Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Night At The MDG 2 Finale

Ive been sitting at home all week, right from day 1 of me back in KL. Its been hectic in Segamat, going to classes in blazing hot sun and co in the evening tsk. So I had to like duduk rumah diam-diam dan rejuvenate. Babysitting have been nothing but fun! I'm so devoted to the babies, I'm making excuses not to go out. Even when the MDG 2 Finale came up, I had to consult few people whether I should go haha. AIN AKU JADI PERGI WEH. Haha sebab nasihat kau yang "Weh kau keluar lah rumah asyik jaga baby je", to which I replied "Tapi aku memang orang rumah (isteri wtf)". So to the MDG 2 Finale at The Curve I went last night! Ceh ceh reminicsing old times :')

It was a girly day for me, going to the saloon and all after 1 semester in Segamat of being a perempuan kening bersambung haha suka hiperbola. Because it'd be too much if you want to lebih-lebih going to events in UiTM Segamat because they'd never hold the events outside UiTM (kalau nak, tunggu sampai graduate) so its always the dewan with pasu berbalut kain perca as interior deco and the food will always be from benteng or dewan makan same old same old T_T So the energy there is like mendatar, okay you wont get it.

To be honest, the main purpose I was there (The Curve) is to meet up my old friends, the circle of people I used to spend time everyday with and say silly things to, and share laughters, and have inside jokes and go to new places and try new food and and yeah :')

Because I didnt catch the new season of MDG heh since the internet at my campus is super slow (alasan). But I hafal all the names to know who is who on the runway, or else it'll be dead boring. And why is all the clothes not nice like last time hor? Wheres Phoebe when we need her T_T

I was so happy to see Shawn the best hairdresser in the world because my hair is super long already, so had to make appointment with him ngee. And theres Fiqa who had just 90% recovered from her lung infections and omg I spent the whole night with her sebab I terlupa, alamak takut takut. Haha just kidding babe :P

With Kim Ong who is super gorgeous and gorgeous-er everytime I meet her. Who tells me her mother reads my blog. Hello Aunty are you reading this haha *bangga.

With Jerad Solomon (Ken dont be emo that I only hafal Jerad's last name, its because the hand dryer at One Utama's toilet ialah brand Solomon hahaha). And this is like the first time ever that I met his wife (far left), I've been looking around for her for so long haha and shes good looking baby! And next to me is my darling Alison who updated me with all the dirt of MDG 2 so I know who had been naughty and who had been nice and who had been confused to act naughty or nice wtf.

And tada tada Juanita! The winner of MDG 2. She will carry the Malaysian Dreamgirl title till the next season, wish her all the best and congratulations! Okay gambar annoying because Jay and me were fooling around, sorry Juanita.

Elaine Daly the former Miss Malaysia gosh havent met her for so long. She was surprised to see that my braces is off. Yes that long T_T

Everybody's favourite girl of MDG 2, Ming! I remember last time when I still have braces on, I would pout in pictures and everyone will be all like why is she so lansi never smile in pictures wan YOU COME AND TRY WEAR BRACES THEN YOU'LL KNOW. Am I right Ming? But youre pretty so its okay, unlike me last time different case T_T

My sayang Adeling Lee Ying Ying! This girl is super funny because sometimes super blur lol. For example, the conversation I had with her, on my way to the event:

Hanis: Babe, you going to tonight's finale?

Ying2: Yes! You sayang?

Hanis: Yes I'm on my way. Do you know where it's at?

Ying2: It's at The Curve :)

Hanis: Haha I know lah its at The Curve, but where exactly?

Ying2: Oh somewhere near Ikea.


Ying2: Is at center, the stage :B

Jay managed to look well put together despite having to deal with backstage chaos. Salute my girl, salute!

Edmund was running around like mad, and every time I bumped into him he would say eh so sorry so sorry for being busy. I miss all the car rides with him where we would poke fun at Fiqa, and never give up hoh.

Hee I bet you miss those car rides too :P

Stupid flash, make me noseless. Haha but I like my hair here (-_-")

Ahh proper.

