Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aku, Kebaya Top dan High-waisted Jeans.

From left: Hazreena, Syazwani, Hanis, Izzah, Athina, Izdiyani. Guy in black: Passer-by. At the front: Nabil.

Sometimes I have the feelings that people see me as someone who hangs out with my model friends, puff ciggies just to look cool and takes part in who has the latest it handbag when actually, I'd rather go to the lake and be touristy with my jinjang friends. Yes we’re jinjang and proud of it! We're so proud of it, we named ourselves AnGL3z_GurL1esZ. We even mispelled the word angel and change every 's' we see to 'z'. Yes we're that lame.So anyway, my beloved gang, AGZ, consists of 6 Anglez and one male. That one male has been with us forever and that one male is Nabil. He never complains (okay tipulah never, but rarely) whenever we make him take us to places, or teach us math on the same topic for the 6th time (thats was me, I admit haha). Indeed, he's a great friend. So when he left for college, I made a special letter for him and soon every Anglez started to follow. Mine was something like this:

Aku ingat lagi masa aku baru masuk sekolah. Budak baru, kampung sikit, tapi masa tuh aku ingat aku paling hot dalam Selangor. Encik Musawir kenalkan kita dengan menyuruh kita ambil apebende buku ke lcd punye bende ntah kat dalam kereta dia. Kau pun sembang2 ngan aku masa kat tangga dalam perjalanan gi kereta bapa kawan baik kita. Dari situ bermulalah babak hidup aku yang melibatkan kau, Nabil. Aku tau yang kau dulu minat aku. Iz pun tau yang kau dari dulu minat dia dan aku. Dan kita dua-dua tau yang Meon minat amat sangat kat aku. Tapi aku tetap dengan kau (sebagai sahabat handai je ah) dan menolak cinta Meon meskipun Meon ada muka iras kau, atau, sebab dia lagi tua dari kau, kau yang ada muka iras dia. Ya. Walaupun aku rasa muka kau lebih kepada Khai Dambaan Pilu. Nabil, kau seorang je yang paham kemalasan aku nak buat kerja sekolah (sebelum aku jumpa Shafiq ah). Setiap pagi, sebelum aku sempat tanya lagi, kau dah bagi buku Matematik 3 untuk aku tiru. Kau memang prihatin. Selalu kalau ada projek, aku pasti takkan pilih nak kumpulan dengan orang lain selain kau, sebab aku tau kau akan buat semua kerja. Kau memang rakan hebat. Nabil kau sangat pintar, otak cerdas, minda luas. Aku kagum dengan kau. Aku tau kau selalu makan kismis, sebab tu kau pandai, tapi takpe. Aku nak kagum jugak. Nabil, kalau satu hari nanti kau dah jumpa perempuan yang kau nak jadikan makwe, aku harap aku dapat kenal dia. DAN TANYA DIA EH BODOH KENAPA KAU PILIH LAKI NIH. Eh tak tak. Salah. Tu dalam hati je. Nabil, aku ingat lagi kau, dengan sifat rendah diri dan pemalu kau. Malu nak buat ujian oral bahase inggeris, malu nak pakai hensem lebih sikit, malu nak buat2 jadi pakwe aku untuk halau Meon gi maen jauh-jauh. Nabil, aku takkan lupakan kau, kawan aku yang paling baik (kategori lelaki). Aku takkan lupakan kau sebab bila bapak aku beli Berita Harian muka Khai ngan Rosma selalu kat cover. Aku takkan lupakan kau sebab bila kau balik nanti, mesti aku nak suruh kau bawak belanja makan sate Kajang ke apeape. Nabil, kau selalu buat diri aku rasa macam lawa. Selalu aku rasa sorang2 je. Tapi bila aku dah jumpa kau, kau lebih yakinkan aku. Kau selalu nak aku jadi peragawati. Kau percaya pada aku. Kebolehan aku. Nabil, terima kasih untuk segalanya. Terima kasih untuk memori ini. Marilah kita (okay aku tau ayat "marilah kita" ni bunyik macam dikir barat sikit tapi kau baca ah dgn nada biasa je) dewasa bersama. Nabil Aizat, kawan baikku, bekas ahli kelab boling Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seafield.

I wrote the letter with all my heart, though it may sound unserious and some parts were jokingly harsh, we know each other and that letter meant alot to us as it was filled with memories. It sounded like we bullied him all the time but no, he loved all the attention and he was more than happy to spend his time helping those in need (the useless 6 Anglez wtf). Anyway this entry is not about Nabil but more about AGZ hehe sorry I got carried away. More about AGZ:

Pengerusi : Athina a.k.a

Naib Pengkerusi: Nabil a.k.a beylz²_anglez_gurliesz_lonely_boyz

Setiausaha : Izdiyani a.k.a yanieysz_anglez_gurliesz_mwaxxmwax_miszymwax

Naib Setiausaha: Izzah a.k.a jahzzyz_anglez_gurliesz_pinkyzz_4evaz

Bendahari : Syazwani a.k.a syazzoz_anglez_gurliesz_winkiewinkyzz_muhlyfezz

Naib Bendahari:Hazreena a.k.a huzzyliciousz_anglez_gurliesz_glitterz_moonlytesz

Ajk tingkatan lima : Hanis a.k.a honeyzz_anglez_gurliesz_nottyahaxx_sparklingsz

I got the lowest position because I failed to attend our annual Pemilihan Kuasa session since I shifted to other school for our last year of highschool. Despite me going to different school, we never drift apart because everyone made extra effort to stay close. Like webcam, supersavers, and car rides.

