Friday, November 14, 2008

Think about the children! Chey.

Let me tell you a story about a maid.

I hope Aunty Elaine is not reading this because I’m going to talk about her maid. Okay what the hell she probably hates her maid too but secretly holding on haha.

Aunty Elaine has this beautiful garden at the back of her house. We do too, but ours is still new and the plants are still short. Anyway, her maid got these long beans seeds from some maid friend of hers so she planted them in Aunty Elaine’s garden. At the same time my mom also bought seeds to be planted so that we will have fresh supply of long beans, everyday for the rest of our life. The maid noticed and I bet the maid thought of it as a race to the top most long beans championship wtf. What the maid didn’t know is that the seeds my mom bought were from some different rare breed of different rare type which is RARE. That explains why it does not produce as much long beans as the maid’s plant does. Moving on, let us discuss how annoying the maid is. Every bloody evening, when my mom is cooking at the back, the maid would suddenly (like tiba-tiba gila) pop up (like those annoying pop ups with virus all, but much more annoying till cannot describe) and say to my mom “ AKAK TENGOK POKOK SAYA AKAK, BANYAKKAN KACANGNYA KAK, TAK MACAM POKOK AKAK”. She would say the same thing the next day, only change the sentences a bit, so that she would appear less annoying BUT STILL CANNOT STILL ANNOYING WHYYY T_T. Maybe its not a big deal, but I cannot tahan people annoying to my mom like that. I must show her that I have green hand (Incredible Hulk wtf) too. Thumb whatever.

I’m on a mission. I’ve been on this mission long before Aunty Elaine even hired her annoying maid but anyway, I shall plant more trees for my kids! I think of it this way, the more kids I want, the more trees I should plant so they wont fight for air to breathe haha. And of course, I will also be taking part in most long beans championship so please vote for me (-_-“)

Will I be able to top this?

This is my mom’s rare species of long beans plant!

Rare long beans to be used in tonight’s Chicken Turmeric dish.


Ive picked a spot at the back of my house and set up this cute square space for my long beans. But I’m still waiting to get the same cheap long beans seeds from the same maid that gave the long beans seeds to Miss Annoying 2008. So first, I need to make friend with her. This might take some time.

Meanwhile, I shall plant a tree for my second daughter, Audylia! OMG WHY IS MY DAUGHTER’S NAME SO CUTE LIKE MY CAT (and Aud).

Hanis Zalikha and her cute and young tower tree (planted for her second daughter’s oxygen). The tall and beautiful tower trees are expensive. You can buy young ones and it will only take few years for it to grow tall and beautiful. FEW YEARS WEH T_T

I know that the ice in the North Pole is melting, but what am I doing about it?

I know that the air I breathe in is getting dirtier by day, but what am I doing about it?

I know that its too hot to play outside but what am I doing about it?

I plant a tree. You?

Do your part and and share your environtmental activities at this fun webbie!

It’s simply awesome to see how many people have already uploaded their environmental activities there. Check out what others are doing for the environment (and go ahead, feel bad for being lazy)! But of course, nothing is impossible nowadays so it’s no surprise that you can also do your part for the environment with just having an online saving account. An online eco-friendly saving account that is! Find out more about it here! :)


  1. "Will I be able to top this? "

    hanis hommi..
    u r 168 right?
    dont u able to reach it?
    maybe u need to gayut-gayut more on the playgrounds..

    ;p ;p

  2. maid like that also got ah? my nenek's maid loves watching astro awani instead of doing work. what a lazy bum. sometimes when i'm at gramps i have to serve myself. oh so unbecoming for such a "fehmes" blogger like me.. eh perasan

    just a question

    since i dont plan on having babies... so i can i cut trees instead? he he he..

  3. maid like that also got ah? my nenek's maid loves watching astro awani instead of doing work. what a lazy bum. sometimes when i'm at gramps i have to serve myself. oh so unbecoming for such a "fehmes" blogger like me.. eh perasan

    just a question

    since i dont plan on having babies... so i can i cut trees instead? he he he..