Kecewa tak sempat bergambar with Joyce sigh. Overall, this year's event is not as happening as last year. Our stage last year was bigger and way cooler with the Airport theme (macam dalam videoklip Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5). And the crowd last time was huge, even the second and third floor was filled with excited people like Revel In Me and Mustard Queen :) And my supporters last time semua havoc baju merah, woh rindu rindu.

Okay Ken you must be wondering where the hell is our pic. I'll tagged you because Walter is censored abit haha. Sabar Walter (thanks for the VIP passes, before I forget). And Kak Lynne gambar dalam I punya semua macam haram sila tag. To MDG 2 girls, you guys were awesome, nice meeting you!

Make up for the night was by my mom, a former Mak Andam mind you :)

Of course where would I be without these two precious, mami en papi. They were kind enough to layan me and teman me to places. Sayang sayang (lagu Aliff Aziz whosthefather). Afterwards we went to Hartamas Square. Ya telah sangap Hartamas but to my disappointment, stall Nasi Lemak Sambal Paru is gone baby gone. Uncle Don juga.

Okay now Ill get back to being a devoted babysitter T_T And please contact 012-3959779 if you want me to babysit your bayi for these 2months of my holidays :D Tee hee hee.


  1. ya, ur hair is super long and im so jealous! :(

  2. Ehhh, you guys are really pretty!

  3. Hanis, i love your hair style!!! =D

  4. YESS AKU DAH AGAK KAU UPDATE SBB SMLM SEBOK NAK EMO TENGAH TENGAH CURVE. kan aku dah kta kau dapat masuk. OMG WEH RAMBUT KAU DAH PANJANG GILA. DAH LURUS ! (ni apa bodoh tak pernah dgr teknologi ironing hair ke) KAU PAKAI CONTACTS HIJAU! CIS DAN AKU TAK SEMPAT TENGOK KAU BERMATA HIJAU LAGI TSK. haha, last year supporter gila kakak dgn abang hotlink semua siap ada banner hanis zalikha dream 06 yang aku buat pakai water kaler buncho tingakatan 4 ambil empat plo menet untuk basahkan paint yg dah retak retak kering huh.

    aku tak kira, kita satu geng akan datang crash rumah kau bila kau sedang jaga the cry. (aku taktau kenapa tapi bila aku nak kata zikry nanti teringat dziya faqhran lepastu terus emo sebab teringat dia benci perempuan bertudung wtf)

  5. gile banyak gambar kau hanis. suke2. eh,. kalau kau babysit aku bleh x?
    same gak macam baby aku nih.. haha

  6. I'm the first commentor here, am I? Haha. Hanis, looking good! So pweetiee laaa. Heh. d: Where's the picture of Dawn and Pinky as well?

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  8. Hahahahaha, devoted babysitter. Way to go!!

  9. Hanis, your mum did a great job with the make up.. dun believe me? Look at juanita's or elaine's pic.. their face and neck is of different shade, too obvious that the make up artist tempek too much powder on their face!

  10. wah! ur mom look like kakak2 jer kan? apa rasier awet muda? sharelah aunty....

  11. soalan annoying tahap gaban

    cindy teh tah bergambar sama?

    KEKEK.....ok seriously. tak layan season 2 due to internet yang sawan juga.

  12. soalan annoying tahap gaban

    cindy teh tah bergambar sama?

    KEKEK.....ok seriously. tak layan season 2 due to internet yang sawan juga.

  13. hi hanis.. uncle don's ada kat plaza damas kan.. dekat bawah pokok corner corner tu.. hehehe.. yang kat hartamas square tu long gone forgotten... hehe.

    keep writing!!!

  14. cayalah hanis... pose anda sangat konsisten dalam semua gambar... macam cut and paste pakai photoshop.. =D

  15. Hanis, u look like britney seriously!

  16. your make-up was gorgeous, honey :)

  17. my sister is involve in beauty's consultant tau hanis and i think you habve to takalook dkt my blog kejap belah kanan bawah sekali. sbb last night i talked bout dgn my sis about you. she didnt know you =__= okay thanks a lot!

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  19. yelah.. pegi juga lastly.. haha.. pakai kasot apaa?? hui takyah potong lah rambot.. oter2 siket je ah.. tapi kalau dah boring potong lah.. hehe.. but your hair oledy CUN sgt.. ;p

  20. haha..aku buat account nih semata2 nak komen2 kau nye blog je.. hahaha..

