Monday, February 9, 2009

Reasons on why I hate Facebook and why I'll no longer be on it

Apart from the ridicilous requests (serious, I mean kalau nak bagi Porsche sila hantar ke peti surat rumah) and minute, if not seconds, updates of each and everyone in your friends list, I hate it because I cant (ITS NOT THAT I DONT WANT TO OKAY) approve friend requests sumpahseranah. SUMPAHSERANAHSUMPAHSERANAHSUMPAHSERANAH. Please stop messaging me on Facebook asking me to approve you because my account is sumpahseranah shitty and it wont allow me to approve any more people and I dont know why, is it my account or is it Facebook or is it the world around me wtf. I'm in a huge dilemma, whether I should quit FB, or create new account because I use it to network and talk to people outside my circle of friends. I mean, my real unvirtual and can be poked physically circle of friends. Someone suggested an account for my fans and I was like I HAVE FANS?! I only use aircond eh eh. Diam Hanis.

If youre on my Facebook you would know THIS PICTURE and how Ive never changed it to anything better. SERIOUS GELI SIAL BUAT MUKA MACAM INI SILA PALANG HANIS ZALIKHA SEKARANG.


I dont know, I'm such an indecisive person I swear to God you wouldnt want to bring me out to dinner and let me order for myself.

I think Facebook is very important to the extend that it is work-essential. But right now, I seriously can live without it. Facebook, its not you, its me. *Buang Facebook dari Active10*.

Haha okay tipu belum decide lagi.


  1. hanis..i would like to bring u out for dinner...hehe..:P

  2. "I'm such an indecisive person I swear to God you wouldnt want to bring me out to dinner and let me order for myself."

    i lyke dat phrase..

  3. i hate FB

    maybe because everything lags. if you approve someone it will take a whiel for it to be accepted. this is mainly due to our awesome streamyx

    another i hare is i can't look at people who are not "friends" profile

    lets say i have a stalker and she wanted to be a "friend". i saw her friends request. now i want to know who she is and how she looks like. but when i click on her name all i get is a 5cmx 3cm rectangular picture. so i can't make out the facial detail and how she looks.

    rule 1....... when sending friend request please please please put something in the "desctiption" so i know who you are! LOL

    p/s: i have more haters than fans! JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!

  4. hanis, your FB ada problem x leh approve ye.
    i lagi tension bila xleh add or approve Friend request on my Yahoo M(ym).
    tension giler.

  5. i didnt noe that u got a fb hanis
    but ure still pretty.

  6. I hate all those funny requests too and it's tiring to ignore, ignore, and ignore every single one ! I don't even read what they're abt, I just auto-ignore. Hee.
    But I am not ready to let go of Facebook. =p

  7. eh...i tot u were the one who introduced me to bukan..itu myspace...maloe

  8. aku ade pesbuk. (tp tu pon setelah kengkawan aku, mak2 ayam tu paksa!)
    giler aku tak reti la ngan pesbuk tu. SUMPAH aku tak reti. aku just baca dari email je..uh!

    pic kau yg 'ee' tu cute giler arr! apa yg kau geli tu? aku x geli ponnnn.. ;P

  9. facebook still ok la. mayb u shud buat new account and restrict application yg mengarut2 tu

  10. oklah ko pun dah jadi artis....tapi aku arap pas ni kalo ko kuar mag-mag glem n diorang tanya pasal nak berlakon...ko takkan jawap untuk bantu ibubapa di kampung.....hehehe...ko cakap je ko memang best....all the best..

  11. You sure you'll no longer be on it? Facebook is cool, give it another chance !

  12. haha
    i used to have myspace and friendster back in high school but i've deleted them like, 2 years back i guess. i'm still deciding whether to register to fb or not.

    sometimes i feel like i just want to be around real friends :P

    but again, facebook is really great esp in keeping in touch with your old friends and all.

    but again, kadang2 we tend to be so 'attached' to it.

  13. FB limited to 500 friends as far as I know.

    And it depends on which circles u've added as ur friends :)

  14. no wonder la
    i alredi add u on fb and wait like forever 4 u to app
    gah gah

  15. facebook selalu hantar notifications yang ntah hape2 (yes i tau kawan2 yang klik klik suruh hantar) tapi tak perlu lah semak2 kan? stupid facebook >.<

  16. hanis. edit & adjust your facebook setting. so that people will not be able to invite u to add any application. just block any application/people that is iritating. haha.

