Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laptop Dilemma

I want to buy a laptop before I go. But I dont have the money yet. So maybe I'll save some money (from PTPTN) and get it just in time for my 2nd semester. Do you think its a good idea? My sister said that I'd need a laptop soon because everything will be on pendrive and cds, so she advised me to bring my old Hyundai Laptop which the screen part and the keyboard part is almost tercabut/separated (with only wires connecting) wtf why she wants to embarrass me. I bet youre imagining it right now like a camel with broken neck, but its not as ugly as that I promise.

Anyway Im still searching for the perfect laptop. I'll be making appreance at The Low Yat plaza haha and also search for it online. Wait would it be the same to surf and to go to Low Yat Plaza? Anything that can save time is good because I havent wash my bedsheet and theres like blood (not from period) spots from smacking mosquitoes. But looking at my broadband speed, I think I'll save more time by going to Low Yat Plaza with my dad. I always tell my dad how much I love buying gadgets from the Chinese salesmen (and in Low Yat there are plenty!). Because theyre damn convincing like last time I went to buy my first phone, they convinced me into buying this new in the market phone because I was looking for the one that can connect to my pc and transfer files. They told me can can, this new in the market phone comes with a cable (I dont know USB or what because its the one you have to connect at the back of the monitor, with screws at the side omg please imagine this hugeass cable) so I bought it not knowing how mafan it is to twist the screws everytime I want to transfer files.

I think thats why Chinese people are the best businessmen (its a fact). Do you know that if you go to China (Im not sure which part) and decided to buy something and later change your mind after the salesman have agreed upon the price you bargain, they will scold you and make you want to cry in public? Haha. When I take up Business Management and finished my diploma, I want to further my study in China.

Okay back to perfect-laptop-to-be topic. Anything small and handy, fast (like if I click a folder it takes 0.000013 seconds to open), bright screen, beautiful colour resolution, big memory and priced at anywhere below rm1500 is good I guess. Haha damn obvious that I know nothing about laptops, BEAUTIFUL COLOUR RESOLUTION?! PRICED BELOW RM1500?! T_T Help me.

Anyway, join me, lets dream on:

This is so cute because you can fully open two windows at the same time and read it like a newspaper. I dont know wheres the keyboard but who cares I think its a perfect gift for your grandpa. Serious.

Haha this one looks like a CD case when it is turned off. But its still cool because your friends will be like wah how did they do it? (-_-")

Handy! You dont need a bag for this one but although its slimmer than the yellow pages, its thicker than my Sejarah textbook. So its like yellow pages>laptop>sejarah textbook. Haha math wtf.

Separate keyboard damn futuristic! Like you can have your kid brother to hold the screen and you go upstairs with the keyboard and type I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST TIME and scared the shit out of him haha. (Make sure its red font first).

I dont know whats so nice about this one. If you spill water, it gets to your keyboard because its at the same level wtf.

Okay thats all. Please help if you can.


  1. Below RM1500..emm asus ee dapat la kak long, maybe ade kot, kalo setakat untuk buat assignment kat U. boleh dapt yang sesuai. Tapi kalo nak yang macam atas tuh. Kim salam la hehehehe.

  2. it goes down to two things. budget and what u intend to do. kalau cost tidak menjadi masalah, beli je la whatever yang ur heart desire. kalau tak, setakat nak word processing and internet browsing aje, and considering kehidupan sebagai student yang ade banyak menda lagi yang nak dibeli, might as well u buy a used laptop aje. hehe.

  3. this wiken ade pc fair kt klcc.kalo nk rase lg meriah jom g klcc.

  4. kalau mahu yang laju, kne RAM yg lagi bsar, biasa 1GB pon dah ok. (tapi yang ni boleh mintak upgrade). lagi bsar lagi bagus.
    so ble bukak banyak window, and launch bnyk application pun laptop anda tidak akan jd lembab.

  5. macbook!!!

    seriouslyyyyy. it takes some getting used to at first, but when you do, you'll never look back :D

  6. hanis,
    now got netbook, yg small, tpi leh la utk setakat ms word, internet browsing, asus eeepc, mini dell 9 (1199 kalau tak silap), lenovo s10 yg price below 2K.

    if i were u, i beli dell kot, any dell sebab after service dengan dell best.u byr xtra $ utk warranty, after 3 yrs rosak, u leh dpt new notebook..

    :p..kalau bnyk sket duit beli vaio.kalau lgi bnyk duit beli fujitsu.tahan lasak..

  7. BuahKranjiDalamPerahu: benar saya cuma mahu word, paint dan internet!

    Acat: budget sememangnya rendah. tapi used laptops adalah sangat saya takuti. takut cepat rosak etc.

    ainmusa: serious? where exactly? and and what time?

    hunys: oh maksudnya laptop apa pun boleh diupgradekan memory nya ke? sampai berapa banyak?

    pinkpau: su an why why? why need some time? im so confused with all these gadgets tau. like whats the diff between dell and mac and and other brands. i thought its only the brand and design yang differ.

    okinokiyo: tapi dell macam lain dari yang lain kan? do you know exactly apa yang lain sangat tuh?