  21. hey,,em 1st!,,hahahahha

  22. am i da second to0?
    ok ok,,i will give the 3rd title to others,,
    well hans!,,u r awes0me,,
    n ya,,,rambutmu cantik wok dlm pic y u x de hidung tuh,,,uuhuhuh

  23. nice picture!

    take care

    oh by the way hanis.. incase you want to buy toys or baby gadgets for the babies... yang murah murah but branded..u can visit my link!


  24. And now bila dah bukak braces & gigi tersusun putih rapi, semua senyuman dalam semua gambar samaaaaaaaa je gila pandai uu buat muka constant Hanis! hehehehe you're preeeeeeeeedyyyyyyyyyyyyy Kak Hanis o.O like in every picture, you're way way way prettier than the other person, yes err even Elaine Daly fuh gila a gila aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ii wanntt magic braces tooooo :B

  25. Happy holiday Hanis and happy menjaga bayi..Maybe sometimes u also can jaga my pricious princess (she's not a baby anymore..she almost 4)..which super nakal...hehehe.

  26. kalau itu no btol u..baik u tukar or ermm..delete ker..xpasal2 kene kacau nnt..

  27. Hanis letak nombor talipon kat belog pasti kena banyak lalatX2 berterbangan ya. :P Pasti nombor org ganas kan atau Hanis punye?

    It was great meeting you and yes... my Supermom is checking out this blog again on the other computer!!!

    Surely this MDG2 brought back lotsa MDG1 memories...


  28. Hi Hanis..I would have taken a few pics with u if I knew u were there earlier. You r very sweet n pretty...You should have won Malaysian Dream Girl 2008...Yes, I love to read ur blog and look at lovely pics of u...muaks

    supermom @

  29. izza farihana: no dont jealous jealous sebab soon will potong juga hoh :B

    Ayyman Rahim: heh heh heh.

    Sabrina: but its too long edi ceit.

    Macham Iz Punye: weh tak hijau langsung kot weh babi betul penipu punya freshlook give me my money back ceh tak sedar diri melayu mata bukannya biru bila pakai hijau terus boleh obvious. ya sayang banner cantik itu, ada dalam semua gambar mdg aku kot haha. mmah *cium busuk

    farhazoeLa: mula-mula macam malu nak upload banyak sangat, tapi piker balik, hey this is my belog! ceh, haha.

    SuVien lah!: i tak sempat diorang busy woh.

    Nur Syaza Azrudin: lol! i dah tinggi sikit kot? *harap2. ngeh.

    siewkwan: haha cant wait for monday!

    kreazi: i know right sayang ibu selamat hari ibu!

    SuFy: emak hebat mekap!

    Tijah: biarlah rahsia *sambil karaoke.

    Obefiend: she was not there. dont know why.

    -NuNa-: singgahlah selalu.

    zazzy zatyl:THANK YOU FOR THE INFO :)


    BABE AND BEBE: beriteni??

    Z : chihihi tahniah emak.

    A Teenage Girl: okay i have checked it out :)

    chipsmore: alhamdulillah :)

    ainsakilo: YES KAU DAH BOLEH MENGOMEL DEKAT BELOG AKU. Kau punya motivasi yang bawa aku ke situ ceh ceh sila bangga.

    una210: *senyum

    una210: sayang gambar takde hidung.

    CaBaiKeRinG: thanks!

    ezral Sya: dah mengada lupa macam mana nak senyum tutup mulut padahal gigi bukan cantik sangat sebab buka awal. haha.

    Wawa: 4 tahun pun boleh!

    LANtai mop: itu nombor bisnes jangan risau :) terima kasih ya.

    Kim: as we speak, my mom is on the laptop next to me haha like a freaking cc. you and your mom just like me and my mom ceh ceh. IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU!


