Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Zealand Tenderloin and Blueberry Cheesecake here I come

Im pleased to have received numerous supports and encouraging words regarding this new thing Im about to try. Though Im abit scared, ergh whatever, you have to start somewhere right. Im not doing it because I want to be a famous actress etc, I just want to try something new and if its good, then Ill just go with the flow. Because offers like this dont come along very often you see, and for some, they dont come at all. Im just doing it to add 'actress' to my resume haha. So heres a sneak preview of my resume.

Hanis Zalikha bt Zainal.

1.Boutique Assistant Marc by Marc Jacob.
2.Cashier at Dad's Kopitiam.
3.Runway model.
4.Part time Puteri Bunian/Actress.
5.Kindergarden teacher at Tadika Clever.
6.Photo model.
7.Penjual dadih depan sekolah SK Bukit Jelutong.
8.Babysitter RM5 sejam.

Ha. Siap. Haha semua betul okay.

So anyway, thanks everyone for leaving heart-warming comments and happy vibes to my life. As you all know I was quite busy lately (biasalah first time masuk U) with university app and job offers.

Oh I did a shoot with Jay and Fiqa! For Hote mag. Wtf is Hote mag?? I dont know, Fiqa said its a magazine they put on planes. On planes? Not on news rack? Thats a relief, because the make up was.. er.. how do I put this in a nice word.. okay just imagine me with yellow eyeshadow with no eyeliner no lipgloss or lipstick and no shading whatsoever. Roti canai. And the magazine is like Rm12 something so takpe tak ramai beli. Kot. Luckily they gave cash on the spot. Ka-ching! SO TAKPE. MUKA ROTI CANAI TAKPE. ROTI CANAI PUN SEDAP KALAU KAT SUBANG. Eh eh.

But with pretty make up, you get quite pretty pictures, like MAGAZINE WANITA BULAN INI COVER DEPAN BUNGA CITRA LESTARI. I did this fashion shoot quite long time ago, when I was still thin, orang lidi, and God knows how long I waited for it to come out because usually when you do fashion shoots, its for the upcoming issue. But in Wanita's case, aku tunggu-tunggu, mula2 isu Ramadhan keluar (baju-baju ayu), kemudian isu raya (baju-baju raya) kemudian isu kahwin (baju-baju kahwin). So aku yang dok pakai baju casual ini bila nak keluar, bisik hati kecilku. Some more the malay mags usually pay you two months after the mag is published. Meaning buat kerja bulan Julai atau August, mag keluar bulan Januari, dapat duit bulan March. BY THE TIME BULAN JANUARI, MUKA PUN DAH LAIN, BILA TENGOK MAG EH TERKEJUT, EH INI MASA AKU BERUMUR SWEET 17. Haha. Okay mari mulakan.

Ibu saya dengan seriusnya bertanya "Eh kenapa di sini hidung beliau nampak molek?" Saya pun terus, "Eh mama, ini bukan Scha lah". Tsk. Dah lah saya suka Scha.

The picture that made me realise, I dont want to turn back. Im loving my chubby face now :)

Gaya muda, jiwa pun muda, model pun muda.

Baju ini sangat comel macam mahu pakai terus balik rumah tidur.

I love what the make up artist did to my hair!

Gambar poyo mesti ada satu dua.

Pink dress from Dorothy Perkins. (Obvious dah takde idea nak letak caption bahaha).

Yes some of you may noticed Ive gained weight from my recent photos in the last entry. Living with a supermom, what do you expect :) I'LL MISS MY MOMS COOKING ONCE IM IN SEGAMAT, BUT MY MOM IS FROM JOHORE AS WELL, SO I HOPE WHOEVER IS THE COOK THERE, SHE CAN COOK LIKE MY MOM JUST BECAUSE THEYRE BOTH FROM JOHORE. Heh. Okay I'm leaving tomorow. Have a nice life.


  1. happy holidays......

    dont eat too much.

  2. Dear Hanis =)
    All the best okay. Segamat juga ok. Ada kedai makan jual spaghetti yang sedap dan murah. Hav fun over there Lov!

  3. beautiful, so gorgeous you make me mesmerized at one point! ;)

    good luck in your career!

  4. Kuasa rambut, Stail rambut berubah, muka pun berubah hehe..

    sampai segamat nanti jgn lupa update belog ya..

    Nak tgk lak mcmanalah kehidupan siswi si Hanis ni..Good Luck dear!!

  5. gorgeous sgt kak hanis :)
    have a splendid time in segamat!

    p/s: gain more weight eh. haha.

  6. eh your mom pun thought scha tuh macam bunga jugak?

    i watched histeria a few days ago, and i was like, isn't that bunga. tak tau pulak dia berlakon cerita melayu. wahahaha.

    then from that movie la i kenal siapa itu scha. cun i like.

  7. mana ur dad's kopitiam? boleh kita gi support :)

  8. yaahh love tgk ur a bit chubby photo.. ur reg tmw aite? pasni kne pndai wat schedule nk balance ur job ngn study :)

  9. good luck hanis, & all the best ok.