  8. dell (xps or vostro)
    suit 4 assg n browsing..
    try cr yg 12/13 inch ..
    nnt nk letak milo sblh table pon
    pyh plak.. just battery dier jer
    yg kureng sket.. n jgn beli acer..
    cepat rosak n sgt lembab.. jgn cayer sgt ngan
    dealer kt lowyat tuh..
    sll dorang akn promote acer n compaq sbb dorang ade dpt share sket kot kalo jual brand tuh.. ahaha

  9. check out dell website.banyak yg menarik. price pun reasonable.

  10. Hanis,

    all the modern computers that u showed above.. of course tak dapat rm1500!!! Kalau nak laptop macam tu kene tunggu habis belajar okay? Biar laptop buruk time belajar asal otak pandai. hehehe.

    anyway, jgn beli laptop COMPAQ huhu. coz most of my friends including my brother yg gune brand tu, screen dia cepat rosak ada garis garis. huhu.

    kalau laptop ACER pulak, the thing yg menghubungkan screen and keyboard tu akan longgar lepas beberapa tahun. huhu

    kalau dah beli laptop, jgn lupa extend warranty sampai 3 tahun. coz in case ur laptop rosak hard disk tetiba go blank.. u can always hantar service kat center free of charge. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan. hehe.

  11. Takyah malu ah, pakai je Hyundai lama tu. Broken or not, i'm sure yang you guna sekarang tu is the single most profitable laptop in Malaysia. You're making money out of it, so selagi boleh pakai, why bother changing? It's not like you'll update more frequently kalau pakai laptop baru.

  12. make it simple.. make it practical.. jangan gempak2 sangat.. nanti your laptop akan jadi target untuk dicuri.. and when u have it nanti.. keep it by your side 24/7.. =D

  13. i suggest u buy lenovo s10..

    one and only netbook that can upgrade ram to 2GB and have bigger storage (160GB) than other netbook with affordable price.. seriously.... bcoz i own one :)

    the price is 1,650. upgrade to 2GB ram + 100 more... and have pink color oso...

    pegi je loww yatt and do a comparison dgn lain2 netbook.

    selamat membeli!

  14. if u using PC
    try avoiding Windows Vista..
    haram lembab nak mampos.. dan tak stabil

    go for Windows XP.
    lebih laju dan stabil..seriusly

    but if u have more budget, go for Apple Macbook..
    best giler.. :P

  15. the uncle: okay, so no to acer and compaq.

    missbellachicaboom: will do!

    Bubbly Sabrina: okay, acer dan compaq, byebye. okay kena extend warranty.

    Anonymous: kenapa? sentiasa tunggu i update ke?

    Azzam??: saya akan guna laptop sebagai bantal.

    yeah bebeh: netbook dengan notebook itu sama kah? seperti best sahaja.

  16. kahkahkahkah

    kelakar la kamu ni...

    dell 1525..Rm1999

    ada banyak color hanis..

    saya nak beli tapi tak mampu lagi...


    bawah rm1500

    nak amek laptop saya,Rm500 pun tak sampai...hahahahampehs

  17. under 1500 is kinda hard to find if u want a decent laptop. let spend some more and buy a good one so it will last longer. and yeah, avoid acer. kalau nak yang kecik, i suggest Twinhead. I have two at home. but yeah, screen kecik lah (11 inches or smthing) heh. tak seronok nak lukis2 kt paint :P
    computer laju tu depends on your usage la. don't clutter things up, make sure u have antivirus etc etc. :D

  18. I think thats why Chinese people are the best businessmen (its a fact). Do you know that if you go to China (Im not sure which part) and decided to buy something and later change your mind after the salesman have agreed upon the price you bargain, they will scold you and make you want to cry in public? Haha.

    Tak payah pergi jauh..pergi Petaling Street je.haha.

    < RM1500 susah nak dapat spec yang menarik.

  19. there would be Pikom fair coming soon. 12-14 Dec. i would suggest you to buy from there. my sister got one from the Ipoh Pikom fair. a Compaq for RM1545 and it comes with a bag pack, mouse, laptop cooler, used hub, mouse pad, vcds and dvds, cleaning kit and some lot more stuffs! a pretty good bargain i say and it is very good too. i wouldn't suggest you buying from lyn ( as you cannot bargain from there and there are always high chances of being conned. i suggest you to make a trip down to Lowyat. cash and carry are always safer (: i know cause i am a regular in lyn and i often see people reports to the mods and police on con cases.

  20. u have to buy a laptop with at least 2.0ghz..i mean processor speed...have to naikkan sket la ur bdget...rm2500...
    4 student,toshiba and compaq will be good enough...

