Saturday, March 21, 2009

Model pencen, kau takyah nak terasa

"Hanis dah gelap sikit"

My dad's comment (he emphasised on the word sikit though, being aware on how image-concious teenagers are nowadays) which reminded me to write this letter.

Dear Marlisa,

I know I’ve been too busy to even text you goodnight lately and I’m sorry I always use the ‘if only you’re using the same telco line’ excuse. But I assure you honey, you’re still in my heart and my prayer. So its only natural for me to think of you even when playing with these Clean&Clear barbie-like game knowing that you’re forever in search of the perfect skin care range. And that we used to visit each other’s houses to play with dolls (during standard 6, we should be ashamed of ourselves T_T), and omg do you remember how I made a fridge for my dolls using Scott Emulsion’s box??! Haha cheapskate, but you must admit I was quite creative, because unlike you, the 12-year-old me, don’t get to spend money on dolls T_T


Its not that I’m complaining on your whines but no one, not even your beloved Hanis Zalikha (ceh) went through adolescence without breakouts and blackheads and most importantly, unintended sun tan. And with that, I introduce you this!

Masa untuk sental!

“Clean & Clear Clear Fairness range is specially formulated for teens to achieve fair, radiant and young skin. The cleanser has a non-drying, oil-free formula that is easy for everyday use. The moisturizer is with oil-free formula; contains Double Bright Action that helps lightens your skin with Vitamin C and protects you from the sun with SPF 15.”

Okay okay, more discoveries. Unfortunately I also found out about this bestfriend contest (our calling!) called Masa Untuk Menyinar, a reality contest in search for teenage girls (like us!) that will be starring in Shila’s (OIAM) Hanya Kita’s music video. And the best part is you (supposedly us!) also get to be Clean & Clear ambassador! The contest ended some time last year *bitter*.

And the two girls (that could have been us!), are Fasya and Farisa. I’ve checked them out, and thanks to Clean & Clear Fairness, they have perfect skin (unlike us!). So yeah. Bah!

Okay focus now. Since I’ve been neglecting my skin to a point that even Karisma cannot help (sad truth), here’s the plan. Our to-do list: Snap ‘before’ picture > Resist the urge to photoshop ‘before’ picture > Get Clean & Clear Fairness > Try it out > Have patience, do not wash face 6 times a day > Pray for the best > Compare and evaluate results > Flaunt our skin in Dancing Gonjengs 2 The Musical video! Hows that bebeh? IZ TAK PAYAH LAH INCLUDE SEKALI SI SEMULAJADI PUTIH TUH hmph.

Hanis Zalikha.

"Kita nak model pelajar dalam kampus, bukan model catwalk."

Ingat itu Hanis. Simpan high heels 7inci kau dalam laci belajar yang sebelah kiri sekarang T_T


Lagenda is supposedly the 'upper' place in Bukit Lagenda. Not that it has the biggest houses, but to say that it has superb environment would be an understatement. This is the one of the few places I know in Bukit Jelutong that has strong bond between neighbours, potluck parties like no others and gossips circulating once in awhile as if Jalan Teratak is Wisteria Lane CHEYHH. Haha. But it still bothers me when this conversation took place.

Meor(ambik kau aku guna nama sebenar haha): Weh Hanis kau balik tak weekend ini?

Hanis: Oh Sabtu ini? Taak :(

Meor: Asal? Aku balik doh. Hihihi (bajet aku jeles a kau gelak macam nih)

Hanis: Aku kene buat PTPTN, dia Sabtu ngan Ahad.

Meor: PERGH! PERGH DUDUK JE LAGENDA, TAPI AMBIK PTPTN GAK KE?! *nada paling terkejut yang Meor boleh buat, kalah pelajar AF pada minggu penyingkiran tengok ada dua beg keluar dari pentas*

Hanis: ... (dalam hati: sebab aku taknak belajar guna duit mak bapak?)



  1. "Kita nak model pelajar dalam kampus, bukan model catwalk."


  2. you have cool attitudes la babe!

    Keep it up!

    Tak malu untuk mengaku muka ada blackspot/zits...pakai PTPTN nak belajar...etc etc

    ishk, keep it up Hanis!

    All the best in your study!

  3. jiayo2!
    tapi kan hanis,nak deal dgn orang ptptn susah ar.
    macam aku, aku round yang ke-2 baru dapat..
    kawan aku yang ke-3 baru dapat.
    aku tak taw nak guna nama ap bila dorang datang.
    kawan siap nangis lagi.
    sedih ar dilayan macam sampah.
    ~well mayb dorang penat kowt..
    ramai sangat orang apply.
    PAPEPOWN! berusahalah.bagus gak guna wit sendiri..baru rasa perit nak budgeting.
    gila perit.
    tak tipu.

  4. Oh taman Lagenda ni kiranya macam taman Desperate Housewives lah? Haha

  5. u live bukit jelutong ke? damn near my old college. KUTPM or now MSU...hehehe..btw, mmg area housing itu sgt cantekk :)

  6. hanis, tak yah amik la ptptn tu...p.t.p.t.n = p.t.p.t.pu hoho

  7. Exchange Link .. TQ

  8. hanis.
    akak sokong sgt kamu amek ptptn.
    paling tidak pun boleh dapat separuh or cukup untuk bayar yuran.
    but at lis we can be proud to our parents that blaja tinggi2, tp boleh gune duit sendiri (jgn lupe kna bayar balik hehe)
    okayhlah boleh tanggung duit yuran pengajian and kolej kediaman. tak ke best tuh mak bapak tanggung beli buku and bulanan je. i saved around RM2400 (yuran degree in business campur kolej kediaman) per year mak bapak xperlu kuar duit sebanyak tu..

    mak bapak kaya tak semestinya anak nak senang lenang sgt kan. tunjukkan anda mampu berdikari. :)

  9. model pelajar?

    ah crap lah mereka tu. ignore je

  10. "kita nak model pelajar dalam kampus, bukan model catwalk"

    ouch :P

    those who can, do.
    those who cant, teach.

    r u seriously paying for ur own tuition fees in segamat?

  11. muahaha!
    ni yg nk sgt try clean n clear ni..

    *tp asenye pakcik tak ssuai, kulit jd cm dikupas0kupas*


  12. hai hanis. :-d
    mbek ptptn yek..
    kalo nk apply ptptn,better ambek half
    nanti nk bayor balik x susah
    kalo ambek full mcm saya,nak bayar balik nih bukan setakat terkentut2...
    dh tercicrit2 neh..
    by the way..
    7 inci????
    mak uiii...tingginya!!!!

  13. bace blog hanis mmg besh!
    nak tergelak2 je kerjenye..

    keep it up gurl!

  14. bagus la blaja tak pakai duit mak bapak...
    all d best in ur studies

  15. kau saje je nak neutralise kan feeling left out aku dari program amal kita bertiga dengan kata aku semulajadi putih tsk walaupun betul tapi kau tipu sebab walaupun kau tak berapa nak putih macam kapas pun tapi flawless sebuk gile nak masuk pertandingan ni dengan harapan org link kau macam kau link pemenang pertandingan itu ke atau kau memang sejak kecil cita cita bukan model sahaja tapi jadi penari latar belakang anak dara ND lala?!!! *cuba baca dalam satu hela napas.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. dear,did you get ptptn? dads gaji membuatkan i xleh dpt ptptn,actually tak try out pun.becoz terms n condition dah jelas2 kata rm5k xdpt or susahhhh sgt serioushit xkan dpt,im wondering samada u dpt or not?if u do,please email me .maybe u can help me out,ada org dalam kabel hhu


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