Saturday, July 11, 2009

The pleasant lady doctor

She told me I'm not having a fever, just a flu. Felt better waking up from the nap after the meds. It's good that in times like this, I am in my comfy bed, at home. Not in Segamat, on my own, have to think on what to eat, whether to go to Penawar etc.

Anyway, I want to listen to songs but I'm bored with my playlist. Could you suggest few songs that you think I might like? It'll be great to know what kind of songs you think I would like, teehee. Oh I'd like to thank everyone who have sent me songs to my inbox after reading this at my profile "Favorite Music: I listen to what people send to me. If its good I'll listen to it again and again until I get something better from another person". There's this one song I really like but didnt manage to save and now its somewhere among the emails sigh. Why Hanis why?! To whoever it was, please send me back the song. Its so nice T_T

Okay will be waiting for songs suggestions! Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Try these:

    Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me
    Girl's Generation - Into The New World

    Both are in Korean, but they sounds so good you wont bother the language.

  2. hohoho~
    salam...lyn lgu foreign x?
    i mean..korea ke...
    de s2 lgu ni mmg besh la ntok i..
    wonder girls-nobody..

    klu sng cbe dgr..

  3. Hello!
    Well, since you are feeling mellow and all, I suppose you like the slower songs?

    I am a huge fan of the indie genre, therefore I suggest Belle&Sebastian or Lenka. :)

    Though, get a Spotify account, it works best and above all, no need for downloads!

  4. Dato' Siti Nurhaliza always produced a great song... Maka dengarlah lagunya.. ni ada suggestion, lagu barunya pencipta OPICK.. klik link ni

  5. hye hanis. talking bout ur hse. theres smthg happen this morning. ur dinding batu retak dilanggar kereta jiran. hue. so scary lihat dinding itu. sowie for that.

  6. dear, dgr laa Your Guardian Angels..
    from Red Jumpsuit Apparatus..
    lagu lame daa.. tp still best utk dilyn..
    if not, lagu 1234 from Plain White T's pon not bad.. ;))

  7. flu?H1N1? :P

    Kate Nash - foundation!

  8. how about Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron && Wine? not the latest song, i believe.

  9. Bitter heart by Zee Avi is quite nice. i think ;D

  10. hanis, you should try to listen to PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME by Pink

    its a nice catchy song

    [@-@]V peacee!

  11. tuhan beri aku cinta by ayushita

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. soko- take my heart!
    i loike it! so damn cute!

  14. Hw bout kalau you dgr Boom by Anjulie ?
    Quite nice ya know .

  15. songs in my pocket - bethany joy lenz/galeotti


    p/s: galeotti tu nama dia lepas dia da kawin.

  16. ello hanis,
    try listen to cobra starship n leighton meester "good girl go bad" catchy weh...

  17. sila cari greatest hits of Michael Jackson.

  18. halimah jongang by eddie hamid <--- this is nice!
    haha. eh, aku siyes.
    yup! or kucingku aki by intoxicated.
    xpn lebih kesukanan, hijau kuning by offside.

  19. ermmm i think Zee Avi is a great singer.. n sing a great song!!

    i luv her song 'Kantoi' was funny though..hihi=)

    all her song are just perfect..

  20. lady gaga-paparazzi.

  21. Goodbye by Kristinia Debarge.

    and I think all her songs is justt so funkk. :)

    and please share with us too, your favourites' if you're not hesitate to.

  22. Hanis..Hye..try listen to these songs " When it was good" by Flipsyde featuring Chantelle & "Good Vibrations" by Gym Class Heroes..


  23. helo babes.

    try lykke li's tonight and also i'm good i'm gone.


  24. all taylor swift's songs! seriously :D

  25. try listen to LENKA (the show, don't let me fall & trouble is a friend)

  26. hye.. try dengar lenka.. lagu2 dia best.

    these are a few artists that i like so much. you can download their songs at or anywhere else..
    - a fine frenzy. my fav is 'you picked me' and 'almost lover'
    - adele. my fav is chasing pavements
    - feist. my fav is my moon my man
    -the pierces. my fav is three wishes, go to heaven and lights on

    these are just a few.. hope these will help u!

  27. go for bitter heart by zee avi..
    hope u get well soon...

  28. try listen to my playlist in my blog..

    ade bbrp lagu, kt playlist tu dah siap tajuk..
    but i wud suggest..
    okaeri by ayaka
    21 guns by green day

    get well soon!!~

  29. goodnight song by mocca

    honeybee by zee avi

    bitterheart by zee avi

  30. Lenka-The Show ;]

  31. Assalammualaikum adik hanis

    selalu baca je. tak pernah tinggal komen.

    akak paling suka lagu tajuk

    Dancing With Myself - Nouvelle Vague

    cuba dengar di

    kalau suka, email akak dan akak akan email mp3 file ke Hanis.

    take care!