  21. IMHO RM1500 is not enough for a decent laptop that can lasts for 2-3 years of your study.

    RM 2500 is just nice for a decent laptop. Get one with an Intel Core2Duo processor, 200GB HDD or above and at least 2GB of RAM (also known as memory)

    Kalau tak cukup bajet, maybe you simpan dulu 1.5k tu... nanti dah dapat PTPTN then top-up lg 1000 baru beli laptop =)

  22. macbook would be the boom digity. hehe tapi agak mahal la around rm3600++ but worth it.the pink sony vaio pon ok jugak but not so sure about the price

    asus yang kecik tu, tak payah la. momery kecik pastu ram cam upgrade sampai 1.5GB je.

  23. I will not suggest you to get a netbook. yeah, it cheap, but to have a netbook as your primary computer, you'll regret it. my experience as a college student, who already fix tonnes of computer, surfing internet and assignment is secondary reason of why you want to own a computer. you watch movie, play games is the main reason you want a computer. Netbook is incapable to do this things, plus it doesn't have CD drive. I own a dell mini 9 but i only use it in class and starbucks. When at home, I'm using a desktop.

    I recommend you to get a dell, and before your warranty over, get 3 years extended warranty so you doesn't need to include the extended warranty in your budget. And please, don't buy HP and Acer from shop. Get it from official website coz most the those laptop sold out there isn't come with official warranty and underwater. I hate fixing those Acer and HP. But get dell la. Warranty claim from other brands need weeks or worst, months to be done. If dell they comes and fix it in your own house, after you call them, less than a week.

    Don't bother about the specs yet, as you can always upgrade it later, especially the memory and harddisk. Get the cheap ass laptop from dell and start saving to upgrade it later.

    p/s: dell having christmas promotion now, so make use of it. And get Vostro lineup. they're cheaper

  24. it's kinda funny that ppl are pretty
    calculative when spending money for necessity.

    on the other hand, they're quite generous for other things like clothing or fashion.

    'diamond-water paradox'

    my advice?
    get your priority straight.
    find a good notebook coz u'll be using it everyday insyaAllah
    for the next three years.

    sacrifice a few of your 'armanis' wardrobe wish list and im sure the
    budget would be more than sufficient.

  25. Hey hanis, you can try Acer AspireONE. It's pretty small and really portable for sure. The price's affordable too. :) Just a suggestion yea.

  26. Anasfadilah: wah ramai sungguh promote dell.

    dapi: wah ramai sungguh promote dell. *ulang*

    manusia ganjil ikan yu: spec? spec ini apa pula?

    zhinsara: babe where is this pikom fair going to be held at?

    dylla: washing machine saya toshiba woh.

    sharpman: i think thats what i planned. haha ulang eh.

    bytchless: tak suka laptop pink. macam bajet barbie haha. tapi vaio memang mengancam je nampak.

    xordy: wow so much info in just one comment. thank you, will consider it.

    nothin much: armani? tak pernah minat. buruk mahal.

  27. dell dell dell absolutely dell~~~~


  28. sorry to say...tapi mana ada laptop yang agak bagus yang kurang RM1500...

    I would suggest Acer...sebab dia laju...and ada international warranty...(kalau nak gi china useful lah...hehe)

    jangan beli Dell...Sebab ramai orang kata cepat bro pon ada experience ni...actually nicolekiss pon pernah complaion pasal takyah belilah walaupon colour diorang agak lawa...

    jangan beli Sony sebab mahal tapi not as great in terms of specs..

    make sure ada home premium/home basic sebab kalau takde dia punya software kena beli...and it costs hundreds...

    owh and make sure u also make a list of things u want for free...
    sebab they can give you a lot of free stuff...

    lastly...buat2 muka taknak beli masa nak that dapat murah/barang2 free...

  29. ASUS eee pc 1000h >> RM1800(harga 3 bulan lepas).. I expected it will be cheaper nowadays..
    Better than ACER(sucks!)
    80G HD
    1G ram
    windows xp.
    available in white n black color
    1.3 webcam..

    Yup, I'm using it right now..

    call this guy for the current price: Hang 012 3343345

    p/s : i got nothing by promoting this laptop. Just want to help.

  30. benda basic yang kne tau
    1. saiz hardisk (HDD)- utk save sume document and file2
    2. saiz RAM (RAM=random access memory, kalau tak silap), yg ni pnting kalau hnis ske bukak bnyk wndow and buat bnyk keje pd satu2 masa. recommended size=1GB saja.

    kalau guna windows vista, direkemen gne 2GB, baru best.
    kalau guna windows XP gne 1GB pun dah cukup.

    kalau nak upgrade RAM, lagi murah dari upgrade HDD tu. so cari la saiz HDD yg besar, dan hanya upgrade RAM, x sampai rm100.

    owh kalau nak beli kat PC fair, kne hati-hati2 skit. kdg2 free gift je bnyk. kne make sure die dh installkan sume software yang biase dignekn, mcm Microsoft office. nnt xde la susah2 nak kne install sendiri.

