Monday, August 25, 2008

Rambutan, Pulasan, Manggis, Durian

I'm so tired but I cant complain. Since this is what I want and this is what Ive chosen. Just got back from a shoot for another fashion spread. I love photoshoots because you get to wear clothes that you would have never picked off the rack, but once you wear it, it actually looks good on you, and now that you know, you'll go to the store and get the same thing as what you wore for the shoot :) And today is no different. The sponsor were Topshop and all the other brands of the same company like Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins etc. Usually I dont even go into these stores except Tospshop because Topshop has Kate Moss sizes, but after experiencing the other two brands myself, I'm loving it. But I need to find myself some large clips so that the clothes would fit nicely, just like at the photoshoots, sarcasm.

Today I met this awesome make up artist called Najib. He used to work as a steward but he quit and went to Indonesia for make up course because his real passion is make up. Wow. And and all of his make up stuff is brand new because some bastard broke his car and stole his large fancy make up bag, the one with light bulbs and all, and he was complaining because he said that he has lost his identity because people always call him Najib Mentol. And now its just gonna be Najib which is not commercial and sounds like my uncle's name.

I know the feeling. I broke my sunglasses few days ago and now I feel less of a model. I need to get a new one because you know how it is, you have few pairs of jeans or few handbags or few sunglasses of different shades, but you'll only wear one forever, the one that is really close to your heart and what makes you, YOU. I need to go back to KL Tower and buy the exact sunglasses I just broke so that I'll be the same Hanis again (alasan). Who buys sunglasses from KL Tower T_T I know I damn touristy, you dont have to say twice.

Yes everyone is talking about the Tongue In Chis launch party, only because its so awesome. But I didnt take any pictures, okay I did, then it turned out real ugly because my face looked so tired, so I stopped. Why I looked so tired? Because I just got back from my kampung!

Poor Imran who got sick just in time for the kampung trip.

This is why we're so excited! Fruits season!

Okay I know from the picture look like damn chokiah got sikit je buah at the pokok, but actually got alot, and yeah whatever semangat gila explain. Anyway we reached kampung quite late already so we slept really late (now semangat trying to explain why I woke up late the next day, why am I like this T_T). So yes, I woke up late the next day, and I woke up to this:

My God, My God, look! Haha team work.
You can see from the picture that they work together to hit the tree (so that fruits will fall to the ground) with a long wooden stick (galah).

Picking up the fallen rambutans.

Picking up the fallen rambutans.

Picking up the fallen rambutans.

Anyway I'd like to take this op to congratulate
Audy for giving birth to tikus makmal (lab mice).



  1. nice activity in kg, giler comel audyyyyy..send my congrat tuh audy hehehehe...anyway salam....

  2. glad to see you've still got your head screwed on right, even though you've reached celeb status :) always good to stay true to your roots. well done, girl.

  3. hi hasni! oopss..hanis :P saya suka kalau awak menulis entri2 di dalam blog ini menggunakan bahasa melayu lagi! hehehe.. i'm looking forward to it.. ;) reading ur entries made me laugh..really enjoy reading every lines of it.[bukan puji ada makna ek..mmg betol2 terjadi..hehe] jadi,teruskan usaha~

  4. aaaaww... audy is so cute wit her tikus makmal! Throw me one can ka?

  5. i want Audy and teh kittehs!!

    please give them to me


  6. WAHHHH, your kampung is so kampung, got fruit farm, I LIKEEEE! :)

    *Im a kampung girl at heart* hahaha.

    I miss my kampung...ahhh, the coolness of kampung and good home cooked food, miss my grandma now.

    Go rest la...*hugs* :)

  7. capik: audy said meow.

    anon: celeb status?! wah wah wah best best. haha okay thanks.

    nadxoxo: baiklah saya akan usahakan! eceh eceh.

    balqiz: tapi my adik-adik ramai and diorang dah chop sorang satu I PUN TAK SEMPAT CHOP SEBAB ADIK BERADIK CAMPUR EMAK SENDIRI ADA 7 ORANG TETAPI KUCING DILAHIRKAN HANYA LIMA EKOR. fuh.

    firdauz: *sorokkan cepat-cepat.*

    siewkwan: i pity those people who has not so kampung kampung as kampung. okay pening.

