Thursday, August 21, 2008

Model's skincare regime

Backstage Times Square, 16. 08. 08.

Ask any of my model friends, and they would agree that one's skin condition is very important in booking jobs. Okay apart from height, facial features, and body proportion of course, bebeh. As a model, your skin have to be in tip top condition. Why? Because photoshopping takes time. And and omg if your skin is bad, you will, I mean, YOU WILL horrify other models because make up artist only use one make up sponge for all the model's faces blegh. And even if you only do runway, your skin still have to be flawless (except for unavoidable occasional break outs) because when the stage light hits your face, no matter how thick your foundation or concealer is, your pores and acne scars will outshine the dress youre wearing, and of course, you. Okay I know your mind is still thinking about the evil make up sponge I mentioned earlier, but lets move on shall we (with more on these sponges!)

More reasons why we, models, need to take care of our skin like its our baby. Omg talking about babies, I want a skin like baby's bottom hohoh. Okay sorry I shall proceed now. Because like I mention ealier, evil make up sponges gasp, we always meet them, for photoshoots, runways or events. So we must cleanse, tone and mosturise properly once we get back from work. Okay its wrong for me to blame on just the sponges because make up brushes and other applicators are evil too, but lets focus on mother of all evil okay. Reason number two, because our skin get tired real easily since our job consists of make up make up and more make up! Dont get me wrong, I love getting made up by different people everyday, like you know, you sit there, and wait for the outcome (different outcome everytime!). How exciting is that cause like usually if the make up person is ugly, sure your make up will turn out ugly wtf why am I revealing all these? But yeah its so much fun and while your make up is being done, theres like a team of people waiting to do your hair, yes, feel like a majesty. Okay reason number three, late night events. We have to attend late night events (okay actually its not late night, its at night, but untill late night, and of course you'd stay till late when a bunch of your dingdong dancing friends is around) and that would further enhance our eyebags or dark eye circles. No amount of foundation could cover this baby up. And obviously, the next morning we have to wake up like super duper early to rehearse for shows inside mall before the the mall is open (because they want to surprise all the customers with the choreography so must rehearse fast before they start coming in errr?).

Trusted brand for my skin is Kiehl's skin range! This, I shall recommend to all the models out there (and non models too because deep down inside, everybody is a model, please lah weh, obvious okay your Facebook pictures all hohoh). Anyway Kiehl will be launching its new range of skin care which is The Ultra This And That (okay the name is not that cool lah, why am I making everything sound so cool, because I'm cool, that must be it, but the toner is Ultra Toner and the mosturiser is Ultra Mosturiser, yeah you get the idea). So I'll be having the Kiehl's product launching party (get your invites people!) this coming Wednesday, 28th August 2008. Where? Right here at Kiehl's Pavilion:

And you can get free skin consultation prior to
the launching at their own consultation counter!


Not only that honeyh, you will get to meet your favourite models of MDG fame in person and actually poke them or talk to them and ask them their own beauty regime!
She loves Kiehl's.

She loves Kiehl's even more.

Fiqa and Jay for Kiehl's.

So send in your photos with ILOVEKEHL'S written on some recyclable item at before 24th of August (Sunday) to get invited to my event.

Venue: Kiehl's store, Pavilion KL.
Date: 27th August 2008 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.30pm-9.00pm
F&B: Coffeebean and Tealeaf.
Theme: Clean.


Who knows you might find one of these in your goodie bag :)


  1. abs.. fiqa... noooooooo!!!! (x_x)

  2. i thought the secret to smooth baby bottom skin was;

    a) diapers
    b)liquid shite (green colour)
    d)bedak talkum Kutikura

    HAHAHAHA.. no wonder my face look like a metoer garden! HAHAHAH

  3. hmmm i wanna go to ur event...but i at unlucky...

  4. shafiqshasuddin: thanks :D love it when people appreciate my work!

    azzam: hotstuff dowh!

    obefiend: haha green colour. grey, occasionally.

    areif: it's alright, i'll post up pictures! haha :)

  5. janis. i sgt suka kiehl(mcm ni eh eja?) HAHA tapi mahal laaa 0_o

  6. I want to migrat to West to enjoy all the events there !!

  7. dont worry. i got butt cramp too. either too much meat or non at all. i dont know. im confused. hehhee

  8. alllla...picture pon picture la...maybe next time..hihi :)

  9. Very well written! :D Dun sound like an ad at all.

    But Kiehl ini mahal la, tak boleh afford! :(

    I wanna go but I think I will be occupied by then :( :( How?

  10. i thought can see u in person...hmmmm...may be next time..

  11. hey hanis, i've been reading ur blog for a while now. love ur entries. since ur a model, any tips to stay in shape or maybe lose some weight?

  12. The evil sponge sounds really scary. Then I guess clean freaks can't be a model. Or they'll have to bring their own sponges and stuff.

  13. anything pun that were recommended by you must be good! :P

  14. eh i want!! i'll still be here! but malas laa..

  15. zalikha: amat benar.

    si kaki shopping: photo? sorry but of what?

    ahlost: you should!

    balqiz: i selalu dapat terutama kalau masa nak masuk sungai macam gila butt freeze ke apa. whyyy.

  16. hanis, this blog is damn cool and funny. teruskan berblogging wokeyy..

    *i just found your blog at maliha's page. indeed its funny. unexpected betul makcik ni :)

  17. areif: yes yes :)

    siewkwan: ala ala i want you. sigh nvm lah then its alright.

    pipiyapong: ..hep

    anon: oh hello there! its in the gene i think, but you can try this amazing no rice diet. eat anything you want except rice. it helped one of my sister's friend :)

    sharon: haha when you say clean freaks immediately i think of Monk.

    azzrizal: YES!

    suet li: haha okay.

    eireen: thanks babe! wha? which makcik :P

  18. EHHH u got party also!! hahah WHY NO ONE ORGANIZE ONE FOR ME HUHHH??? T____________________T and yeah maybe i shdu try also la cos im cool like that also *shifty eyes*

  19. Didn't know skincare was so complicated. Hurmmm... I learned something to do. Hanis, thanks for the lesson. :-)

    P.s. Changed my blog address to
    Hope you can update my link on your blog coz its still pointing to the old address.Thanks.

  20. hehe..
    very well put.. i love reading your blog..
    n i want a skin like a baby's bottom too =P

  21. Thanks for the invite babe.
    I'll see you tomorrow then!

  22. omg..i didnt knw u got an event going on..aiyo
    missed tht :(
    so sad d...

  23. WTH!!!!!! I miss the event !!! yar!! if not i can see u at pavilion la !!
    so bad luck ..........haiz.......
    mu stupid assignment lo....take all my time...i can't see my sweet hanis !


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