Monday, September 1, 2008

Is fasting the best diet?

Ever since I was in primary school, my chinese or indian friends would always ask me this (when I'm fasting), "Will you die?"/ "Adakah kamu akan dijemput oleh Malaikat Maut?". And my constant reply would be "It's not like that at all" I sighed. Oh oh I remember one of my chinese classmate when I was in standard 1, who told me he wanted to convert into Muslim but his parents wont allow (duh youre 7years old, kid)and the first thing I told him was " Belilah buku teks agama darjah satu"/"Why dont you get yourself Agama Islam's Standard 1 text book." Okay this story does not have anything to do with fasting, it's just that I tiba2 teringat. OKAY MOVING ON.

I dont think fasting alone is the best way to lose weight. First you have 'sahur', sahur is the time (before sunrise), that you eat whatever you want. And my tips is that when you sahur, you taste everything you have in the house, so during day time, you can look down to the food and say "HNNNS (no not Hanis, but hnsss, like a hissing sound), IVE TASTED YOU." That way, you wont crave for it, brilliant, I know. I had chilli crabs for sahur today! And chocolate chip and dates (its a fruit. not like dating during sahur) and rempeyek and and yeah banyak lagi. But seriously, dates alone, will give you all the energy you need during day time. THATS WHY WE ARE NOT DYING PEOPLE. As soon as we've finished our sahur just now, Alisya went all

So yeah, after the 13 hours of not eating and not drinking, then only we could break fast (not breakfast like sarapan, but break our fast) once we hear the azan Maghrib. Yes you would think we would gobble up all the food like a turkey gobble gobble, but actually, no matter how delicious and no matter if the food on the table have like wide variety (tau foo fa, air tebu, dadih, murtabak, ayam percik, apam balik, kebab, eleh macam aku tak tau je apa korang beli kat bazaar) hohoh, we wont eat that much. A drink and a plate of food would be enough. Amazing aint it? Its so beautiful :') Would you lose weight by fasting alone? It depends on your body really. Some would lose weight, and some would gain. But if you do enough prayers, now thats the best way to tone up and lose weight. Beats the gym hands down. TAPI JANGANLAH RUKUK 3SAAT, SUJUD 4SAAT, MALAS GILA.

Okay thats about it on fasting, for now. But whats an entry without picture right?


Huk alah takyah ah teka yang mana.


  1. Hahahahah I was thinking of fasting to go on diet also. And suddenly I see this post of yours. Must must lose some weight! I'm so fat now

  2. haha. lemme guess, u yg kecik kn, yg putih tu. :p

    oh yeah. fasting is best diet dan the easiet way. betul! sgt la betul!
    puasa semata-mata pun sometimes doesnt help, but depends. praying also like exercise rite. such rukuk n sujud. indeed.
    btw, slamat berpuasa. :)

  3. i hardly eat when i'm depressed. so fasting doesn't really help me. if i want to lose weight i have to go anorexic style. but i never want to. hehe. selamat puasa hanis! first time commenting here i guess.

  4. eyh which one r u?the smaller 1 or the bigger 1?seriously cant tell.

  5. WOW, I finished my fast and you just started!!! Chili crab sounds sooo nice, HMMM. My aunt loves to eat dates as well, dried or fresh. The one on left is you la!!

    N Jia You/Add oil(mandarin)/gambateh(in Jap) in your fasting!!:)

  6. hwaaa....i sahur with dates only i got the full energy...another tips dont sleep from the sahur and during days...its good for ur mental n physical...

  7. Selamat Berpuasa. WTF Chili Crab in the morning.

  8. Oh, btw, saw your Levis jeans in Nuffnang office last Friday. Go pick it up lah.

  9. Didn't know so much bout fasting till I read it from here :)

  10. Selamat Berpuasa!!

    next entry citer pasal ur fave Ramadhan's food lak...