  31. get a dell inspiron 1420! although it costs 500-700 more than your budget. but hey, cheap things usually last long don't they. you can pay installment for period of a year. comes up to about 200 per month. get 3 years extended warranty if you intend to use it for long. even if you are in somewhere away from kl/pj, they will send their engineer to your place and replace your parts!

    the main point is what do you do with your laptop. if you wanna do it for normal usage (surfing,chatting,listening to songs,watching movie,occasionally photoshop) then it should be alright to get inspiron 1420!

  32. haha i'm also looking out for a new laptop since my macbook kena curi.
    (dekat hostel)

    macbook is good. but i really dont recommend u to use if u stay dkt hostel. coz mine was stolen just a month ago. my 3 other friends laptop was right on the table but the pencuri tak amik pon. my macbook yg dalam almari jugak dia curi.

    dell is really good. service wise and such. ;)) thats why ramai yg promote dell. :D

  33. kejadian u pegi kedai then bargain then change ur mind then kene ngan ah pek cina tu bukan kat china je. kat star walk, lagi teruk. u bukan ke menangis nnt. cuba try haha.

  34. hanis : i add summore, kl pc fair - kat kl convention center.siap sedia utk bersesak2..

    y i suggested dell sebab i pakai dell desktop dah dkt 4 thn takder lgi rosak alhamdulillah..

    my fren used dell notebook after 3yrs (she got the 3 yrs warranty) rosak, she got new totally new.if diorg tak dpt ganti the exact model, the will give u better model..

    netbook vs notebook = fizikal netbook kecik, fizikal notebook besar.tho hdisk kecik leh pakai external hdsik.:).spec tu specification of the said notebook :D

  35. Dear go for apple laptop. Virus FREE! I'm looking for a lappie as well. tapi budget tak cukup lagi. so sama2 kita kumpul duit.

    Kat uni mmg perlu kan laptop, sbb all the assignments, reports must be done with the computer. no hand written. Susah jugak kalau nak pinjam2.

    anyhow look for a laptop yg besar size dia, laju yadayada.. ahha i pun masih baru dlm benda nih. lol

    good luck!

  36. buy cheap cheap one dun buy expensive one,nanti riak satu,nanti kena jadi sasaran curi,budak universiti pun banyak je kaki curi.not all well mannered.hahah speaking from my experience a friend of mine asik kena curi laptop.lagipun tak perlu laptop futuristic yang lain la bebudak arkitek ke engineering yang design design ke kan kan kan...macam hanie,hahah words internet sudah owh and powerpoint so many presentation hahaha all the best

  37. Hurmmm... I suggest you to buy a small one thou... Small laptop. Easy to carry everywhere. Good for traveling also! I bought a super large screen one(cuz I suka watch anime) and I regret abt it right now. Cuz so heavy!

  38. hah
    saspen je tengok gambar laptop tu
    den baca.. u nak lattop less than rm1500?
    haha hanis u kelakar laaaaaa

  39. mine was acer aspire 5670(high end lineup)...but 2 season before latest one...ram could push to 4g,have grapic card...still dual core.....when i first bought it....price was like 5k....last week,i just bought another one for 1500(2nd hand) and reliable...dont compare for low end acer...u got what u pay for

    i love the auto format of a button...format everything...bye bye virus

  40. haha. chineseman are really good in business and convincing people.

    check this, hanis:

    kalau bawah rm1500 optionnya terlalu sedikit. spendlah lebih sikit. plus, u are going to use it about 4-5 years and maybe longer.

    my suggestion. try check toshiba and hp. ada banyak pilihan.

    good luck =)

  41. oh. lupa nak attach link. hoho

    here you go.

  42. specification..


    elak dari beli Acer. Ada duit lebih better beli Macbook. Tiada cekadak macam Windows

  43. hye hanis..1st time coment in ur blog
    oh my boy pon bru tnya i psl laptop..nak bli new one..
    tp cm sume org ckp rm 1500 below cm agak x ckop..unless u nak ble latop yg kcik2 je..
    acer - ok kot cos rmai my fren gune n kalu rosak sng sbb cm 'sparepart' mudah didapati hehe

    dell - slalu bli on9 kn..n windows dia sure vista..visat ni kalu da msuk virus haru biru la laptop u..

    compaq - ok tp slalu rm 2000++

    HP - owh bgus..! tp sure la bnda yg bgus msti la mahal bukan..

    VAIO - only if u get da laptop free..he..

    apple - application dia kdg2 complicated

    gud luck bli laptop :)

  44. tak suka lowyatt.. banyak yang conman there. jual barang display lain, kasik lain. boikot lowyatt!!

  45. Eh, tak yah beli lah, save money. Guna yang buruk tu, as long it's still working kan? OBVIOUSLY, lol :)

  46. eh jgn pegi loyat lah.
    slalu kne tipu.
    part2 kat dlm tuh kekadang depa p tukaq dgn yg x ori. better pegi kat kedai2 dea yg btol. maksod kedai2 yg btol adelah kedai2 yg mmg jual brand comp tuh.bkn yg d pamerkan secara berleluasa supaya kite tetarek ati.

