Friday, January 16, 2009

Twisted Fairytale Drama

That was the assignment handed to us by Ms Ida, the cute lecturer I wrote about in my last entry. The one who’d go into extreme details in telling her stories complete with hilarious face expressions. She’d make jokes (which would sound like something from a chick-lit) but I’d be the only one laughing because my other classmates just don’t get it (-_-“).

So anyway, when I heard about the assignment I was so excited because fairytale is so my thang bebeh. We got into group of four, me, Syakira, Nurul and Miza. And only later Ain and Farain joined us. At first to be honest, I was quite frustrated by the look of where our group was heading. Because they refused to appoint one leader or director to guide the play. I guess they thought they could do everything together, choose everything together, plan everything together, and based on my experience THAT WOULD TAKE A FJDSKIJ LONG TIME TO WORK. And some more, being in Part one, our schedule is so jdhusjef tight. Anyway, I just went with the flow, but at the same time, I had something in mind.

For the weekend I went back and took all Alisya’s fairytale story books and went through it one by one. Redridinghood lah, Robinhood lah, Beauty and The Beast lah. Si Tanggang je takde. Mungkinkah kerana Alisya poyo taknak baca cerita-cerita rakyat??

Then when I got back, I did the script in 30 minutes tajuk, Alice In Horrorland, and texted each one of them “Weh skrip dah siap datang bilik aku dan tengok”. We only had one week. And its already Monday, we’d be performing in Friday which means what, 3 more days aje nak practice? Sigh. Then diorang gelabah takde skrip lagi so I sort of save everything (dalam hati, I knew it). So I lantik diri sendiri bukan sebagai leader, tetapi untuk guide the play.

I didnt even let them choose the character (punya tamak aku nak control semua) because when writing a script, you would already have something in your mind on the characters that just wouldn’t translate into the scripts, you see. And furthermore, I didn’t want to fulfill everyone’s expectations on the characters. Free hair je, princess. Ganas je, wolf. Lemah lambut je grandmother. Yawn gila weh.

Syakira, the biggest one among us and the most ganas was Alice.

Nurul, the most lemah lembut, who used to be a mandarin speaking teacher (hence the softness) was The Wolf in Disguise, Redridinghood.

Miza was Robinhood yang macho. I gave her this character because she kept asking then siapa nak jadi lelaki as if perempuan tak boleh berlakon lelaki padahal kalau berlakon jadi lelaki macam macho ntah-ntah dapat extra mark.

Farain, the shy girl was the Magic Mirror yang annoying yang bila orang tanya jalan dia jawab Im not a navigator. Sumpah annoying punya mirror mdnfiejb.

And last but not least Ain, who is very soft-spoken, was The Judge and also The Motherly Cupboard who had a towel rack as son.

Of course I was the narrator so I could guide the whole play kaaaaaaan. Like if anyone make mistake then I could cover for them. BUT NO ONE DID THANK GOD BECAUSE WE PRACTICED AND PRACTICED AND I WOULD TEXT EVERYONE WHENEVER I’M FREE LIKE COME TO MY ROOM COME TO MY ROOM MACAM DESPERATE LONELY GIRL KE APA BONGOK. And on the very last night of the rehearsal, Sempana Alam Buana pula black out and we continued rehearsing our lines in the dark why are we so committed T_T

Sebenarnya banyak lagi nak tulis tapi macam terlalu poyo sebab the play cuma 10 menet ke hape ntah kenapa aku excited semacam nak cerita balek neh.

Oh yes Im excited because Im so proud of us :’) AKU SAYANG KAU ORANG SEMUA.

BECAUSE WE’RE NAMED THE BEST GROUP BUT MAYBE BECAUSE OTHER GROUPS WERE READING THE SCRIPTS THE WHOLE TIME WTF BUT STILL.. DAPAT MAKAN FREE MS IDA BELANJA. Dan makan lunch bersama MR IZUAN ISMAIL and AZFAR eh asal aku nak tulis Azfar huruf besar sekarang. Mr Izuan Ismail is an English lecturer here and he reads my blog and was excited that I’m coming down to Johore to study. Haha he was overwhelmed to see me and I was overwhelmed that someone would feel that way when they see me T_T

Semangat seh.

Bila orang belanja makan harus sopan santun ala kadar walaupun sebenarnya nak order western. Biasa dia!

Semua orang termasuk Ms Ida dan class rep kesayangan beliau. Mr Izuan Ismail dan Hanis Zalikha tiada di dalam gambar, nanti saya linkkan kamu semua ke belog beliau ya.

Okay that’s about it. Hows life treating you?


  1. biasalah.mayb baru kot.malu2 having u in the class mcm sunshine after the rainbow.kalau tak mesti mcm diam and mesti tak ramai org yang nak slumber.

    btw,u course aper?

  2. my goodness dear you are SO funny no wonder your scriptwriting AND your play won the best! (despite the not reading text directly thing) hihi ;) best of luck in your studies.

  3. glad that u guys have ace the play, even though it was just like 10min -_^ uitm is quite a fun place to be in actually... pls do enjoy your stay

  4. haha sama la..
    kalau org belanja..walaupun kite rasa nak makan sbb segan..end up hanya mengambil makanan yg murah2 aje..ikut apa org lain order..tah apa2 kan..

  5. comel entri kamu kali ini... mesti ramai tak sangka kamu bakal pelakonkan?

  6. That was a fast update. We just met this morning and you already blogged about it this afternoon. I'm in the process of blogging about it. Do check it out later. Nice meeting you Hanis :)

  7. waa so greatttt!!

    hanis, jom share link.

