Friday, December 12, 2008

Vote for good cause (and shopping vouchers!)

The result for the 10 finalists is out for Shine It Starts In Me Contest. And no honey, me and my Disneyland dream did not make it through.Gegege :D BUT! Stand a chance to win prizes up to RM9000 when you vote for any of the worthy finalist.

I’ve checked all of them out and there’s one dream I could really relate to, and that’s is Yusmaliza’s dream. Her dream of publishing her very own woman magazine, Esen. Why? Because of my love for writing and sharing. I used to create my class very own magazine when I was in Standard 5. Even though its ugly and funny and embarrassing, it brings back a lot of memories. Hold on, I show you.

Hahahahaha. 5 Anggerik.
Inside the tiny box next to Mickey Mouse: 5A this year, hope 5A next year (UPSR).

Dont try to find me T_T

Then I asked everyone to talk about our class.
Dah lah eja comment salah.

All the gangs’ haha. Seriously, HAHA.

Takut takut.

Masin mulut Pn. Too. Gegege :D

So the next time I buy my favourite yoghurt drink, I’d vote for Yusmaliza because a part of her dream is mine too 

You could check out the finalist video and there are few memorable ones like Manisah, who have similar dream to my mom’s though it wasn’t very clear. And the cutest dream ever, has got to be Raja Zurina’s. She dreams of taking photos of airports all around the world, and while watching her video capsule, Alisya added “I’d vote for this airport dream”. Haha too cute. And then theres my old friend, Cindy with her dream of being a singer though I couldn’t really judge based on the lip sync video. The most touching dream is by Amelia, who is a speech therapist, dreaming to go to Taiwan to acquire more knowledge and skill to be shared among her colleagues. YOU HAVE TO WATCH HER VIDEO AND FEEL IT YOURSELF (hers is the last capsule). VOTE VOTE VOTE.

When you buy any Shine products, you’ll get a unique code which is entitled to two votes. Go to and submit the code to vote. Vote for the best to win prizes!

Yusmaliza and Amelia, you got my vote *rush off to buy my yoghurt drink*

Oops before I go, I’d let you in on the prizes you could win when you vote. Weekly prizes: 4xrm1000 shopping vouchers. And the grand prize: RM5000 shopping vouchers.

Vote for the ones who’d be grateful of winning!, for more.


  1. comel gila your magazine tu! i time skolah rendah asyik di bagi buku biodata jeutk di isi! hahaha. memories :)

  2. wahh. scrap book itu sangat lawak lh kak hanis :) dan dan, sangat bergaya!

  3. zmn skola mmg always terbaik la. hehhehe. hanis... cuni giler... cikgu masuk jd giler hahhahaha. lawak la.

    *i ske zurina la

  4. knape tak nak vote kawan cindy u? hehehe

  5. haha..cute! btw hanis, been reading ur blog, enjoyed it. oh i'd like to know how did u know Izad Kasmijan? he's my univ mate tho.;)

  6. OMG kelakar gila ok. sumpah tak boleh blah geng ketupat. you had me here "sentiasa teguh mengumpat" HAHAHA sumpah kelakar hahahahahahaha

  7. I've seen two videos so far.. The top ten really deserve to be top ten :)

    will rush to Kuching one and only hypermarket soon :D

  8. Wah kenanagan manis di sekolah ek..
    tapi cikgu tu sporting ek jawab..
    N betul kata dia Haniz glamer..
    Sekarang pun dah glamer.

  9. kantoi no telefon rumah :P
    padam padam padam!

  10. Ketua kumpulan ketupat?

    ni ape aktiviti puan ketua?
    kursus menganyam ketupat ke melantak ketupat?


  11. asybedazzle: tempting right.

    Star: too cool XD

    Ida MaryJane: true! and then you'd have one page where you talk about people. like testimonials and sort lah. haha.

    nuhamuneerah: dari kecil dah memang suka melawak kah saya ini?!

    rapheydhillo:tak dapat lah nampaknya. ingat nak bawa adik2 pergi disneyland. takper. kumpul duit dari sekarang.

    akiss: zurina?

    fash: video dia best tapi patut dia nyanyi sendiri.

    zAkiAh_AbDuL: fb. haha.

    a i n e y h *malu malu*

    nani allen: ya allah ada juga orang perasan. tsk T_T

    ahlost: good for you!

    zool: haha. baiklah.

    myra: nombor gas barangkali.

    Azril: aktiviti kami selain mempromote lampu liplap berbentuk ketupat, kami juga suka melancong.

  12. hye! nice blog. im having a fun time reading yours especially the dancing video, damn funny. keep blogging!

  13. hey hanis zalikha, just dropping by to tell you ive linked your blog to mine :) cheers :)

    pee/ass and oh yeahh, the scrap book sgt creative for a-11-y/0-kiddo :P

  14. agak2 u,

    kawan u si Cindy menang lagik tak?

    Cos her dad probably can go and get more votes for her. hahaha

  15. hanis! u dihired oleh andrewmodels yeah? tak britau pon. baru je nampak kat page MDG :) CONGRATS!

  16. sweet ler.:-)

  17. Hanis, this is a random question: how do you set your blogger settings to add the "followers" widget eh?

  18. How come Hanis belum update geh?

  19. eh.. skolah cfill ke? haha... I recognized the yellowish-cokelatish coloured building.

    kalau ye skola cfill, then im ur super duper senior tua kerepot. sila takut!. haha. (main2 je)

    btw, itu izdiyani musawir ke? if so, I rapat dgn kakak dia yg sulung.

    and Pn Too! rindu dia!

  20. Hello Hanis,

    This is YUSMALIZA. Im writing this for you because i was flattered with your supportive thought over ESEN and my dream. Hope that we can meet up somedays and keep on voting myself. Keep in touch with me....i will gather all my ESEN supporters to be part in ESEN Voters Column for 1st issue next year. Thanks for that thought darling..Keep it up! Muah muah!

  21. So Hanis...

    I have put ur name is my blog. ( just become part of my life's history.

    Yusmaliza Yusof.

    Do add me in your facebook

    Till we meet again.

    Keep supporting me and ESEN. MUAHS!


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