Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to organise birthday party for kids!

OhSoRandom: Life update, buka puasa with Julie's Biscuit and Media Hiburan at Vistana Hotel.

Was seated next to the most gorgeous chatterbox Ive ever met, Sarimah Ibrahim.

Aunty Nana as one of the biggest sponsors of the event.

And surprise surprise, guess who I bumped into, going out with Lash from Goda, 8tv??

My sizzling hot friend.

Bak kata Azwan Ali, AMBOI AMBOI AMBOI.

Today is Hafiiz's 10th birthday, so I would like to dedicate this entry to him. Happy birthday to Hafiiz, the boy who cries himself to sleep whenever he misses me :') Im so lucky to have a little brother like him. Hafiiz has a superpower: he can remember things like no other. If I lose something in the house I'd just ask him where is it, and he would recall back the last time he saw that thing and pheeewsh up up and away he gets it for me. Wouldnt you want a little brother like this? Last year we threw an awesome birthday party for him and Alisya (double duo). So I'd like to share with you guys, (and educate some) on how to throw a good party for kids.

To be able to throw a good party for kids, first you must know the age group of the people youre inviting (ours were 7-10). Prepare a guest list. Make sure the birthday boy and birthday girl prepares the guest list first before you start doing anything else, so you would know how big the party you'll be hosting. You wouldnt want to know that your kid only has three friends of the same class and one from the same bus, the hard way (ha party lah engkau lima-lima orang tuh.) Tsskkk.

Once you know that your kid is the popular kid in school, unlike other kid of his age that only has friends of the same gender, then only you decide on the seating plan. Usually, girls and boys of this age group are quite shy and need more time for ice breaking. So you seat them separately. And since they just love to act grown ups, arrange tables as if theyre eating at a restaurant. But this restaurant dont have waiter please. Dont so diva ah.

Guest list checked. Seating arrangements checked. Next, food. No, this is not the time to show off your cooking skill, so save your knowledge on Gulai Kawah or Ikan Siakap 27 Rasa for the in-laws. Put yourself in their shoes and you would realise that all they want is to eat predictable fried food such as nuggets, fries, and little sausages. For something slightly heavier, prepare Fried Bee Hoon or Fried Rice.

Keep the dishes simple unless of course, you invite their parents as well (this is highly recommended and by doing it, you might get nicer presents). Serious. Ada yang datang sendiri pastu bagi magic pen YANG DAH GUNA. Okaylah at least bagi (cover).

Bukan budak ini yang bagi magic pen yang dah guna tu tau.

This is the right time to show off your baking skill though. Kids love pastries! We did cute cupcakes and the little ones had fun decorating it the night before. All sort of patterns can be seen, and they showed it off to their friends. Ha such proud moment for them.

My mom also baked the birthday cake as well. Its the chocolate cake in the picture below. Damn gorgeous I know because its decorated with chocolate chips!

If any of your guest happens to get your child a birthday cake as well, do cut it during the party, along with the original birthday cake so that the kids would have more choice, not everyone loves chocolate or cheese okay or combination of chocolate and cheese or or okay you get it already.

Whats a party without party games right? Selection of games is as important as everything else. This is what the kids going to talk about the next day at school. For our party, we chose Limbo! That was the best part of the party and the kids had so much fun, we played it for more than three times. The prizes offered must also be good lah. Siapa nak main kalau menang dapat pensel khat (-_-")

The girls were cheating wtf.

But you musnt forget this ever. Ever. The key to success:

A hit on sunny days! Popsicles tube (or nama lebih glemer, eskrem 30 sen). Its better than ice cream because theyre easy to handle and doesnt create so much mess and the kids totally dig this.

Last time, our goodie bag/door gift/party pack/doggy bag contained chocolate chips, candies and some cheap toys (a must!). But I suggest you try something new and 'in'. And no you dont have to go to Bijou Bazaar to get/borong this.

Kedai mamak jual RM2 je untuk saiz budak-budak.


  1. saya nak spek mata pink tu ... :)

  2. tiup lilin sure saat paling best utk budak kecik/ budak dah besar pon :)

  3. what a fun party! xDD sy jugak mau menyebok pergi party macam ni walaupun sudah x berapa nak muda.. hahaha

    my youngest bro (not so young now, he's 15 already) also like your bro, hafiiz. i always forgot where i put my things and then tadahh! he's the one who found it back for me :P kudos to all the younger brothers with good memories! :P

    and happy birthday to hafiiz! may he gets all the best things in the world! :]

  4. hahaha..mmg best

    ske ah si hafiiz byk dpt adiah?..ala ok la tuh used magic pen pon..