  8. ade ke western kat ctu? hehehe

  9. Wah wah... ada bakat tulis play... bagus nih... teruskan usaha dlm pembelajaran... semoga mencapai impian ko yg diidamkan...

  10. uh didn't you recorded the would be nice seeing it....

  11. Hi Adik Hanis..suka baca blog awak yg kelakar, bersahaja dan kadang2 berinformasi jugak..Jalan ya Gadis..(way to go girl!)

  12. oh yeah
    am i the first one who give this comment?

    being in the group dengan perangai orang yang nonsense kadang memang membosankan.. masing2 nak buat macam ni n macam tu

    tp apa yang penting? kerjasama!
    oh sound like wonderpets. -.-"

  13. aih..pelakon momok tp jadi director pulak. macam mane ni?

    next time dlm resume tu ade la 'direktor cerita kanak2' . ye tak?

    anyway, congratz!

  14. Yeah...been in that situation same as yours hehehehe volunteering yourself, forcing everyone to do the task but in the end...satisfaction eventhough rasa nak mati ja buat keja sorang2 hehehhe

  15. hahahah cute!glad u enjoy urself there semangat gila weh!

  16. hello.

    i just found your belog via my friends' blogs.
    everytime i saw the word hanis or hanis zalikha or model or tah apa2 lagi la mentioned kat my friends' blogs, i'd go.. "the hell? sapa budak nih..? like everybody reads her belog.. BELOG? wtf sungguh." haha. no heart feeling eh sebab when seruan dari allah tu datang untuk membaca belog anda, i was immediately glued to the screen and ketawa sampai tercabut bon.. er.. punggung (laughed my ass off) dgn spontaneity and your sense of humor in writing. anda sungguh diri anda (read: you are soo yourself) la kot. tah. saya tak mengenali anda.

    so, all in all, i just wanna say that, yep, imma follower of your belog now and i hope you'll blog actively and paling penting, masih menjadi diri anda dlm tempoh seploh atau dua ploh tahun akan dtg.

    and imma shine fan too! me heart lemon lime especially! and oh.. we're like almost 11 years apart. and a mother too.

    feel free to visit my blog. it's a slice of life kinda blog. tanak pon takpe sebab saya tau anda ramai peminat.

    happy knowing each other!

    p/s: 2 of my cousin used to studied in uitm segamat. 1 of them was mourning for the whole diploma years (or was it few sems..?) cuz she didnt like the town. toLOL


  17. congrats !

    dear, keep posting about your study there selalu

    so excited la waiting for your entry everyday

  18. ohooho, hanis.
    kinda curious to read the script! ohohoho. coz the way u citer bout the character and the person acting it make me gelak nak gile. tc!

    can u post the script in ur blog ini? ;p

  19. ala boring nyer psl study....i am more about ur life as a photo/runway model, daughter, nanny ke...
    so mcm mana ngan ur "putri bunian"?
    modeling still on ke or stop temporary?hope when u r in segar amat u will nvr change..i like the way u r...

  20. ala boring nyer psl study....i am more about ur life as a photo/runway model, daughter, nanny ke...
    so mcm mana ngan ur "putri bunian"?
    modeling still on ke or stop temporary?hope when u r in segar amat u will nvr change..i like the way u r...

  21. Hanis, u NOT just solely on ur ability to NOT read the script, but also ur ACTING SKILLS which r indeed better than the rest!!! Looking forward to "witness" more of ur creativity in this "belog" and in my class :) - Ms Ida

  22. More pics of you maybe? Hehehe

  23. AZFAR!!! OMG I MISS HIM SO MUCH! HAHAH Kenapa huruf besar part AZFAR tu?

    Look, when he told me that he'll be leaving (me) for UiTM Segamat, I told him that "look for Hanis Zalikha. Model gorgeous wey!" and he went, "???haa will do"

    Tak tahu pulak sekarang dah member baik punya sampai Azfar pun dah jadi AZFAR! HAHAHAH!

  24. wei hanis, tade rakam2 ke, youtube2 la sket, nak gak tgk lakonan tu...heheheheh

  25. ms ida,

    "but also ur ACTING SKILLS which r indeed better than the rest!!!"

    lol. forgive me if im wrong, but i dont think being a narrator constitutes acting. :P

    she may have shown an affinity for writing and producing.. but not acting.. yet. hehe

  26. Mr/Ms Anonymous: err thanks for quoting me :P The statement was intended for the whole group. Hence the "acting skills." The context of my earlier post should've been "ur group's acting skills". Ngeh. Pardon the omission ye? Cheers!:)

  27. oh dear i got cerita hantu pasal the place tempat you belajar tu, but dont think ill tell you nanti you takut lak =P

  28. so how about film studies a.k.a studying films?

    asah bakat jadi direktor. =D

  29. hai kak hanis..
    entry ni dh 2 thn dh pn tp dila br jumpa harini.. lect eng kak hanis tu, miss ida kan? miss ida actually my former eng teacher in 2008 mse kt mrsm bt pahat..
    dia mmg baik dan plg best tak pnh ngantok mse blaja dgn dia sbb expression muka dia mengancam lagi2 biler bercerita something out of topic.. hahaha.. she's really funny kn?
    mse dia beritahu kitorang dia dpt offer jdk lecturer kt uitm segamat, kitorang mmg sedih sbb lost eng teacher yg sgt sporting dan best.. tak sangke dia lect kak hanis..
    hope you will read my comments.. thankS :D


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