  10. Hey hanis. U dpt study kt Uitm Segamat? I'll see u there :)

  11. hey hanis zalikha =) aku student segamat juga. btw, pls put in the basket ; tudung.
    ngahaha u'll need it along ur MMS week (minggu mesra siswa/siswi) or else we call it as Minggu Meyiksakan Siswazah. =)
    btw, lalat tu? u'll get used to it later on. Siap makan pun boleh share dengan lalat. dun worryyy. =))

  12. si cantik yg sgt gorjes.*wink*
    goodluck in segamat!

  13. wow cantik are u with the universiti ?

  14. Where got muka chubby lar... still cantik menawan.. eh eh, what a coincidence, I've used the words happy vibes and muka roti canai in my recent blog posts too lar :))) Anyway Hanis, all the best in your studies okay... enjoy your time kat UiTM there!

  15. Oooh gotta agree with ya, love the one with the hair and makeup. Ah so pwetty.

  16. u look wow dalam gambar baju pink.

    hah tak kisahla if u gain ur weight or not, tak de sesapa pun kisah.

    and, happy holiday too.

  17. Hanis,
    study elok2, selamat maju jaya

  18. cantiknye hanis,,
    buatkan saye yg tue staon ni rase malu plak..heh

    gud luck

  19. hmm... good luck.. just never ever turn to be like those who became idiots as a price of fame!

    take care


  20. beautiful!

    and the clothes are gorgeous!

  21. selamat menikmati kehidupan universiti yaa hanis ;)

  22. ur pic sumer nyer cantek2 belaka =)

  23. phewwit..awek...cun la hanis pakai dress merah tu.nmpk anggun gtu.oww

  24. hanis,semakin laris & suke!i wish u all da best! slmt blaja!

  25. good luck for your study...
    you got the brain & beauty....which rare to find in this world,keep up the good work :))

  26. Eh jap. Asal Hanis pg UiTM lmbt sgt? Tak join minggu MMS eh?

  27. you look kinda stiff in these photoshoots
    maybe you really should do something else

  28. i like yang dress pink itewwwww...

  29. a ah laaa...u look sooo 'cikeding', lagii cantikkk

  30. dearest hanis...
    i found ur blog from a fren of mine. mula2 cuma nk cuci mata (n no, i'm not a guy *_*) TP skrg mcm suka lak baca ur blog...

    best wishes for ur life ahead... n pls stay as humane as u r now ^_^ ur blog says that u r such a fun person to be with. Hope u wont change into a hideous monster (puteri bunian kan okay...).

    who knows? maybe fate will cross our paths one day ;p) Allahua'lam...

    Be the best in whatever u do!

  31. chop eh vote gambar 2nd last.

    top n rambut sgt kul.


  32. heee hanis ure wlcome to segamat.
    im from uitm segamat tooo hehe tape tape nnty kte bole meet up ;p

  33. to hanis,
    this is my first time komen in ur blog, eventhough i frequently visit ur blog since i know u can make me gelak guling2 tanpa henti sampai esok pagi, ahahahaha, *ok, ini agak hyperbola ;p*, simpler word, ur writing can cheer up my day :), clap3

    all the best in segamat, hve faith in urself. urus masa dgn baik, ceyhhh! *even aku suck gle kt benda ini, ahahah* tapi xpe. yg penting jgn putus usaha. putus tali xpe. tke cre!!

  34. Owh good luck with the new life. I study in johore too, not in segamat but in skudai. I’ve been to segamat, a small town but not bad at all. About half an hour from gunung ledang, & air terjun g. ledang sgt best seyh.
    Segamat is about 2 hours from Johore Bahru, you can always go shopping during the weekend ;)

    Cool blog btw, its my first time reading it and its HILARIOUS.. really. Keep it up ^_^

  35. pesanan penaja ayam masak merah: jangan melawan cakap cikgu...

  36. Hey there,

    Sorry for intruding. I have some designer items to be sold of you are interested..Please have a look at the link provided :) thanks!

  37. dress merah itu cantik!model yg pakai pon cantik jugak laaa :)

  38. hanis, all the best 4 ur uni life. glad that u're taking another step further. kak lynne doakan ur success.. slalu excited nak tgk hanis pergi jauh :) *me luv u* btw food kt uitm tak besh hehehe... only on certain days je yg best time2 menu special.. so i was always stocking up on maggi mee tomyam last time teeheehee.. but its fun tho! so enjoy ur time there of coz la tanpa mengabaikan study anda :)

  39. btw.. ur mag shoot is hawt! keep it up babeh

  40. Hey the pics look great! U're looking hot as usual... and p.s. you don't look chubby la... ;-)

  41. salam... visit & add my blog link :

  42. hai hanis...bila nak update blog ni..tak sabar nak tunggu citer hanis kat Segamat

  43. fst tme komen kt blog hanis ni...
    slalu msk dn tngk pic je...
    pape pn all da best hanis...
    terskan usaha..

  44. hehehe you do a lot of selling and working around people :)

  45. cantek nya hanis! :D
    plus i lyke ur belog..
    good luck dear

  46. Love reading this blog! :) :)

  47. Tinggi ko berepe?

  48. ...hyeee...
    ...segamat most beter than sintok...
    ...btw, gudluck k...

  49. i love your hair during the occasion. AWESOME! ;-)

    OH btw, good luck in your career, waiting for the time you'll beat Fasha Sandha (i think you are prettier and smarter than her)

  50. You look gorgeous hunneh! Cant wait to see our 'Halloween Shoot'! haha

  51. serius ur body sekarang ag better..heheh


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