I love AGZ because we keep each other grounded, we do legal things for fun, we support each other in anything at all, and we understand each other so much that everyone is the same but different in so many ways (sorry I dont even understand my own sentence sometimes). Like Izdiyani said, Variety But Chemistry. The lamest environment can turn into the most awesome atmosphere with you people around. Going to Summit Subang USJ can never sound cooler without you Anglez and that one male. Yes our ideas of fun involve crossing the zebra-crossing with funny walking style to provide entertainment for the patient drivers and trying our luck with egg toy machine from the kedai runcit (you simply know what you’re gonna get but amazingly you surprise yourself each time!). Haha lame, but not as pathetic as eating in Hartamas alone :P The best idea yet was setting up our own private Myspace account under the name The AGZ so we can share secrets, go down memory lane with songs from Spice Girls and Sheila On 7, discuss our obsessions over Chua from Geng Bas Sekolah and plan outings in it. I just love the way we spill our hearts out and update each other there without wasting money (which is often needed for future outings that involve food and loads of it) . Im glad I get to spend this raya with you guys and I'm glad we are able to forgive our zahir and our batin with each other. The best thing to do for your soul is to forgive. With AGZ, there are always ups and downs, and that my friend, what makes the ride worthwhile :)


  1. very funny letter!

    that reminds me of the letter my best friend wrote me when we left school. very sebak when reading it since the way she wrote is as if we will never see each other again. back then we have no emails or webcams. only good old surat menyurat. awesome. good times i tell you..

  2. same ke muka Khai? eh x sama la, hehe.

  3. Awww... A really sweet post to your friends. Yeah, I agree that sort of friendships are the best sort, where you can act all silly and do the lamest things together. =)

    Me love your high waisted jeans! Kat mana awak beli?

  4. I LOVE YOU TOO. *kau ade tulis kah.

    -yg kate ttg kemisteri, semestiniye aku izdiyani.

  5. It's good to know that you really cherish your friends and not have your feet swept away by those famous & "in" gang after you started to model. By and by, you'll discover that friends you made during schooling days are the ones who are really genuine and innocent and sweet :) BTW, nowadays hb loves to watch movie in Summit as it's the nearest to us and he's too lazy to berebut-rebut with ppl in Sunway :P

  6. obefiend: surat menyurat is the best. terluah semua isi hati yang sepatutnya taknak luah pada awalnya haha tetapi setelah pena di pegang wowowo there's no stopping you. pena?! pergh.

    azreen zzz: manis seperti susu pekat manis.

    abby: oh a ah lah. 2% je.

    ashleigh: PULL AND BEAR! *excited

  7. yeah. so sweet. ur friendship and stuff.
    semoga berbahgia sepanjang hayat bersama sahabat tercinta!

  8. hi hanis!
    love your jeans as well. really funny post. i understand how nabil would feel being the only male. i have an only male in my group of friends as well. kira 3 perempuan sorang laki. so fun. except that when we walk together in a crowded area (summer splash)he'll keep a distance from us.. sebab takut jatuh saham. chiss. haha.

  9. wah sweet sangat hanis ok. surat yg honest. bagus x1000.

  10. hey hanis!
    this post is suuper awesome n sweet! friends like them don't come by easily kan?

    oh and salam eid to ya!

  11. jam menunjukkan 12:50 mlm 9 oktober 2008.

    happy birthday hanis! kamu sudah tidak 17 tahun lagi.

    semoga kamu selalu bahagia :)

  12. hahahah.. the classic grouping back in high school.. i got a bigger family back then.. Ruggers, a group of 15++ big-#%s (you're barely legal.. screening it for u! =p)rugby players..

    owhh.. the letter for nabil was sweet. dont let the distance (which will eventually hit you guys in later phase of life) tear this beautiful friendship! =D

  13. lol

    that is a sweet and funny letter.

    it sounds silly, but very sincere :D

    its almost as cute as those kittens of your on the songkok box

    awh hell..

    who am i kiddings those kittens are WAY much cuter :p

  14. keep the good relation going. i too have those kinds of close-knit friends. after high skool everyone scattered, just got to meet if we happened to bump into each other masa balik hometown..pasal sume orang tak reti nak update kalau tukar fon number...frenster plak nama tahape2 susah woo nak carik...

    neways i just love my uni frens as that one i'll treasure till death...

