Monday, May 14, 2012

You Call This Sparkle?

I was browsing through The Sparkle Project submitted ideas for some inspirations... and while some did inspire me, yang lain macam uhh main-main ke apa ini?! I mean, this is for a videoclip kan, so send in something you'd be proud to see on that Sparkle videoclip of Yuna! It's a once in lifetime chance to be involved in such project kot. Bila lagi nak masuk videoklip Yuna T_T

Themes dia banyak so just pilih yang mana you feel senang nak express or very inspirational to you. Themes yang Yuna sediakan adalah Beauty, Dreams, Hope, Courage, Doubt, and The Sparkle of Love. Mesti ada something dalam hidup you yang you bangga nak share atau harapkan jadi inspirasi kepada orang lain. Mesti ada punya. Dig! And luahkannn, afterall Yuna terima semua photos, drawings, and videos!

Let's do this boys and girls! Let's make this a beautiful videoclip to be cherished by all (nampak tak perkataan beautiful kena emphasized bold underlined font size increased kat situ?)!


  1. did I just see screenshot of matluthfi over there?

  2. Alaaaaa... interesting & interested & ada ideas in my mind... but.. but... kita pakai Galaxy SII.... uuuwwwwaaa!


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