Friday, May 29, 2009

Macbook Air! Finally!

You know how I always talk about contests I’ve joined, and how I forced you to vote for me and all heh. So now, its time to give back ceh ceh. Imma let you in on how you could win a MacBook Air. Yes a freakingly awesome MacBook Air (that I do not own, and perhaps never will T_T. Unless..haha)

For this Chipster Superstar Contest, you would have to buy Chipster promo pack to get a special code for the entry. Shouldn’t be a problem there since its like the crispiest potato chips ever, yeah I just found out when I had to get my own pack.

My own Chipster promo pack heh sempat.

To be honest I was never interested in Chipster when it first came out, but whoah now, favourite keropok okay. So anyway all you got to do is log in the cute Chipster website, and check it out yourself. I hope my video entry will give you a rough idea on the contest. Its so much fun okay, cropping your friends face and coming up with speech bubbles.

If you want to see Izdiyani without hijab or Nabil shirtless, please watch.

If you can't watch it here, find my video at
The Gallery

Contest period is 13th April - 8th June whereas the voting period is 9-19June so please do not waste anymore time or money on other chips and stand a chance to win yourself a MacBook Air. Hey you never know.

Oh the best part is if you win, you get to be featured in the final movie that’ll be on TV3! Hello TV3! Everybody watches TV3 okay.


  1. hello hanis,
    u look matured giler.
    hope can work with you someday.
    goodluck in whatever ure doing=)

  2. Hanis...i'll promote this next week..haha..baru je post..iz dah kata annoying nak post 3 posts terus one day..hehe

  3. hi hanis. been reading your blog for a while... just tak pernah comment je :)

    macbook air isnt that great. just get a macbook or macbook pro is ur aiming for a portable mac. might as well get a lenovo mini pc/asus mini pc for a lot cheaper if ur hankering for a macbook air.

    on another note, i like your blog! i have also been stalking your mom's blog... hehehe =_=

  4. hanis, apa nama video hanis tu? byknya nak ekna cari, ur video x functoning in ur blog nih

  5. WoW! That THINNOVATION Mac!!!! I WANT ONE!!!

  6. Haha everyone watch tv3 "/

    I don't even watch tv XD

  7. i cant find your video babe. which one?

  8. which 1 is ur vid?? cant find it..huhuhu

  9. ya2.. me too..

    which one is urs?

  10. found it!
    td kat page 17
    titled "Barbie Salon Surprise"
    by Hanis Zalikha
    viewed 448 times..
    hanis i hope u dun mind i tolong jwb bg pihak u :P

  11. thank you love.prevails.

    sorry everyone, ada problem sedikit dengan html code heh.

  12. salam..hey wut a cute video..n blog too..ahaks.nyway,ngah jalan2 nih..=p

  13. wah sangat cute.sapa yg tlg watkan movie tu ek?wat sndiri ke?
    gile berbakat.hehe

  14. ku suka makan yang kaler ijau muda tu...hehehe....yang kaler merah tuk kurang minat.....huhuhu

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Goodluck Hanis!

    I wish i could be repetitive winner like others.
    My favourite resource is


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