Friday, August 29, 2008

Models of Malaysian Dreamgirls fame

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Hello rockareaders. I wanted to just say "let the pictures do the talking" and simply post up all the pictures of my recent gathering for Kiehl's product launch and just that. But too bad, I love to talk. So I shall talk in between pictures. Ngeh.

I'd like to congratulate the early chicks. Birds. Whatever. Thanks for fighting with the bad weather and the bad traffic to be there for me :') And and so sorry for those who couldnt make it due to bad weather. Hurricane Katrina wtf.

Jihan! Who came and drank and ate and rushed off to Rolex's cocktail party.

Me pretending to show the board full of pictures but secretly showing off my skin after using Kiehl's product hohoh. Oi oi everybody has bad angle okay. Kehkehkeh.

My pocket full of sunshines!

Yes. She's my friend.

Alison and Jay being random.

Me being random.

Me while on the phone.

Jules who hates being late but always is because of AreYouGoingLikeThis. Inside joke, please dont try to understand.

Lisa and Maisyarah. HUGS!

Lisa and Maisyarah getting skin consultation.

While my mom and Jay's mom talking to each other at the back.

Meet Idan. The guy who came soaking wet. AWWWW

Guess who came at 9.30 or something?

My sayang Yingying! All the way from PJ :')
And all dressed up! Actually she was too busy that day in search of new house, but when I told her "come lah please, its a small gathering for us girls, reunion weh". Then she said, okay!


Thats Fiqa and Adeline catching up.

Candid of Jean and Adeline catching up.

Candid of Jean and Adeline catching up.

This is when I had enough of their candid faces so I asked them to pose.

Our shot without Adeline. Look! Look! We are colour coordinated, eventhough there wasnt like a real theme to the gathering. Hehe we're secretly soul sisters. Even Adeline who came later wore black. Sobs :')

Random pictures of people mingling and getting skin consultations.

Nik Faris wah wah wah.

I did a speech on the product that Ive tried and tested (lab mice wtf) and at the end of my speech I told them they stand a chance to bring home Kiehl's product worth RM180 when they strike a pose with Mr.Bone. Modelly event must have modelly contest maa.

Mr.Bone eagerly waiting with a smile.

PDAing Mr.Bone.

Apparently flirting with Mr.Bone, not choking.

Lisa and Maisyarah.
Who won third place with this shot. Now this is pure affection.

In second place. Taken before she broke the poor guy's arm.

Went all they way with Mr.Bone's chain necklace and shopping bag.

Those who didnt make the cut.



Okay. Why is Alisya in all the pictures?? Hohoh.

Soul sisters.

Soul sisters.

Jay and Alison showing of their prizes. Look at my excited face. Kikiki.

Thank you everyone for making it happened! Your support means alot to me. And Kiehl (-_-") Wouldnt trade it for the world. SAYANG KORANG SEMUAAA HUREI!

I hate motorcyclist driving in the rain and losing control and sliding towards in front of your car and falling on the road. It happens you know. To me. Twice. It feels awkward like of course it's not your fault, you didnt even touch him and he falls right in front of you and to wait for him to get back on his motorcycles takes forever and the awkward silence is awful and you look at him and wait for him to look at your pity stare. I SWEAR TO GOD ITS KILLING ME.


  1. wow.. mr bones being molested by loads of chickas!! lucky dead guy!

    did he get a boner?

    TA TA TING!.. drumroll please. Thanks i'll be here all week guys!

    having said that...hmm. Fiqa is looking hotter now..

  2. 3rd pic : oh,so fair a her skin liddat.

    las para : random fact of HZ.heh.keluar jela tolong die.


  3. EHH not fair ur prize easier to get wtf!! the one i attended must be best dressed and put on as much things as possible T___T hahahaha this is more like MDG gathering then kiehls righttt?? :P:P

  4. i wonder why CINDY isnt in this kind-a-reunion? in fact in all ur post...hahahahahha..keep her away..she's too perfect as she wish to!
    p/s: i link ur blog via mine! asking for permission

  5. sgt bahagia jika name ku mr.bone. i change my nickname taw.

    yg benar,
    mr. bone ske di peluk

  6. i'm happy for u darling... and the flirting thing with mr bone was Juli's idea kayh everybody... hahhaha! and "AreGoingLikeThis" macam nak kena lempang...! heehee....

  7. hahaha post yang enjoy :)

  8. obefiend: hotter? hottest okay.

    zaini: tapi bahaya. takott.

    mustardqueen: haha. yes i felt that its best for me to introduce this amazing product to them girls as we're constantly looking for the best skin care product :D you shouldve have to my gathering too haha. win all.

    wawa iskandar: who's cindy? okay will link ya too.

    ghost: first apa sayang?

    mr.bone ske dipeluk: hello!

    fiqa: bahahahaha. takpe you hot malam itu. dan setiap hari-hari yang lain.

    leckalecka: chihihihihih.

  9. So fun, all of you MDG girls having your mini-reunion! <3

    Eh share la woman, which kiehl's products are good/recommended (don't say all ar :P)!!

  10. I pity Mr.Bone T_T have to break his arm to please/flirt with girls. Is that the price a guy have to pay? HAHAA

  11. revel in me: haha okay fine. the herbal shampoo and ultra facia mosturizer!

    areif: wowee.

    siewkwan: hahaha. a dead guy, i guess so.

  12. ok fine as directed, i'll post a comment on this.(bcz im on it, tht's th sole reason.)

    oh my god, if only can tapau more of th choc cheese cake mesti best woh.(lols)

    thnx 4 inviting, although someone did not introduce me 2 her long-legs peeps..(lols, itu pon mau ungkit.)

    oh nik said he will definitely buy those stuff, so thnx 4 introducing it 2 him.

    mai's mum already is intersted with keihl's

    and moi,
    if i hv th cash, i'll raid th whole yeah.

    p/s: I NEED ALL TH PICS!


  13. owh my god! i love fiqa's bag! what bag is that!!

  14. Idan looks like Fiqa. :P

  15. hanis i think u should throw a party for ur fren...hehe

  16. nice to see all the girls gather again :) Nice nice photos :D

  17. lisa: yes okay theyre on their way. thanks for being there and sorry if there are times i was too occupied with something that i tak terlayan. hugs :)

    anon: oh its from Nose. my mom have the same bag too :)

    anon: Idan would love to hear this :)

    areif: I did.

    eunice: hee thank you! its olympus. eh eh suddenly only.

  18. so skinny! whats your secret?

  19. good...hmmmm mcm nk pegi je....hehe

  20. hye hanis. are u using kiehl's facial wash and toner? how much is it for both?

  21. Aiya, Ying Ying didn't get me sms that day, if not I can come with her T_T

  22. Owh... So many girls get together :)

    and Mr Bones is sure a very lucky guy :D

  23. Looks like a fun get together :) And how the hell did Jay broke My Boney's arm lar!!!

  24. huh??
    lisa?? marlisa right?
    nik faris??
    thats my fwen time kt mrsm..
    last year..
    anyway, u guys hot..

  25. omg!
    im so glad i ran into u that day!
    i had been a while!

  26. eh,,juliana kamal

    i like her

    shes cool



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