  47. hanis..just buy MAC...its cool..heheh

  48. dear,
    buying a decent laptop for the budget of $1500 wud b quite hard...
    i bet $2000-2500 okla~
    wf dat amound of money, u shud b able to get 160Gb or above HDD, 2Gb RAM(if they offer 1Gb, u cud always bargain!!)
    anyway, dis upcoming weekends ade PC Fair at KLCC(convention centre k?).. evryone wud b thre to get gud bragain for elctronic products.. so m8 sure u make your way thre!(i'm goin 2.. hahahah)


  49. Jangan memilih sangat Hanis oit..
    Cukup bajet beli je..
    Laptop nak guna untuk belajo kan??
    Tak yah tengok yang futuristik ni..
    Saya ni lagilah dah keje tak mampu2 nak beli lagi..

    p/s : Sekali gaya cakap orang kampung.. Tapi memang pun..

  50. kt china tu if u bargain msti kne beli.. biase kwsn tu dikawal oleh suatu kumpulan, mcm petaling street pn same gak.

    i strongly agree with brenda. save ur money u might need it for other purposes. actually sem1-3 x ketara sngt pn kegunaan laptop tu.. kecuali sem4 ke atas bcoz u akn bnyk buat presentation. In case u nk surf the net, uitm kt sane ade provide labs.. so u x prlu risau, u can use it for free!!

    if u nk beli jgk, if 1500 is ur budget, u better consider for used laptop like mr acat sed. nk beli laptop ni, dun ever look at the brand.. its the same thing inside, they are using intel or amd processor also. komponen dlman sbnarnye standard, sykt yg provide pn same like maxtor, western digital.. cume kualiti dari segi casing je, and for ur info laptop mahal ni cume prtaruhkan brand dgn design je tu yg buat harga diff. komponen same gak. And ttg pc fair, price pn x la murah sngt cume mereka normally ade kasi goodies je.

    and if u still nk beli gak, bring someone yg ade ADVANCE computer knowledge :)

  51. I would recommend Mac too, it's cute first of all, and cool for a student to use it^^ Well the operating system is good, I would say user friendly, you wouldn't get use to having no right click at the first time, but just get a mouse and there you go, right click all the way...And i don't know if there is the promotion in Msia for students: get a macbook and an ipod for free.

  52. vaio..lizard fren own one..memang cun!tapi mahal r..

  53. aku tengok komen-komen kau pon aku pening nak beli laptop mana satu...haha...

  54. plenty of cheap notebooks these days.
    go for benq or acer or asus with 8.9 inch screen and intel atom processor.
    the specs are mo than enuf for a business student :)

  55. since rmai da ckp, baik aku join skalik.

    beli DELL hanis oi.

    vostro atau the new Studio series. standard specs mmg cekap abis.



  56. You know what I think. You should look in the internet and see what sort of 'specification' you'll need and how much they cost. Then, go to Low Yat Plaza, and bargain with them.

    But if you want something really cheap, you can get 2nd hand laptops if you don't mind. (Nobody can tell if your laptop is new or 2nd hand).

    If you want it fast, better for you to start looking now then reply my comment. :D (Sorry if I said anything wrong).

  57. it is at KLCC (: the Compaq that my sister owns is, cq40-115au. it is not a fancy gaming rig but it does the job for you. stuffs like watching movie (it has great loud speaker! Altec Lansing!), do your assignments and stuffs (:

    jangan beli Dell...Sebab ramai orang kata cepat bro pon ada experience ni...actually nicolekiss pon pernah complaion pasal takyah belilah walaupon colour diorang agak lawa... quoted from arif.

    er. i rasa u dh slah ni. i pun gna Dell. dh 2 thn lbh i gna. ade pernah claim warranty skali. cepat dia org dtg tlg tukarn. lgpun yg rosak hnya kaler dia lari, dia tlg cleanup, check processor ngan lain2 lg. habih tu, about 2weeks later, ada buat followup. tnye laptop msih ok ke x. tp warranty yg i ada hnye sethn je la. haha.

  58. kalau nak check harga barang/notebook kat lowyat, bleh check kat sini--> bleh download n check spec n harga. mcm org lain jugak, i would not suggest acer. for a better support(but of cos a lil bit costly) choose dell. also can look at asus ee notebook. cute!

  59. hanis,
    my uncle kerja toshiba. dia boleh dapatkan laptop toshiba staff price for you. or selalunya bulan 12 toshiba jual murah barang2 dia to the stuff.. maybe i can ask my uncle to purchase the laptop using his staff price for you

  60. hanis.
    ma fren just bought compaq laptop from lowyat for rm1800 wif free cooler, printer and usb mouse i guess.
    the specifications are good enough for student, 160GB hard disk, 2GB RAM(the salesman offer free upgrade to 3GB n ma fren was damn happy).. seriously, ppl up there told u not to buy compaq, but for me, i've been using compaq for 3years, and its juz fine, seriously.. n almost all my frens who use acer before this switch to compaq..
    neway hanis, gudluck wif ur studies kayh.. take care.

