to defend our Prophet Muhammad PBUH. All of this will be questioned in the afterlife late :) Salam. PEACE!

  30. betul eh anonymous tu cakap? betul eh

  31. Kenapalah bila aku datang blog ni asyik terasa lapar dan dahaga!!! Aku rasa Hanis kena fokus kepada jalan-jalan cari makan seperti nasi kandar Zainul di PJ, supaya aku lebih terasa lapar dan dahaga. hee.. hee..

    Selamat Hari Raya!!!

  32. I don't drink yogurt, I eat from the cute plastic cups you see in supermarkets.

    I love the chewy fruit bits inside, which the yogurt drinks lack. =(

  33. Hello... u dun actually know me...
    well, i found ur blog through nuffnang ads, ur blog were being featured or sumtin....
    at first i didn't take any interest in ur blog untill i saw a picture of Fatihin Husna, which i knew through a friend of mine Nadiah Ghani... so, now i have interest to get to know u... so if i may, pls do contact me back...
    thnx... Chiaowwww....

  34. i tak suka beli this kind of drink.
    suka paw je.
    nampak dalam peti ais, siap la kena bedal. haha.

    oh kalua u jumpa any house serve this kind of drink for raya. ajak i jugak tau. haha

  35. bertandang setiap hari?

    oh,xjadi beli.

  36. Is it weird if a guy likes non-fat yogurt drink as well?


  37. fiziy: sudah cuba, percayalah, tak sesedap.

    jonathan nathan: haha i wish. they chose people with amazing talent like painter and rock climber. salute!

    kreazi: haha muka lega. i pun suka grape sugus!

    rajarockkapak: mari mari minum! cantik?! er pemalu.

    nizam: bagus bagus :D

    aishah: eh takmolah panggil orang dumb dekat sini. sini happy vibe saja tau. oh it is called advertorial.

    penanya: begitu serius? ini langsung tidak ada rasa memualkan okay.texture pun tak sama, rasa jauh berbeza. cubalah! cuba cuba cuba.

    putera emas: harap surat itu menjawab soalan anda :)

    saya lah: harap surat itu menjawab soalan anda *ulang*

    she^kenzo: yes! DL is the best!

    wan yian: sama gang jom naek boat sama-sama.

    anon: ini nama dia advertorial.

    adil: meow. haha. thundercat siot aku.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. balqiz: ia safe babe cubalah :D

    ((())): whole year of shine supllies??! i'd be thrilled!

    adam: blogger gadget.

    mustardqueen: haha yes they should have! we yoghurt lovers rock cheh cheh.

    mohsein shariff: sorry tapi for me, takde yang boleh lawan shine. serious.

    konpiuz: eh really? sumpah tak perasaan. sebab selalu okay saja. nanti i try lagi :)

    ladynoe: yeay sep2 (high5)!

    anon: thanks , but its a matter of personal choice really. this is what we call in malay, sebab nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. i used to have a chinese friend that hated malay/muslim so much, she refused to cooperate in anything involving any malays/muslims. but i dont expect all chinese to be like that do i? so i dont simply boycott DL just because some dutch idiots screw up :)

    saya lah: mungkin.

    maswafi abd samat: selamat hari raya!

    ashleigh: they should look into it. haha.

    faruq hamshi: hi kawan husna.

    shahril mohd: haha jom.

    diloz: bagus berjimat amalan mulia.

    sikapitan: i think its cute!

  40. but then if I'm not mistaken its the Dutch government who made that video. Wallahualam. Well life is indeed about making our own choices right

  41. its so obvious this is a PAID advertorial.

  42. faruq hamshi: nope.

    anon: true :)

    anon: stress sorang2.

  43. راجين سوڠڬوه اوق منجواب سموا كومين ايك؟ تهنيئه... اننتي ساي نق تيڠوق بيلا كومين اوق ده چچه 500 لارت جواب ك تق... هيهيهي...

  44. You always get the same advertorial as Cindy. Lol.

  45. ((())): insyallah mampu, kalau ada masa :)

    simon seow: yeah and its only been my 6th/7th months blogging! :D

  46. LOL ape ni muka fei mau? "fei mau" means fat cat in chinese right? pandai pun Hanis cakap bahasa cina.. muhibah kang KDK (ketawa dengan kuat=lol)
    the one thing i like reading about your blog, Hanis, is that it is a place to practice my BM and tidak lupa kulit ;) also, your malay sleng u use makes u funny, adorable and so genuine as a person and belogger.


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