  30. ur hair super gorgeous.
    wow u've met elaine daly..
    both of u r so pretty in that pic..

    wah lame cuti. boleh update slalu

  31. wahhh hanis, u sgt gojes ok. cun cun cunnnn ohhh. x puas tgk ur pic (t8 note: i bukan lesbo) hahaha :P

  32. Hye Hanis,

    I can see u wore that (ur nenek punya ke ?) handbag that u said jumpa telur ular or cicak or something in it, kan?

  33. Hanis sweetie..finally can see you smile widely.. compared to last year pics..

    nice smile..keep it up :)

  34. hai.....ur hair is pretty2....jealous I, i'm hans

  35. da takde uncle don da?
    urgh.gila tak best okay.
    rambut cunn gila! :D

  36. wei hanis.....kawan ko yang baju putih 2 berlakon dalam ponti anak remaja kan...

    yg cakap....OMG you are so gile talak.......kan

  37. Mesti ramai peminat ni..:)

  38. is that yr mum (the 2nd last pic)? she's s pretty wei...

  39. Hanis! lawo ur pics semue tuh. tak seksi tapi nmpk seksi. muahaha. tk care sis

  40. Hi You have given your opinion about MDG1 vs MDG2.But let us kwno your opinion in terms of teh talents presented in MDG2 and as well I think MDG2 is bettter because teh video shooting is better and more profession than your time.Sorry la kena kutuk juga sebab u tak bagi positive feedback on MDG2..

    By the way saya ingat Cindy kat Shanghai but memang key po chi nak tahu sebab apa dia tak datang...MDG never invite her kut..

  41. Hanis, you rawk! (Adakah sesuai a thirty *cough* something year old mother of one bercakap begini?) I love your writing and I want to make you my pet! (Not like pet sister pet sister way wtf. Like wonderpets!

    Btw, I have a 14 month old toddler. Need babysitter. WANT. TO. GO. WATCH. MEN. IN. TUTUS.

  42. Hanis, you rawk! (Adakah sesuai a *cough* thiry something year old mother of one berkata begitu?!)

    I love your writing. I want to make u my pet. Not in a pet sister pet sister kind of way wtf. Like wonderpets.

    Btw, I have a 14 month old super cute male toddler. Betul. Tak Tipu. Need babysitter. Want. To. Watch. Men. In. Tutus.

  43. ape ni john. ape versus2 ni you ingat streetfighter ke haha. i komen on the finale je sebab i went there. i tak komen on the video shooting all sebab i dont even watch it, kan dah ckp. on the talent pula, kan i barely know the girls (-_-") mdg never invited her? dont know why. okay since youve asked, mdg2 is better in term of the prizes. there :P

  44. pasu berbalut kain perca as interior deco...

    gosh, u remind me of my school time. haha.

  45. so hanis, what do you think of MDG season 2? who do u like the most? well just wanna know what u think ;)

  46. wah..ske nye rambut tips jg rambut skit..ehehe

  47. haniz ur so gojes.
    and like mother like daughter :)

  48. hanis,i love ur blog!mintak izin ya nk add ur url in my blog list.

  49. u are so outstanding than others..;)

  50. eyt...rilek je ko letak nombor ko dkt blog ek....kang ader stalker msj ko mlm x tau...haha

  51. eyt...rilek je ko letak nombor ko dkt blog ek....kang ader stalker msj ko mlm x tau...haha

  52. mesti number bapak

  53. Hanis.. I saw you from far that evening at The Curve during finale. You're so tall :D.. Okay.. I know I'm short :P

    and that conversation between you and Adeline is super funny :D

  54. Hanis, you really look good :D

  55. lawa makeup you malam ni...super duper cantek...pandai ur mom make up..cantek!!!!sangaaat2 okayz!muke u sesuai make up macam ni,outstanding sgt..

  56. hi Hanis!!!yeap having braces is like having a worst nightmare hahaha~guess i have to bare with another 6 more months hehe...nice meeting u that usual u always looks stunning =)

  57. you are the prettiest of them all!

    your mom is super gorgeous too!

  58. kat UiTM sgmat ke??
    xsangke..baru je balik dr Fstval Nsyd Selatan kat sane ri2..
    n im d winner..ur campus 2nd lah..

    nwy,keep on wrting..
    luv ur blog ADIK..

  59. Cantiknya your mom! Now I know where you got it from (is she reading this? :p )


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