Monday, July 6, 2009

My Lurve Affair with Babies

Note: As I'm writing this, I dah selamat sampai di Segamat and missing the babies very much :(
My Lurve Affair with Babies! Since everyone is doing it, I thought I’d come up with the cutest Lurve Affair ever! My Lurve affair with babies! Okay I know I went on national tv to talk about my Lurve Affair with modeling and how competitive the industry is and we should always keep our body fit and healthy, but I’ve been in more Lurve Affairs than I should teehee.
By now, everyone should by now how devoted I am as a babysitter, to the point that I’m doing it for free. Okay by free I mean, I don’t take the money, I give it all to my mom, don’t start calling me and ask do you still babysit for free (-_-“)
Babies are the cutest thing ever. They are weird first of all. They have big heads, tiny bodies and they talk alien. Sometimes they remind me of Shrek. Little cute baby Shreks that enjoy burping like no other.
The cutest little Shreks of all would be Dahlia. The bald one who makes the most noise. She eats everything. To be honest, she’s quite slow, seeing that she’s only in the beginning of the crawling phase at 8 months old! But guess what, she can drink with straw weh. I thought they can only do that once theyre 1year old or something! Oh when it comes to food stuff, laju je belajar. Haha there’s no denying her big appetite. She eats everything. We would feed her fruits like dragon fruits or avocado for fibre, because si gemuk like her would have a hard time poo pooing. And if you eat in front of her without offering, she’ll start to make the most adorable noise of “Da.. da.. da.. da..!”. So occasionally we would sit in front of her, and eat something and totally ignore her “Da..da..da..da!”. Damn nakal kan? Yeah we’re annoying like that :B
Her teeth are not even out yet but she’s already eating biscuits and kerepek. She would slowly suck them until they turn soft for her to indulge (-_-“) But I wouldn’t feed her the typical unhealthy kerepek of course. Lurve multigrain chips would be my choice for snacking because when I eat it in front of her, I don’t mind giving some, like dua keping, to please her young heart, since it’s healthy anyway hee. Yes, even as a model, I snack a lot okay. We are human too, but we opt for healthier snack lah kan, like multigrain chips or digestive biscuit :B

That's her when we were on a road trip. She was cranky the whole journey, but when Lurve Multigrain Chips came into the picture, the sun never shone brighter (-_-“)
Getting more focused as the time goes by.

Okay so that was my Lurve Affair Story. Think you can top me on the cuteness factor? If you want to prove it, just join the “What’s Your Lurve Affair”” contest by Lurve Multigrain Chips. Its as easy as UPSR’s penulisan.
1. Write a blog post titled ‘My LURVE Affair with XXX’ in your blog. Any Lurve Affairs of your life! The past, present, future hehe. Increase your chance of winning by including Lurve Multigrain Chips to your affair.

2. When you've published your post send an email to with the following details - your full name, IC number and the permalink of your written blog post. Refer T&C.
No prize on guessing the grand prize. MAC BOOK PRO PEOPLE :’) Oh if youre on the top 3, you get to go on 8TV Quickie with Belinda Chee & Henry Golding and promote your blog and increase your traffic, wouldn’t that be awesome? Contest period is from 23rd of June to 12th July 2009. SO CEPAT WEH ENTER! Entries will be judged based on creativity, content and style by representatives from Lurve

More info at the website here.


  1. haha..
    kuat pulak gigi dia nak mkn lurve tuh..

  2. Cute betul! Ada chance menang!

  3. fuh memang cute la budak kecik tu!

  4. comelnyaaa! gambar last tu especially!

  5. YA ALLAH MATA WEH, dah lepas ni takpayah sebuk nak cari contacts, korek mata dahlia sekarang.

  6. ayoo..kasik baby mkn junk food?????????????

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. my lurve affair with hanis zalikha wtf my lurve affair with nuffnang gila kiss ass wtf lagi, haha

    nuff nuff! (anjing)

  9. OMG, macam mana ni babysitter bagi baby eat junk food?! Mak dia tak marah ke.. Nak kena lecture ni.. on what to feed a baby. But the baby is so cute...

  10. hei hei jangan skema sangat ya semua, bayi juga berhak makan multigrain chips. bukan junk food. malah emak dia juga bekalkan dia dengan cokelat nips. ha mother knows best :P

    healhty food adalah makanan harian beliau, jangan risau.

  11. alamak. byk tertinggal entry. nice rambut. nice. ai laik.*ye ini untuk entry yg off comment.

  12. bebaik..tali pinggang keledar tak pakai tu...huhu!

  13. comel gila baby tu!

    tiba2 tingat org yg berlakon iklan tu,

  14. comey giler gamba ke-4!! bersungguh2 nampaknya haha


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