  61. Hi Hanis,
    Here a few tips for you;
    1)In term of brand,don't buy acer or hp, performance not really reliable.
    2)It is better to look for IBM or Dell,IBM T60 is good enough I guess,if just need for word processing,internet browsing
    but I'm not sure you can get it within the price RM1500... :)

  62. well, berdasarkan limiting factor prize and HZ nak lappie. i think your best bet is Asus Eee series.

    Eee Pc 900 - ada semua yang diperlukan untuk bertenet dewasa kini with 160gb hdd (hard disk drive).
    ada webcam sekali so bolehla camwhore rambut lawa lepas bangun tidur tu.

    Eee Pc 904H - sama je dengan Eee Pc 900 but diff in a sense wifi capabilities dia garang sikit tarik line.katanya lah.
    so kalau cam kolej jauh sangat dari access point router (pemancar signal wifi tu) bolehla ambil yang ni kut.

    both are super petite with similar function as normal computer.
    but then again perlu diingatkan yang Eee series ni sangat petite screen dia 8.9" camtu je.
    but i think it'll do well.

    pundit pun kata Eee series ni antara tablet pc yang super emergelah.oh Eee series ni kategori tablet pc (computer kecil).
    berat pun less than a kg so bolehla usung kesana sini dengan hati yang lenang tapi jangan dibuat bantal ya.

    catalog dia kalau nak tengok

    and kalau nak beli belilah kat compuzone (czone).sebab ada merchant jual Eee series juga tapi tah kenapa hdd dia kecil.kat czone harga sama but hdd 160gb.hdd besar bole la download stuff banyak-banyak ye tak.

    and 1 more thing, IMHO tak perlu dululah nak beli mac.for the time being.lenjan pc dulu.


    fuh panjang betul tulis.please pat me on the back for my astounding effort nih.

    ha ha.

    good luck in finding your laptop ya.

  63. oh hanis byk btol cdgn mereka.hehe

    venue pc fair
    kl convention center,klcc
    11.00 am-9.00 pm
    12-14 december 2008

    jom!i pon nk pegi beli latop for my sister's fren.jumpe disane ok.tu pon kalo naseb baek kite terserempak.ahaks.peace

  64. oh lupa nak tulis.

    you should (can) get any of the version for below than rm1.4k.without using any of your charm of course.


    if should you use maybe can get lesser than 1k.jk.


  65. u go get RAM at least 2GB, hard disk (HDD) at least 160GB or moreeee (for movies, music, photos). my bro said there's a promo at OU, a fujitsu laptop with good specs at only rm2k (real price is rm3.5k)

    for rm1500, may b u wont get a well known laptop with good specs. but who knows if there's an end year promo in conjunction with the year end sale? ;] all the best with the laptop hunt! (sy nk beli laptop jugak tp sy nk kena kumpul duit dlu.. hoho)

  66. Uitm segamat byk virus.

    pendrive sure nnt ade virus.

    pastu nnt laptop kene format.semua bende kene format.

    so.better u beli macbook.

    xkene virus.


  67. this friday to sunday.... there will be PC fair...maybe u got a better price..

  68. i agree with star. semua benda sama je dalam laptop. the only important is, whether that laptop are match with you requirement and budget.

    you don't need high end macbook kalau setakat nak buat word processing assigment.

    gosh, your are going to be botak la hanis after read all this. =P haha

    extra tips;

    first, write down your requirement and budget. then check with your friend who knows about computer, lagi bagus if dia pernah jadi salesman. lol. do a survey and compare the specs and price of each laptop yang you minat.

    second, wish for your luck when buying electronic products.
    because no one can guarantee that the product are 100% totally good no matter what brand it is. kalau nasib baik, u pakai acer pun boleh pakai lama. kalau tak baik, pakai high-end punya laptop 1 bulan je kaput.

    third, look for a brand yang provide service after purchase. most brand ada service centre kat area klang valley ni but i'm not sure about dell.

    tolong sampaikan salam kat gadis jaga kedai laptop tu (kalau dia comel)

    dah. berserabut dengan wayar-wayar kepala pakcik ni ha

  69. I've just bought my laptop after mulling over many suggestions and harassing salesmen all over KL and PJ.

    I mainly use word documents and browse the internet. I presume that you'd be in that category too as well, as opposed to the graphic/web designers, architects accountants etc. I therefore think that what I bought might best suit you.

    One aspect that many people overlook is the graphic card. Many laptops have integrated graphic cards as opposed to having a stand alone one. Why is this important? Well for starters a laptop with a stand alone graphic card will provide you with better video and picture qualities. This would probably augur well for you seeing that you utilise a lot of photos in your blog.

    Don't be too swayed with the specs for the processors. Unless you are a high end user it won't make much difference. You must however have at least 2GB to run Windows Vista. Anything less will make your laptop a sloth.

    So what did I buy? Toshiba Satellite M300-P4317 at RM3,299. Trust me, its fantastic particularly at that price. A fact that is not well know is that Toshiba produced the first laptop.