  5. waaa.. nnt u bleh la jadik wedding planner plak ye?? =D

    btw.. lash pun ada? he he he

  6. Hey, nice blog and nice photos. Look really pretty and elegant. Cool! and the post on the birthday party for kids is a good suggestion. Thumbs up for your blog!!

  7. cute cupcakes <3 !
    hoi,hanis, nice entries! :)

  8. Clown. Mana clown? Nak belon poodle..

  9. omg.i am the first to leave a comment here.yeay! it?or maybe u havent approve any comment yet?uh uh.whatever.

    u gave me an idea to throw a party for kids.yeay!(wonder who the kid i want to throw him/her a party)hurm.

  10. shafiqshamsuddin: pasti happy dia baca :D

    nizam: sungguh bergaya kan.

    dhiacoco: kecuali orang tua, sebab air liur tersembur sekali.

    waniezryl: haha memang serunuk! ys mereka hebat. ADAKAH KERANA MEREKA LELAKI?! okay thanks for the wish!

    mohd faiz ariff: ya at least bagi (cover lagi).


    seeker: elegant?! yeay i captured them all :D

    isoprena: woh woh *gumbira*

    yoshz: tapi clown sekarang suka nari dangdut. sumpah.

    faz: haha comel! culik sahaja anak jiran sebentar. pulangkan time maghrib.

  11. wah da 30 sen da ekrim tuh...last dulu i beli still 10 sen..tua dah rupenya

  12. i love birthday parties!! wanna organise one for me? hahaha ;)

  13. happy birthday, adik hanis!

    ei, kedai mamak mana jual shades tu? tolong belikan. i just broke mine pagi tadi & yg mamak punya tu mcm susah nak patah je.

  14. I nvr know how to decorate cupcakes :( On the other hand, wah liau, I still remember the popsicles during primary school days, baru 10 sen lar... we called it Pop Pop Ice last time :P

  15. "Popsicles tube (or nama lebih glemer, eskrem 30 sen)"

    LOL. That sentence of yours made me laugh like crazy! Eskrem 30 sen. I didn't know that! XD

    I want birthday party too...

  16. wah.tak pernah pulak terpikir nak search kat encik google mcmana nak organize birthday party for kids.tapi memang betul, kene tau cara2nya jugak.enteri yang bermanfaat :)

  17. capik79: haha kaaaan? dulu murah best.

    jessieloi: okay i can be your party planner haha.

    senandung k: kat sabak bernam pun banyak. kena pandai cari :)

    kreazi: haha pop pop ice so cute! its 30sen now damn mahal right?

    wan yian: ahaha i want to be a kid again!

    nadxoxo: awww terimakasih! saya menghargai penghargaan anda :)

  18. u are so funny lah! kipidap. *keep it up*

    now that u've mentioned it. i think i've seen u before kat mj pavi tu. heheh

  19. betul ke hafiz pernah dapat magic pen yang dah guna? lol

  20. I jugak nak spek mata itu!!! Which mamak is it? =(

  21. terasa aku! "unlike other kid of his age that only has friends of the same gender". Mendalam! nice entry, berguna utk bwt birthday party for my future child XD

  22. teringat main limbo mase kecik2..hehe..wah2...good u being a sporting n enjoying sis

  23. Magic pens, groovy glasses,
    Funky nuggets for all the masses,

    All have come, some big some small,
    A joyous occasion, I'm sure for all,

    Happy Birthday to 'lil Hafiz,
    And well done organising to his adorable sis.

  24. Saya pernah bagi novel tulisan Othman Kelantan ke Othman Puteh (lopa daa) pada kawan saya sempena birthday dia.

    Actually novel tu hadiah sebab dapat no 2 dalam kelas.. (kira barangan terpakai la.. tp tak pernah baca.. huhu)

    Now, after reading ur post, I feel so keji already for giving the used stuff to her.. haahaa..

    Mungkin kalau jumpa dia time raya nanti, kena minta maaf zahir dan batin atas peristiwa yang berlaku 17 tahun lepas.. hoho!

  25. happy birthday hafiz adik hanis.

    entry awk menarik tp adik2 sy semua sudah besar. ape kate bagi tips2 utk buat birthday party utk adik sy yg sebaya dgn hanis. ape kate?

    spek tu mcm menarik je. sy akan cari dan pakai diluar mungkin boleh kena tangkap dgn igotshotinthecity.

    tq for the ideas hanis.