  17. No wonder you tak accept I babe. Ahha friend limits dalam 5k je. So you better buat baru lah kot? Eh fb ok lah, its like the place where I stay connected with my familiessssssssss ( :

  18. i think its numbers are limited depends which network.

  19. alah dah la minah macam dia tak tau ade fans plak! How is Uitm my baby? Jap lagi ade mdg baru dan kite akan dilupakan atau ade la hanisv2, jayv2 and maybe cindyv2. eheh. Nanti datang bday kalau back in kl ok.

    Btw, bagila tips efectif blogging. Ok fine i know... it is 'update update update'=p malas

  20. hanis, ceritalah lagi tentang uitm ska bce post pasal sekolah uitm kamu.. =)

  21. facebook has got to go baby! lets do our own network community! (gila lame pastu aku dgn kau je dalam network tu) seperti biasa.

  22. siapa tak suka FB
    is in denial


  23. dah buat account fb since taon lepas kottt.. tapi still tak buat apa2. betol! tak reti doh. huhu..
    macam sangat3 leceh.
    n yeah, sebab tak boleh tgk profile org lain. all u get is dat stoopid lil rectangle.

  24. oh n because of every lil update tu macam menyemak je kan?

  25. Info:
    Tahukah anda pengasas dan pemilik facebook baru berusia 24 tahun. Dia mula mereka cipta facebook ketika berusia 20 tahun, dan disebabkan oleh facebook dia kini memiliki aset yang bernilai $1.5 billion (source: Dia masih lagi seorang student di Harvard. Kalau Hanis pun pandai mengeksploitasi internet (U r gaining popularity over the internet, u can do it), Hanis pun bleh jadik cam dia!!

  26. ni pun dah ramai org..

  27. You should create a fan page, keep your FB profile for real friends.

  28. Facebook is good to connect with your friends. Way better than friendster. To me la... But for someone famous like you, it's quite hard I suppose. hehe. Yea maybe you should create an account for us (your kekipas).

  29. if u want some 'sincere' requests on facebook i.e ppl who are interested of knowing u for reasons besides ur cuteness n popularity, i suggest u go anonymous.

    dont include a pic what so ever. put it to a test.

    is there anyone out who is 'really' interested of knowing u as you, n nothing more?

    the result, although enlightening, could be rather alarming as well.

  30. haha..this is weird..i think now,more people akan go for facebook...

    anyway..real life friends is the way to 'connect with people..

  31. ahahaha
    pkir dulu ye sis

    sy suda lame tk ke sinun..
    i mean on9 fb
    sgt tdk best hoke..

  32. Masih nampak update dalam FB awak.

  33. i think she's getting too many comments in here.

    communication has become uni directional. all comments and no response, only an approval for posting.

    give her a break guys. dont make too many comments in her blog. else she may have to take this down too. lol

  34. Facebook is not a place to just 'approve' anyone. Not a place if you are unfamiliar with rss shits like twitter (trust me, i had it months kosong aja before paham betul2..sengalnyeee). it's a place where u keep up with people u have already know.

    you can disable friend's request. even disable receiving messages from ppl that is not from ur circle of friends.

    u know chris brown has facebook aight? and his so-called announcement on the real rihanna. jgn haraplah nak dpt jumpa page dia dlm facebook.

    go myspace kalau tanak complicated. at least not many appz and confusing invites. ^_^

  35. hi hanis! hows uitm segamat? missing u gurls laa.. seriously. mdg 2 is starting. baru habis closed audition and the programme will start soon. :) btw yessss i noticed u didnt update ur fb that much but keep it for networking and untuk senang berkomunikasi dgn anda, dan cadangan untuk fan page well.. i think u have lots of em for u to have one :) btw jimmy pun slalu wondering y u never replied him on fb. no worries i've told him as far as i know u're not active there. tau la kan.. nanti die merajuk hihi :) take care.. mwah mwah! even tho mdg 2 is starting im still remembering the whole 10 of u all :)

  36. so in the end you did finally deleted your personal fb account?


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