    As for brands, skip Sony. You'll be paying a premium for the brand only. Fujitsu produces the best quality laptops but they're more for business users. Leonovo is now owned by a company in China who bought it from IBM (thinkpad). HP is just crap. Dell is boring and I have a friend who smashed it out of frustration.

    Another factor to consider is after sales service. Toshiba's after sales service is brilliant. I know this for a fact as I've used them before for my previous laptop. Their service centre is located in Glenmarie, which is close to Shah Alam and traffic free. I've used HP's after sales service and they suck big time.

    One last factor is the shop where you buy the laptop. Important for you to be comfortable with them as you may need to go back to them every now and then to iron out minor glitches such as "Kenapa I cannot activate Skype...? I recommend this shop called Notebooks Zone on the ground floor of Digital Mall. Look for Gary.

    You can try and negotiate the price but I suggest you're better off asking for free accessories like mouse, laptop lock, USB drive etc. This is because the profit margin for a laptop is only RM150.

    The price may be a tad high but if you use it for 5 years then it'd be worth it. Let me know if you need more info and good luck.

  70. Macbook bebeh!

    Apple the best!

    Tp klu u nak brand new laptop Apple under RM1.5k tak dapek den nk nolong.

    Uf u nak second hand bolehla.Boleh i let go my iBook G4.Ada mau? haha.

  71. Cik Hanis.

    Saya baharu sahaja membeli Compaq CQ40 untuk anak saudara saya yang melanjutkan pelajaran ke IPTA. (RM 1849)

    Spesifikasinya seperti berikut:
    - AMD processor
    - 160GB hard disk
    - 1GB Ram
    - tanpa operating system.

    upgrade ke 2GB(+RM65).Total (RM1914).

    untuk software operating system dan lain lain, sila lah google atau saya boleh snail mail kamu the software. (install sendiri )

    software yang disarankan.
    - Windows XP ( Operating System)
    - Office 2007
    - Adobe reader ( boleh download)
    - Video Codec ( nanti kamu mahu tengok movie dekat laptop kamu).


  72. make it 2500, u can get asus laptop with original windows and original antivirus...ada satu kedai melayu kat low yat dia jual laptop...diorh leh install kan pirate sware sekali nad bargain pun nama kedai x igt laaa...

  73. memandangkan hanis nak guna untuk uni to do all the assignment and reports..i think tak yah beli yg mahal cukup yg basic je k.

    since ramai kt sini suggest dell sy jua ingin support krn sy jg gunakan dell

  74. Wahraooo.. banyaknya comments.. So, i've decided to drop a comment which makes it beautiful double seven :)

  75. but it's water-proof. for the last picture i mean. ok i admit i didn't fully read it all.

    watching is way better than reading

  76. I STRONGly recommend you a MacBook. SERIOUS. Macs NEVER crashes. AND when it comes to reformatting (there's no such thing in Macs actually) but, if you Application FAILS to operate, you just need to RE-INSTALL it WITHOUT worrying any files being DELETED. Seriously, seriously. This HAPPENED to me. I am so ever GRATEFUL to buy a Mac (though mine is the OBSOLETE PowerBook G4 12", bought it in 2006 until now masih baiiiik punya). I can give you 101 REASONS or MORE.

    BUT, IF you STILL want to buy a WINDOWS OS, buy these brands:

    The REST of the brands (like acer, ASUS, SONY VAIO, etc.) are USELESS. This VERDICT is also based on EXPERIENCE.

    I am NOT a PROMOTER. Just an undergraduate yang terlebih makan garam dari Hanis ; )

  77. jangan beli mac
    mac=skema,tak banyak software
    advance user gune linux
    kepada korang yg kata vista slow,
    itu tandanye korang tak pandai maintain pc,tak pandai optimize,kalo pandai optimize,mmg laju

    jgn beli acer,compaq(motherboard cepat rosak)
    dari pengalaman saya sbg part-time pc maintenance
    kebanyakan ada masalah dvd-drive,lcd(dead pixel),touchpad n byk lagi

  78. -->iqwa said...
    Uitm segamat byk virus.

    not only uitm segamat.. mlk also.. in fact all uitm's byk virus. u haf to beware

  79. hanis mari kite beli laptop kalau kite beli byk(2=kamu 1,sy 1),mgkn jg boleh ajak yg lain..kite akan dapat free gift yg byk..juga boleh beli xternal hdd & lain2 brg dgn harga yg lebih murah dr biasa..

  80. you might want to consider celcom or maxis broadband promotion. Dpt laptop free. Bayar broadband je bulan2... around RM135/month... charged to daddy's account. hehehe

    check out their website...

  81. Hello... Bukan dilema lagi tapi pening dan buntu kerana terlalu banyak komen & cadangan. Macam mana ni? Dell ke Compaq? Tentu jawapannya Dell? Cepatlah. Pening dah ni. Uwek...Sekali lagi nak tanya Compaq CQ-20 214TU atau Vostro 1200?