  32. favourite:

    il avait lets mots -sheryfa luna.

  33. aslyn - that's when i love you.

    100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  34. butterfingers..cuai,kabus ribut,ngilu,chinta...

    laila's lounge..mawar khayalan

    band indon,hijau daun..suara ku berharap

    slamat mcuba mncari dan mcuba mdengar

  35. BIG BANG!
    gr0up ni menari sangat best.
    so, lg better if tgk live concert diorang.

    try : heaven, last farewell, sunset glow, lies n haru haru.

    have em on my blog..
    get well s0on! :)

  36. You should try and give a listen to Guillemots - Made up love song #43. They're so awesome, they use a typewriter as an instrument. And Sao Paolo, from them too.

    ..Or Beirut - Carousels
    - Scenic World
    - In The Mausoleum

    Sumpah tutup mata boleh imagine makan morning breakfast dekat Paris dgr Scenic World.

    Hope it helps :)

  37. mariah carey - obsessed
    ciara ft JT- love sex magic
    enrique inglesias ft ciara - takin' back my love
    justin guarini ft kelly clarkson - timeless
    zhang liyin ft xiah DBSK - timeless (korean version)

    bagi lagu favorite sndiri pulak.

  38. 1. no boundaries by kris allen (american idol last season winner) a very good motivational song

    2. teruskanlah by agnes monica. she's hot!

  39. cuba try lagu2 OWL CITY. my fav would be, Rainbow veins, Hello Seattle and Hot air balloon..I thought lagu2 dia mcam ada good vibes lah!~...=)

    get well soon yeah~

  40. cadangan saya:

    1. The Beatles-I Wanna Hold Your Hand (serius comel!)
    2. Arctic Monkeys - You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me (sorry panjang.haha)
    3. Arctic Monkeys - Baby,I'm Yours
    4. Alleycats - Berjuta Batu
    5. Hot Hot Heat - You Owe Me An IOU
    6. The Times - Lipstik

    haha.sorry 'ter'banyak pulak.

  41. Hamis Jalikha..

    sila dengar lagu Entah yg di nyanyikan oleh Afgan (lagu indon mmg best..suara si afgan ni pun mmg best)

  42. hi hanis..
    try this..
    indon song..
    randy pangalila-lewat semesta

  43. haha i see alot of suggestions for Zee Avi..

    i concurr! sbb mmg dia best la hanis.

    you tak mention pon whether you wanted something catchy or ketika ingin melayan perasaan.

    but if you want to be updated on music i suggest you sign up to a account. Website url dia It suggests mcm similar artists u might like from what you've previously listened to AND AND AND (excited) ada free downloads. Also, ada benda alah ape tah detect songs that you've played on ur pc so org tau skg ni u tgh layan lagu apa.

    (im no spokesperson ok)

    for more info gi the url i gave u and cekidaut ok :) and let me know if u do sign up so i can add u as friend :D :D

    ps/ hanis u sgt blog u sgt klakar. it always makes my day :)

  44. git fresh - blow me a kiss



  45. Feeling miserable? I know just the song for you.

    "When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel so bad."

    The song is called "My Favourite Things" from The Sound of Music.

  46. eh,eh (nothing else i can say) by lady gaga
    1,2,3,4 - plain white t's

  47. She's So Lovely and Elvis Ain't Dead- by Scouting For Girls.

    Why Don't You And I- Alex/Santana

    Toothpaste Kisses- The Maccabees

  48. Ramai dah suggest Zee Avi and Lenka.
    Vedera : Satisfy, Taking Chances and It's All Happenning On Broadway.
    and Tegan and Sara : Where Does The Good Go?, I know I know I know and Speak Slow.
    These are a bit rocky but they don't hurt your ears though.

    Zee Avi's Let Me In is so soothing!

  49. my blog .

    lagu mcfly- all about you.

  50. okay.
    nak bagi idea lagu yang lain dari lain.
    dengar ah lagu raihan ke rabbani ke.
    intifada,iman mutiara..
    kan syahdu tu.
    tenanggg jiwa duh

  51. Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend

  52. go for bitter heart by ZEE AVI. definitely a great song

  53. Parachute-She Is Love.
    You can also try listening to it at my blog.
    it's a slow song,but i thought you would enjoy it since that song somehow reminded me of my mother when i was away from home. :)

    by the way, hope you'll get better soon. :)

  54. Ne-Yo -Mad
    Sean Kingston - Fire Burning
    Akim AF 7 -Bengang

    Those that i think wud make u have a mixed feeling when u listen to..