  4. annoying your neighbor's maid..geli betul nak lawan-lawan tanam kacang panjang.

  5. for your mission, just want to say...

  6. Lepas ni boleh tanam pokok petai. in a few years time, boleh organize race panjat pokok. Hanis vs maid..haha!

  7. what am i doing about it?

    being a vegetarian and use my electric appliances wisely :)

  8. hee so cute u'r wearing skirt n tnm kacang. oh wish i could plant my own but since tanah x brape ckp with all the poor bunge2an (which jarang dijage eheks), mybe have to clean them up first. and yeah, sy nk juge tnm manyak pokok2 & tumbuhan2 & bunge2 yang subur utk bakal ank2 ku (gues what? i pon dh plan name anak hahahah)

  9. haha.fired je maid aunty kamu tu.antor die balik mane asal die.nwey,boley jd duta kelab pencinta alam sekitar.

  10. haha, comel je gaya penulisan post ni...

    oh ye, all da best mbesarkan pokok2 di rumah!


  11. waahhh.
    u mmg cool tapi maid sebelah rumah u gila irritating. haha.
    ade ke nak berlumba menanam cucuk tanaman, ceyh. semoga berjaya ke atas misi kacang pjg u. eh, apa ur mum jwb eachtime she banggakan pasal her kcg pjg?

  12. green fingers kot. hehe. save the environment!

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  14. Wow, cool idea, planting trees for kids' future air. And hope ur trees grow eons of long beans enough stop Miss Annoying 08^^

  15. Bapak la annoying. Haha, pasal pokok pun boleh show-off2 eh? Haha, suruh je maid tu balik indon , tanam pkok kacang dkt sana. Har har har

  16. tu rupa pokok kacang panjang eh?

    what am I doing about it?
    kalau boleh i nak pindah ke planet lain yang lagi selamat.

  17. hanis, r u wearing bickinstock?? I cant find it in malaysia leh!!!

  18. way to go hanis!!! :) i like your spirit! -yasmin-

  19. helo hanis!

    this is def too funny:D I've never seen such a competitive maid in my life. :D normally maid buat derk, buat ndak tau jak. lol

  20. LOL that maid dah mcm movie melayu macik kepoh je. HAHA

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Your neighbour's maid gets a weird ego trip from comparing which plants bear more fruit... er... vegetable.

    You have my full support!! =D

  23. Jun
    Birkenstock boleh didapati di Bangsar Village II, dan kalau tak silap, ada juga di Lot 10. Selamat mengosongkan wallet anda, sebab harganya rata atasan 200.

  24. Hanis, anda berjaya membuka hati saya untuk bertukar profession menjadi seorang blogger tetap.. huhu

    Thanks for the green campaign.. I will try to plant something green in my room. Why not?

    Singgah lah ke belog saya jika ada kelapangan =p

  25. i love green people!

    go green starts from yourself.
    (haha why do i sound like a preacher)

    Love your blog :)

  26. i plant a tree back in school..

    that is ten or 11 years ago..

    apa sudah jadi dengan itu pokok i dunno

    school in taiping,now in penang.

    one day i'll bring my son to taiping,and inhale all the oxygen provided...tehehehe

    p/s::ntah hisup ntah mati...hopefully hidup.. :)

  27. Hahahaha.. This entry reminds me of my former annoying maid !!!! She's so annoying that we finally sent her away !! Now I'm the maid of the house.. wtf ! *LOL*

  28. Hi Hanis

    Thanks.. will look out in Bangsar Village and Lot 10. yeah, its quite ex, but very comfy.. in australia it cost $150 leh... so its much cheaper in mal :)

  29. So good, you're thinking about your children air supply now.

  30. lol how annoying. and weird.

    anyway, good luck with your bean planting!


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