  82. Hello...Bukan dilema lagi tapi pening dan buntu kerana terlalu banyak komen dan cadangan. Macam mana ni? Dell ke Compaq? Tentu jawapannya Dell. Cepatlah. Dah pening dah ni. Uwek...Sekali lagi nak tanya. Compaq CQ-20 214TU atau Vostro 1200

  83. takyah gune laptop. pakai pc lagi bagus

  84. IBM.Laptops.PC.Server.Semua best.
    Handle all type situation. Price,
    check nearest supplier

  85. tesco tgh buat promosi compaq laptop rm1499

  86. mac terbaek..........xkan pndang blkang nyer lah.......sape yg kata mac skema tu mmg dia x reti guna.... or x pnh gn langsung sori hu2
    tp klu nak yg 1500 beli dell jer lah hanis :))

  87. Dok U bukan setakat typing je, ada masa kena guna software. Kalau PC cukup2 makan je, alamatnya typing jela boleh. Kalau nak buat poster tuk present at least photoshop nak. Dan bila nak design2 ke taip sambil guna internet, dah multitask. Kalau nak tambah dengar lagu sambil casual reading lagila dah heavy. At least laptop RM2000-RM3000. Nasihat saya, bawa je laptop buruk dulu (menaip je kan niat mula-mula - janganlah jaga standard sgt laptop buruk tanak bawak terus), kemudian sebulan dua lepas masuk U sure ada PCfair, ha... time tu laptop boleh murah sikit banding harga pasaran. Kalau beli laptop murah sangat sure kne beli lagi sekali.

    Time pilih laptop biasa tengok:
    1) Processor (latest: intelCore i5)
    2) HDD (latest normal skrg: 500 GB)
    3) Battery: 5-7 jam kira normal
    4) Screen (tengok betul2:ada laptop screen latest LED dah tapi kat screen color lain bila print keluar color lain sket eg: ACER TM 8472TG, tak sesuai tuk designer).
    5) RAM (skrg at least 2 GB sebab nak guna windows 7 dan software latest sekarang semua pakai byk RAM termasuklah antivirus).
    6) Screen gak, saiz laptop tu janganlah kecik sangat. Skrg memang ada jual netbook & tablet yang kecil nampak casual ringan stylish nak bawak. Tapi bila nak menaip ke ape, time tu boleh tau la betapa tak selesanga guna yang screen kecik tuk buat kerja. Netbook kecil sangat beli tuk buat device no. dua je.

  88. off course not acer,compaq,dell..
    think others brand like asus.,cr yg i3,i5 or i7..ko kn nk loading speed die 0.0013s..tekan je trs kuar..xpn br pk xsempat tekan da kuar haha..spend around RM2k blh dpt da yg best3 as student..

  89. off course not acer,compaq,dell..try other brand like asus i3,i5 or i7..kau kn nk yg loading speed 0.00013s..tekan jek tros kuar..xpn br pk xsempat tekan da kuar hehe..spend around 2k ok la as student..vaio is good but 2k is not enough..

  90. LG XG has a very exquisite design - actually very presentable in the living room as well
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  91. Nope, that puppy comes with me. I dropped WAY too much cash on it to leave it alone, neighbors or no!
    Although my old coffee shop that I used to haunt regularly was a nice enough place that the people there would look out for it if I had to run off really quickly. Then again, I went to school with half of the staff, so I trusted them anyway. Wedding gowns

  92. How do I install windows vista using my recovery drive. I bought a used laptop and I don't have windows CD ?

    Silver MLM

  93. Beli Jer laptop nih... Gempak wooo

  94. tengah dok g0ogle2 spare part notebook dari china bole pulak termasuk sini,
    sape larh hanis zalikha nie ea ? artis ke
    btw ser0nok baca blog kamu, mnghilang kan mengantuk sy neyh

    continuee meng0ogleee buuubbyeee,

    ey kejap ade sape2 penah order barang dari china ta ? mmg shipping cost diye seratus lebih ea ?

  95. tengah dok g0ogle2 spare part notebook dari china bole pulak termasuk sini,
    sape larh hanis zalikha nie ea ? artis ke
    btw ser0nok baca blog kamu, mnghilang kan mengantuk sy neyh

    continuee meng0ogleee buuubbyeee,

    ey kejap ade sape2 penah order barang dari china ta ? mmg shipping cost diye seratus lebih ea ?

  96. tengah dok mengoogle spare part notebook bole pula termasuk sini..
    sape diye hanis zalikha nie ? artis ke
    btw ser0nok bace blog kamu..hilang mngantukk sy

    ok larh continueeee mengg0ogleee..bbuubbyeee

    ey kejappp..ade sape2 pernah order brg dari chinaa ta ? shipping cost diye mmg seratuss lebihh ea

  97. I like your style of writing. You break it down nicely. Very informative post. Keep up the good work.

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  98. nk beli lappy 2nd, vaio ..ada x spe nk letgo
    brand update n kalo bole nk i3 ke i5 :)
    tq :)


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