  8. sedap yye rambutan tu..
    nak satu aje..:)

  9. manggis manggis manggis
    oh my all-time favourite fruit

    but lately.
    terlalu banyak sangat buah.
    sampai muak dah makan.
    humfhhh :p

  10. nye...nak sikit leh?

  11. Why it was named PULASAN?

    Bcos we have to pulas the buah before we can eat it....

  12. how come i only see the kids doin the labour? ooo.. buli budak2 ye?? xD wahahhaha

  13. Imran looks like u esp the mouth part :) And I want rambutan.. got mata kucing or not ar??

  14. bukan lab mice la daling omputih kata guinea pig. kira nya benda tu cam tikus makmal la daling.

    btw? nape tak respon comen yang lalu? u segan eh

  15. omgomgomg, your cat and kittens are super super cute !!

  16. aduhai
    comel nya kucing yang baru jadi ibu itu.
    kamu nak jual anak kucing?
    saya mahu beli.

  17. i lovee ur cat :P
    can i adopt one of Audy's tikus makmal? :P

  18. comel..klu tutup aurat ag comel..he3

  19. Hi Hanis,
    Next time you go makan Rambutan, Pulasan, Manggis and Durian ajak me oso la... makan sorang2... haih... ;-)

  20. argh! comelnya anak2 kucing tu. rasa cam nak picit2 perut derang... biar susu pancut kuar. hahahaha.

  21. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SUPER ADORABLEE!!!! Congratulations to Audy!!!! =D

    what a lovely time! new fruits and kitties!! =D

  22. wah!!! got free fruit!! I want rambutan..stay sweet ya hanis!!!

  23. manggis manggis manggis
    i loike manggis haha.

    eh. cute audy. letak la luar rumah ye :p

  24. firdauz: *larikan sampai sempadan*

    audy: audy is mine, correct.

    shafiqshamsuddin: okay nah satu. rambutan imaginari.

    sharil mohd: i know right! dalam fridge banyak lagi pulasan yang telah dipulas tapi tidak dimakan.

    areif: hoh hoh. dah tak berapa nak fresh.

    raf: satu markah unutk anda.

    azzam: ei mengada i pun ada.

    HZ: Bunting?
    Zaini: zz. bukanla..

    kreazi: mata kucing? mata audy ada dua. campur ngan anak dia ada lah dalam 12 biji.

    jack lingam: *pemalu*

    maksaya: mereka memang! eh. yes they are!

    aku_yanhashim: sayang, tak elok tau jual beli kucing. i read somewhere. so i pun stop membeli-belah kucing.

    l-isa: noooo0o. too precious :')

    hizbul: hehe insyallah on the way :)


    jonathan nathan: mana ada makan sorang-sorang, my adik all monsters makan sekali.

    shahnaz: tahi terpancut keluar wtf.

    huei: oh so lovely bebeh!

    yinyin: hey sayang! i love rambutan too! hugs.

    shahril mohd: nanti audy comel sebab lenjun.

  25. hey hanis.

    perbincangan sy dgn adik sy:

    Pegi cekidaut inibelogsaya.blogspot check out the panel on the top right, then read her entries. It's wayyyy out of proportion.

    Adik sy setelah cekidaut aforementioned blog:

    Hmm. betul. That is so wrong.

    Apa yg out of proportion:

    Kamu terlalu tinggi utk 49kg dan kamu terlalu cantik utk jadi kelakar. Tapi kamu berjaya pull it off. Kamu memang kelakar. Dan semua yg diatas. Berusahalah Hanis!!

  26. your bro and you look so alike it's like cut and poaste. opps, no offense. and reading your entries just makes me laugh because its truly u and genuine.

  27. amierwan@gmail.comAugust 29, 2008 at 12:04 PM

    i love rambutaannn!

  28. Fat cat....
    Feel like squeezing it!

  29. dat cat is so cute!
    nice kampung..
    my kampung is just forty five minutes away..
    i should write about it.. damn..

  30. u mmg cute.. i like..

    i link u.. hanis

  31. kampung kat mane ni? mcm kat kg aku je... :)

  32. sedapnya lu dapat makan buah2 tu.lama dah gua x merasa sejak merantau ni.mintak sikiiit...

  33. best baca blog u sampai lupe nak tido..
    haahaa :)
    bgn tido nnt smbg lagi..


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