Monday, June 29, 2009

The Easiest Way To Buy Clothes from The US

I am so glad that I got to know Anies The Manager. Because of her, I discovered this A fresh shopping blog with a really cool shopping concept by her friend, Dani. Dani is a Malaysian residing in the US. She loves to shop and would be more than happy to help any of us in Malaysia to shop things we like from the US. You know how things there are cheaper, and their discount offers are ridiculously low at times? That is why, Dani is here to bargain hunt on our behalf tsk :'), eceh promote.

Well actually, Dani does shopping for people outside Malaysia as well, but lets focus people, its about us! Haha since we're Malaysian, her Maybank account is very convenient for us, no? Okaylah, PayPal pun ada. Ha kan dah cakap best blog ini. After discovering this blog, I'm googling things to buy from the US like there's no tomorrow. Heh tamak.

It gets really annoying that all my shopping thoughts are focusing on walking around campus. So instead of finding gorgeous heels, I opt for flats hmph. Okay but these are too cute okay, flats from Marc Jacobs.

Hugo Boss. Nak bawa pergi kuliah, isi buku. Erk.. See? See?!

Or something rock n roll from Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy is a hardcore version of Juicy Couture. At least that’s what I think so lah. Oh speaking about Ed Hardy, I want this on my wrist bebeh!

Super chic. Oh and on my kaki.

Too awesome for words *mata bergelinang air mata.

JAP! I f you want to get anything from Ed Hardy (if youre Muslims), make sure you request yang takde salib tau, manalah tahu kan terselit kat corak dia yang hardcore itu. ‘Cause you don’t want to be wearing salib around do you?

I can sense that her blog will be a hit among shopaholics that simply couldnt wait for any latest collections to reach Malaysia. Yes shopaholics are like that. Ehem. Yes I tahu, asal I macam excited gila, I get excited when I discover amazing webs/blogs online. I just have to share you the joy of buying branded goods that our local depatment store doesnt carry. And kalau carry pun, they do not bring in all the collections. I punya excited, siap google baju anak segala. Malu I.

Burberry Kids, untuk anak perempuan I yang sulung itu.
Cececeh dan dan duduk negara sejuk na.

Hugo for my leading man. Pergh lagi tak bleh blah.
Okay asal bila Hugo je kena ada model yang gayakan. Gatal dia. Okay chop. Ha nilah yang I maksudkan bila I tanya semua kenalan lelaki kenapa mereka tak boleh bentuk2 jambang mereka.

Okay so if you already have your eyes on some designer goods from the US, just email her at and let her know what you want, she will get the best deal for you. Dani even does shopping voluntarily, how nice, so you can simply pick any of the items she posted in her entries. Oh once you’re there, don’t forget to check out Tony Burch’s handbags! Jangan risau, dia ini ada taste. You bagitahu je jenis bentuk tubuh atau gaya, pandailah dia nak pilih material dan design yang sesuai. Serious macam your own personal sales assistant.

And icing on the cake would be this, something I copied and pasted from her blog. Mari teruja. Mari komplot beli sama-sama lepas tuh lipstick MAC bagi I.

1) First 100 who spends more than 300 dollars in single receipt can chose between these gifts:
• MAC lipstick (Woman)
• Ralph Lauren T-Shirt (Man and Woman)
• Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt (Man and Woman)

2) First 100 who spends more than 1000 dollars in single receipt can chose between these gifts:
• Shoes from Nine West (Woman)
• Shoes from Etienne Aigner (Woman)
• Leather Belt from Coach (Woman)

3) First 10 who spends more than 3000 dollars in single receipt can chose between these gifts:
• Wallet from Marc By Marc Jacobs (Woman)
• Large Cosmetic Case from Burberry (Woman) or Check Card holder from Burberry (Man)
• Ipod Nano 8GB (Man and Woman)


Check out this blogshop for more!


  1. sumenyer di ujng jari anda...
    yellow heel! very chic hun!

  2. But if add in the delivery charges might be quite expensive :p

  3. baca ni pun dah rambang mata. hmmma

  4. omaigod. omaigod. tutup mulut sambil ternganga !

  5. haish..gua pun usha ed hardy beb! hahahahhaha. geram siot tgk ed hardy punya barang.

    *ala, nk letak id as anies the manager tak bole la pulak. tsk tsk.

  6. ED Hardy 1st counter kat Suria KLCC. mmg mhl gile h1n1. bju je ada yg almost RM7++...

    whoaaa...mmg buntang mata!!!

  7. wahaaa
    xpk plak nak buat shooping camni
    uk pon banyak barang murahhh

  8. omgr0rz...
    sumer gila2 punye brand n style siak!,,,
    omg!*rahang dah terjatuh dah

  9. nice Hanis...
    thanx 4 the link...
    just nk tunggu bile loan ptptpu nk kuar je..

  10. actually sgt ramai Malaysians di oversea yg buat partimejob camni.. this is another link.. I have bought once with her.... I would say the service is good.

    here's my friend's link..

    That's why you see, now everywhere people wearing Coach bag.. and I doubt it's from the boutique in Malaysia...

    there are many more if you google..

  11. yay! this is totally AWESOME!
    thnx for the link babe!

  12. i love ed hardy! kat msia mark up gile. :(

  13. tang kasut, kang pi order, sekali datang...'pig skin lining'..

  14. bankrupt la aku. oh damn this is just too much!

  15. hanis, thanks for the 'shopaholic reviews'.. I love love love sales and inexpensive designer thingy. (its just too expensive here in M'sia)


    hope i could be one of her client...someday *wink*

  16. if you earn Malaysian Ringgit but you spend US goods, then I think it would be ridiculously expensive. Plus the shipping fee from here to Malaysia is not cheap you know.

  17. dani tuh orang islam lah. pandai lah dia carikan.

    oh memang banyak lagi shopping online punya web, tapi i recommend dani!

  18. hello there..have been stalking ur blog for a while he he..I tagged ur blog as a best and lovely blog,in mine.semoga anda tidak kisah.hehe

  19. hi hanis..
    tumpang lalu..
    nak promote blog sendiri...
    i'm just a new in online business..
    feel free to visit my shopping blog ya.. tq..


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