  26. Popsicles tube, I only managed to try them when I was 18?? Hahaha. Cuz aunt said it's unhealthy so yea, I was very obedient...-_-

  27. owh i totally agree with your birthday ideas.. children are easy to please if you have the basic neccesities :D

  28. sorry laaa cik HASNI KHALIZA... been a bit busy with work ngan assigments kelas master.. dah kena marah/merajuk dengan Fiqa jugak ni.. =p

  29. hello
    can i correct u?
    blog in malay is also 'blo'
    not 'BELOG'

  30. Cute blog hanis!
    Can I tag u? ehmm..nevermind, I already did.


  31. OMG woman, you're FUhhneeeyyyy. You should've started blogging a long time ago. I enjoy your "bersahajaaaa" way of blogging. Nice! ;) visit me lah at

    P.S. : Happy Birthday Hafizzz! Wish I can borrow your memory.

    P.P.S. : During my zaman, it was called eskrem seposen ok. Mahalnyaa skrg ni. My fave was the one with asam boi at the bottom :)

  32. copied from preceeding comments:
    "sorry laaa cik HASNI KHALIZA... been a bit bla..bla..bla" ..SNIP!

    Wonder just who is this HASNI KHALIZA? - Hanz.

    PS. The footnote date appears correct but the time seems to be timbuktoo time zone.

  33. bagi magic pen yang dah guna? sharing is caring u know. :p orang tu ade mintak balik tak? haha.

    btw, kenapa kalau ada majlis makna-makan kat malaysia, bee hoon goreng most probably mesti ada? haaaa~

  34. "Next, food. No, this is not the time to show off your cooking skill, so save your knowledge on Gulai Kawah or Ikan Siakap 27 Rasa for the in-laws."
    haahahhahaha so funny that line!
    oh and happy birthday to hafiiz.

  35. Happy birthday Hafiiz. and cool party u organized there! kaylah, bukak business arrh lepas ni. hehee. and amboi amboi amboi..! suka tau gossip gossip nih. no wonder orang lain tau. hahahaa. u memang. and spek mata itu adalah cool. =)
    sambung balik, jagaa u hanis.... hahahahaha

  36. that ice pong is priced at 30 cent now?...talking about inflation, kids do affected too

  37. ooh! mcm best je!
    makanan pun simple sbb budak2 kecik makan sikit..
    cermin mata tu pun smart la.. haha..

    happy belated birthday hafiiz..

  38. pixiepwincess: haha baiklah *malu*.

    rachel: benar. bulu2 lagi mata pen tersebut.

    ashleigh: somewhere in taipan. go get it! but one size only ar.

    anon: for my future child too! ceh ceh.

    areif: terer ke? johan limbo eh!

    omegasupreme: waaaah it rhymes! *yes jakun i know* thanks!

    the chronicles of sindarella: please jangan nak rasa keji, atleast novel tersebut bahan ilmiah sumore you belum baca. magic pen itu hujung mata pennya berbulu okay. and ada yang bagi buku doraemon tahun 80an yang pernah basah. er.

    ghost: takpe boleh guna nak buat untuk befdei anak nanti!

  39. nice write-up... rajin siot.. bebaru larat laa kot..

    the used pen is a good idea... amat bijak kanak2 tersebut.. test the product first make sure it works before bagi orang..

    maybe u shud give that out instead of the mamak spek!!


  40. from just the few pictures posted, i can see that hafiz really enjoyed himself hehehe nice PLANNED birthday party lolx

  41. siewkwan: awak budak baik.

    budlee: benar pendapat anda.

    azzam: wahaha wokeh.

    anon: baiklah saya akan cuba menjadi skema. blo ye?

    mingming: thanks mingming!

    whimsical jottings: whaaa i pun suka yang ada asam boi ituhhh.

    anon: okay?

    shahril mohd: tapi beehoon my mom pergh terbaik.

    suz: thanks babe :)

    fiqa: *berjaga-jaga* opocot terpelecok heels aku.

    jon jonson: true :(

    hadi: haha taktau kenapa tapi komen hadi lawak. haha.

    ((())): sungguh mulia hati anda.

    areif: wuuu takut :P

    joshuaongys: wahah *take a bow wtf*

  42. fiqa: *berjaga-jaga* opocot terpelecok heels aku. <--- wahaha tak sangka plak fiqa ada daulat! xD

  43. Wah.. Nice entry on how to organise a birthday party for kids !! Next time I know how if my friends seek for my help :)

  44. i just read ur blog, n u r so gorgeous..suddenly just now, i saW UR FACE IN pENGANTIN frens didn't believe me when i told them that u only 17..really cute..hahaha!!!

  45. azzam: (-_-")

    ahlost: good for us! hehe.

    uetoaya: MY GOD T_T. So shy already. Tsk thank you so much :')

  46. PENSEL KHAT WTF !! hahaha

  47. napalah lmbat i bukak blog u ni..
    aritu bgai nak rak cari idea buat bzday utk anak i.. tp baru setahun je umur dia.. next time bleh guna tips ni...


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