  11. Your blog is a great read; you have a cool 'whatever' attitude that reflects in your posts.

    Have a blessed ramadhan :)

  12. hanis

    who in their right mind makan choc chip for sahur! i loled. my sahur consist of a half bottle of coke and maybe a packet of twisties. i am too malas to cook something up or go to a shop and eat. i call this the " lazy bachelor special diet". pretty good for fat bachelors like me! hah!

    p/s: u missed roti john in your bazar ramadhan must have food. i love them.makan during sahur while watching mythbusters. bliss!

    selamat berpuasa to you and all your muslim readers Hanis!

  13. the left one is your sis liyana right? xD she didnt change much!

  14. sharon: try the no rice diet!

    loveyashliecious: correct! yes yes indeed. okay happy fasting to you too honeyh!

    shafiqashamsuddin: happy fasting to you too :D

    sarah is the one: hey hey thanks babe :D ad thanks for lending your time, to comment here.

    arif: ya allah senang okay.

    siewkwan: yes that what I thought! I told you right? like imma fast soon and youre ending yours.

    areif: true true.

    simon seow: haha okay I will. raya jeans.

    ahlost: thats great! hehe.

    raf: happy fasting raf!

    azuan: aww thanks you too!

    obefiend: waaah so simple your sahur. damn good, save money, time.
    I told you I eat everything so I wont crave. yes! roti john! lupa pula. happy fasting to you too!

    zaini: XD

  15. Angjemgembel??apakah?

    n lpe nk tls..apsl height mcm da tka?168?bkn 17+ sumting ke?


  16. obviously, part perut sure naik after break fast. jangan nak tipu!

  17. azzam: kan kan comel sangat.

    zaini: 17+? Lanjau gila best but no. Hanya 168cm atau kurang. Eh eh.

    shahril mohd: ya tak nafikan.

  18. it depends on the individual himself..but i would agree with u hanis.the best way of losing weight is the 'no rice diet'. to those of u who is trying to lose some weight, i'd say go for the 'no rice diet'!n of course plus some exercise regime. =)

    happy ramadhan to everyone. =)

  19. selamat pose

  20. hahah fun/funny entry! xD yah one time i fasted in a month, i gain weight. another month i lost weight. unsolved mystery :P happy puasa to you! ^^

  21. wahh chili crabs early morning??? your tummy ready for heavy food already???
    heee... the chinese likes dates dates. normally cook together with soup =)

  22. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH damn girl! Lawak sial.. especially the hissing

  23. Chili crabs in the morning? Terror lar lu ni!! Hahahahahaha.. but don't you feel sleepy, having to wake up so early to cook and eat? Then what? Gp back to sleep? Hehehe.. eh, any nice bazaar in USJ?

  24. Hahaha RUKUK 3 SAAT! OMG.

    I think fasting would be the best diet IF we don't end up stuffing everything we could during berbuka. Some people do, kan. As for me, dah teguk 2 3 kali air panas, tiba2 macam hampir kenyang. Makan nasik sepinggan, boleh la muat utk 2 3 ketul kuih, pastu that's it.

    Then if you go for terawih, extra exercise :DD

  25. hahahha how old do u have to be to start fasting?

    true..if u go on for an entire day without food and water, u can't eat much after that. i "fasted" on tuesday cos i didn't have a cup at work (first day)..nor was i familiar with anyone to go out for lunch with..and am a weirdo who can't eat i went for..well not 13 la..but 8 hours of no food n drinks..n ate very little during dinner

  26. u said to do no rice diet?
    means eat everything except diet even high carbo food?then,it;s really work?


    check one of our post. we wrote something about puasa and if you can express your opinion (also all hanis zalikha FC members are also invited to post yourcomments there.)

    -do visit

    PS: 4434

  28. hahah ko ni bodo la
    penat aku baca,
    nk pengsan aku ngn andy gelak

    btw aku tau ko yg mana,

    and oh sapa yg pegi bazaar tak beli tau fu fa? bodo ka?

  29. This is an old post but I still wanna comment.

    I think u are on the right.. Why?? Bcos u were born in 90 n that pic was taken in Jan 92. So u should be around 1yr n 3mths old.. The left one look abt 4 or 5 yrs old.

    Really eh, u kecik2 cam anak mat salleh or omputih lah.. Maybe kat photo je tak..


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