Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to mother kittens

Its been a sad day yesterday. I burried two kittens at the back of my house. One was Audy's, another one was a stray kitten from the the back alley. Audy has been diagnosed with Sporox, few years back, however still managed to give birth to healthy kittens of Baby Phat's batch. This time around however, we're not so lucky. There used to be 5, and now there are 2.

On a happier note, kittens do act like human babies! Too cute!

Sometimes they give you a stare as if they're trying to recognise you.

Sometimes they just want to roll around all day long.

Sometimes they just dont give a damn to the surroundings.

Sometimes, they pretend like they're going to cry.

There are times when they want to play with you.

But most of the time, they just want their mother.

And mother cat do act like a human mother as well.

Sometimes things get out of hands.

And they just want to get a good stretch.

Rest in peace, August Kiss.

Ada juga yang layan blues sebab tidak diendahkan.

OhSoRandom: I had the best Sambal Paru for sahur today. Yes my mom makes the best Sambal Paru in the world, envy me.


  1. dead cats are no fun. this one time one of my kitten died and the "dad" end up eating their feets. that was my first encounter with cannibalism among animals. i've seen it on NatGeo but not depan mata. it was horrifying sine the dead kitten are left with stumps for legs!

    i never knew cat daddies are evil.


    This one!! apsal muka kucing u macam nak cari gaduh je?? =p

    giler otai

  3. All these are yours? so many of them. oh btw, selamat berpuasa =)

  4. damnn...that sambal paru is so salivating la...

    my mom make the best sambal paru, sambal petai and lauk gulai masak lomak!

    seres lapar sekarang...

    haihhh tolonglah bulan2 puasa ni jgnla buat entry yg sensitif..ehe

  5. Awwwww~~ the kittens are so so so cuteeeeeeeeee! and may august kiss rest in peace...

  6. please let me have them

    i will jaga them elok elok

    alif lam lam ha, janji tau

  7. omg those cats are so cute! rasa nak picit2 je!

  8. omg. the kittens are so adorable! *drools*

  9. hasshuee(bersin) sensitip la haiwan berbulu

  10. Hanis, jgn slalu ambik gmbr kucing. Tu one of the reason kucing mati. Seriously x tipu. From my experience, n others as well. Btw, mereka sgt comel. mcm owner. Eh x sma. owner mereka hot. ^_^

  11. omg sangatlah comel kucing2 tuh. kalau i dah lama gomol2. ehhehe. you're so lucky to have that many cats and kittens!

  12. Hanis Zalikha..Just one short magic word:

    Only yesterday was an easy day.


  13. orang banyak beli kucing ni dimurahkan rezeki.

  14. hanis i wanted to order cookies from ur ma but she aint replying my email isk isk

  15. haha.
    comel audy dalam formation stretch tu.

    sorry to hear about august kiss.

  16. have you seen damn cute also T3T

    and why your cat named audy i shy WTF

  17. how adorableeee *squeeze2* :P

    i read obefiend's comment; yeah, bapak kucing makan anak2 kucing may b sebab ingatkan itu tikus. maka sebab tu mak kucing suka cari tempat tersorok for her kittens.

    and i did experience burying 5 kittens for few consecutive days.. they died one by one. super devastating i cud say T_T

  18. ADORABLEEEE!!!!!

    can my puppies play with ur kittens? hehehe =D

  19. Kittens are cute.. But I don't like :(

  20. Super comel!!!! You ada tak kitten yang tak boleh membesar? Dia sama saiz je sampai bila-bila. Ada? Kalau ada, bak satu. Please. Tengs.

    Selamat hari Khamis.

  21. although i'm not really fond of kitty cats, i think those kittens are cute. sorry to hear about august kiss. she's sleeping in serene in the pic.

  22. hanis.. ur kitten died? sob sob.. *hugz*

    waaa.. u had sambal paru? ahhhh naaaaakkk.. susah nak cari sambal paru kt kedai.. the best one i found in nilai masa study dulu hehe.. my mum made the best sambal of all kind but unfortunately not sambal paru. bagitau aunty kak lynne nak sambal paru yeee.. hehe..

    kak lynne

  23. omg!kittens so adorable!i hv one here and its all black,totally opposite w its mother which is all white.i guess the 'father' is all black nyehh wtf.

  24. Hi there,

    I've took a few pictures of you during the MDG finals but I'm not sure if you want em'.

    If you do, do drop me a mail at

    I'll be glad to send them back to the owner. ;)


  25. GOSHH!! lovin' those kittie pictures. every one of them! and lovin' audy's stretch pose too! you're a wonderful photographer hey ;)

    btw. MY step mom makes the best sambal paru in the world..hehehehe! and we had that not too long ago and so you're making me droooool.

    ramadhan mubarak woman!

  26. harap kamu akan blog dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana bahasa Ingris kamu agak teruk

  27. i luv cat...
    cat very nice...
    (ingat iklan petronas ni..??)

  28. ok...believe it or not...still taktau mana satu u dalam gambar tu...serious...

  29. Envy, envy, envy. I want sambal paru too.

  30. If talking about kittens, based on my experience, it is better not to visit or touch the kittens always. Else, they ended up dead or the mother itself makan them. Maybe our smell or sth were left on their fur or sth.

    And if talk about bapa kucing, some reliable sources told me that they makan the kittens 'cos the mother kucing does not want to mate with him (unless she does not have kittens anymore. Female cats love to have kittens). I was surprised when I got to know this as well. Not sure if it is true.

  31. Hanis I just had to let you know.. I tagged you!!!! HAHAHAH.. As Crazy as i am.. you don't even know me.. but I tagged you! :)

  32. those kittens and their mom are cute!! selamat berpuase! =)

  33. andy with her cute little babies!!!
    adorable wei..andy cakar tangan i sgt sakit! ahahaha ;D

  34. wow ... comel jugak kucing u,,, peminat kucing nie ...

  35. eee... kiut r..
    kucing kite pun baru beranak gak..
    tgk r kat blog saye..

    sekor RIP gak, coz of cleft palate.. (sumbing da..) x dpt isap cucu mak die...

  36. Anonymous said...

    harap kamu akan blog dalam Bahasa Melayu kerana bahasa Ingris kamu agak teruk

    orang macam ni la yg xske tgk kejayaan orang lain..bia la trok pon,at least ade effort nk practise english..

    ni la pemusnah bangsa sebenarnya*sigh*

  37. nak satu kucen....!
    damn jeles tgk ur cats semua giler cute n mahalan...


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