  55. Try listening to Michael Jackson - liberian girl. RIP ;)

  56. cuba dengar lagu ni,
    bo - consequential lover.

    byk lagu i nak bg tp malas nak tulis i bg lagu yg tgh dgr skrg. ahaha.

    tp confirm best dont worry.
    get well soon hanis!

  57. hey,u should try eisley..

  58. try jela minah manja
    salih yaacob

    mst akan jadik lagu rasmi setiap kali mandi pagi!

  59. lagu yang bertajuk "kematian by Mawaddah'

    "ramai orang menyangka mati itu senang,apabila mati kita ditanam...."

    dengar di youtubelah,nice song

  60. Listen to this song

    Don't Blame Your Daughter - The Cardigans

    Crush-Mandy Moore

    Chocolate-Kylie Minouge

  61. lagu quizzical by juliet the orange :)

    atau love story & teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift...

  62. Pure Love by Arash.

    I reckon u'd like it!

  63. whoaaa....ramai sayang hanis... :)

  64. these songs kinda old but still nice.

    modjo - lady (ballad remix)
    lisa loeb - stay
    texas - say what u want

    happy listening!


  65. try to listen to this one

    Christmas TV by slow club...

    slow acoustic song... besh lah :D

  66. lagu-lagu yang adik hanis boleh try dan dijangka boleh layan;

    lenka - we will not grow old
    feist - la meme histoire

    lagu ni pulak dedicate kat hanis. lagu happy2, suka suki..

    hot hot heat - good nite

    cik indie

  67. disturbia-rihanna
    not that type of lady-camelia
    saat2 indah-rama band
    romance-ku ingin kamu

  68. klinik penawar??

    hahaha... mmg segamat habis! ;)

  69. dah sehat ke mbak hanis? get well soon. sila dgr lagu project pop. hahaha.

  70. hey..
    i got 2 songs for u..
    listen to it and hope u like it..;)

    Daniel Merriwheater - Red
    Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter

  71. Straylight Run - Now It's Done
    Butterfingers - Mati Hidup Kembali

  72. dayang suke layan MJ sekarang - billy jean


  73. Damasutra - Sufi.mp3
    lagu lame nih..

  74. get well soon

    p/s: suka wake up in vegas by katie perry

  75. Anuar Zain's number always heal me.. :-)

  76. hype2 hanis...
    try la

    Eisley-Telescope Eyes (2nd song dlm media player blog saya)

    Wani Ardy-(Semua lagu dia best..)

    Radios in Heaven- Plain White Tees

    Come Home- Eyes Set To Kill (Bley dgr di blog saya)

    Cruel To Be Kind- Letters To Cleo

  77. My suggestions...
    1)Dance - Clazziquai
    Korean band. Both korean & english version sedap...

    2)Bitter heart - Zeeavi

    3)Rocket - Yuna

    All are easylistening tunes.Enjoy!

  78. Hinder - Lips Of An Angel hahahaha :p

  79. lamanya tak update? demam btl ke?

  80. first date - WALL E OST

  81. (Maybe not too late, but since aku peminat-susah-mati Bic Runga).

    Aku rasa lagu 'Listening for the Weather' sangat sewsuai.
    Nice, Easy and Melo-dic.

  82. i like lenka 2..:)

    try those...

  83. salam singah ke blog kami sila tingalkan komen

  84. try;

    melody gardot - if the stars were mine
    kings of convenience - misread

    :) if you like em i have loads more.

  85. hi hanis.. :)
    am blog hopping.. very interesting blog u got here..
    care to exchange link?

    thx.. wink wink.. :)

  86. hanis.
    ayuh kamu melakukan satu pertandingan "sape dapat mencadang lagu paling disukai halwa telinga hanis Z"

    sebagai hadiah, readers yang lain pasti tidak menolak jika menerima buku latihan maths kotak-kotak besar

  87. Manaña by Santana.

    Suggested by someone to me. Nice. Soothing :)

  88. why dont u try

    amanda marshall - beautiful goodbye...

  89. i would suggest
    travelin thru by dolly parton and a new version of that song by james crato...

    such a moving song.
    u wont regret it dear. (*_*)

  90. i think u should here my fav song..jst try to hear it k..if its nice then hear again n again until u find another good one..hehe..try:-
    1)marit larsen-if a song could get me you
    2)marit larsen- solid ground
    3)beyonce-sweet dreams
    4)hayden panettiere-wake up call
    k..have a nice day hanis!!


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