  15. bagus la ko nih.. x pernah lupakan kengkawan lama.. tp kesian gak aku pada si Nabil tuh.. mana thn aweks cun byk kat keliling... mesti laki lain tgk dia jln2 ngan korang jeles.. huhuhu.. sama la ngan aku.. jeles2

  16. cute letter!

    it is so nice to have a gathering like that...meeting all beloved frenz

    slmt hari raya hanis comel

  17. heh! cute je surat tu. nanti si meon tu mesti baca gak..HAHAHA

  18. Aww. Best sangat this tajuk tau hanis! xD

    Guess what, even jauh mana kita pergi pun, kalau tu lah kwn2 kita, mmg tulah for like forever. =))

    p/s : wow, busy nye you smpai tk update2 link list u tu ;-)

  19. hahha sayang kau gak.
    owh x balik ah.
    ada mcm benda kat uitm kena buat.

    happy birthday hanis.
    have a great one :)

  20. Hahahahaha! That's brilliant Hanis. En. Musawir, that's a name I never expected to see on a blog, ever :) You were at Seafield for 4 years then?

    PS: Does Liana have an email or Facebook or something, I'd love to get back in touch with her!

  21. Kelako dok ada baca surat tu...
    Ada harapan la si Nabil tu...
    Mula2 tadi ingat Nabil Lu PKlah sendiri..
    tapi orang lain rupanya

  22. happy besday hanis! blog about your 18th besday!!

  23. haniss..
    so sweet the way u deliver your thoughts in the letter..simple n sweet..

    hikss..selamat hari raya ur silent reader..

  24. Marilah kita (okay aku tau ayat "marilah kita" ni bunyik macam dikir barat sikit tapi kau baca ah dgn nada biasa je) dewasa bersama

    gile kelaka. bwahahah!

  25. huhu kebaya with high waisted jeans sangatlah rock jika di pakai di pagi raya ;D
    rindu iz!
    anyway, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Belated Birthday, HANIS!!!!!!
    sorry xsempat nk wish smlm...

  26. Eh, yo... Happy Birthday la wei... To Si Hanis the Manis... :) Many happy returns!

  27. Happy Birthday! May your wishes all come true in this blessing day <:)

  28. wow...this is the best post so far...reminds me of my friends...
    selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin...

  29. باڬايماناكه اونتوق منجوين اي جي ايس اين؟ اڤاكه كريتيريا يڠ ڤرلو اد؟ ادكه ساي ممنوهي شرط يڠ دتتڤكن؟ بيلاكه اي جي عيم ستروسڽ؟ هارڤ داڤتله د اڤديتكن د بلوڬ اين... سكين تريما كاسيه.

  30. jgn buli nabil pls..
    nanti dia dambaan pilu. haha mmg sebijik!

  31. OMGosh thats so gorgeous..high waisted jeans and kebaya!!!

  32. loveyashliecious: thanks for the wish. i hope so too.

    ladyesah: thanks! haha i pun rasa thats why dia takde girlfriend lagi. berkepit degan kami sahaja.

    penance: haha yes!

    senor sissy: salam eid to you too!

    siewkwan: yes ingat! haha thanks!

    nadxoxo: aww thanks babe!

    azzam: yes classic grouping haha.

    budlee: tu lah pasal, i was like, what the? my kittens are the cutest!

    ms binx: okay tak sabar nak dapat uni friends jugak lah :)

    adil: kehkehkeh :P

    smaelz83: haha. takde apa nak jeles pun. habis duit minyak je. haha.

    mommy lily: tewime kaseh :)

  33. hi hanis :D
    farha here.
    comel je gambar u dengan kawan kawan u :D


  34. kebaya top and high waist jeans.
    nice fusion. you do look good :)

  35. HAHA I remember when you baru masuk sekolah! And good to know that you and your Angelz crew, masih bersahabat. Yeay!

    Selamat hari raya btw.

  36. fiziy: kalau dia baca, pergh, dah lah i guna nama sebenar. haha.

    rara: kaaaan!

    malehaha: sayaaaaaang hihi!

    kimmie: haha i selalu menyemak at his house because he's my bestfriend's father haha. you drop your email and i'll pass it to liana okay.

    eireen camelia: *fikir mahu balas apa

    zool: saya suka nabil itu juga (yang latter tu ah, bukan nabil kawan baik sendiri ew)

    18: boleh dipertimbangkan.

    marlisamussa: yes i should get more of you (silent reader) to appear and holla. thanks babe i really appreciate that :)

    ladynoe: Ya Allah ada yang paham. haha.

  37. i wonder nabil masih igt saya lg ke x.. :D
    saya klasmet dia masa tadika
    hanis tadika impian jugak ke dulu?

  38. Thanks Hanis, my email is :)

  39. u think u r pretty aren't u?/
    u are...damn u are gorgeous!

  40. faiz meon ke??? hehehe

  41. Admire your blog so much actually... read ur blog from begining...just drop by some comment here...coz the letter sooo sweet... if i was that guy (nabil) sure really happy and menangis tahap dewa punya...


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