Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life Aspiration: Joining Online Contest

If you have not joined any online contests in your entire life, you have no idea how easy it is to win one. All this while I’ve been promoting online contests in my blog, urging you to take part, well… the more attentive and rajin one among you readers did. And that’s where I got all the thank you emails from, telling me they’ve won lots of stuff from tabs to trips. Craaay!

Yang paling tak boleh blah, how easy it is to take part now that most of these contests dijadikan Facebook app sahaja. Just few clicks away to winning amazing prizes yang pada awalnya you dah budgetkan perbelanjaan bulanan untuk beli benda tuh. Takyah beli lah, menangi saja! Hadoi.

If you don’t pay attention to my online contests entry, you are either lazy or very rich. Seriously. Jangan sombong taknak join. Sekali dah menang, mesti addicted. A friend of my dad live his life just by winning contests tau! Dia dah pernah menang rumah, kereta, duit. Semua tuh buat modal untuk role balik. Hahahaha some luck.

And even if you spot the contest terlalu lambat, fret not because some awesome contests have prizes even after contest submissions!

Hows this…
Contest submissions dah lalu BUT voters stand a chance to win RM500 by just voting!

And you can even do it while enjoying your chilled Nescafe. Pergh.

Semua ini di dalam Facebook app yang senang gila nak navigate, jangan risau. Buta IT pun boleh vote punya. Kalau tak nampak entry I, just to let you know mine is The World Wanderer! Hewhewhew. Tapi plenty of other great submissions too!

Suruh saudara-mara sahabat-handai vote. Who doesn’t need the extra RM500, no? All you need to do is click.

Join Nescafe Cans On The Life contest!

CUBALAH TRY YA, DI . Let me know if you win it! I hope it’ll be one of my readers! Aminnn.

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  1. biasa join contest nuffnang je hmmm contest yg lain2 tu lain kali je la :P


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